He's Not A Non-Entertainment Circle
by Dropped A Pit
Chapter 65: Interview Repercussions

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On the matter of meeting the parents, Gu Qingyan actually felt embarrassed. How should he say that his two brothers do not know that he and Lu Ran were together again.

Because Gu Qingyan was afraid that his brother would beat Lu Ran, so he postponed this matter.

But he didn't expected to see Lu Ran's parents first. The reason was simply because of that shameful TV interview program.

The result was, when Mama Lu watched TV, she unexpectedly saw her son and another young man watching movies, which was also extorted a stupid face.

She aware of her son, people who don't even watch TV drama had no entertainment at all. Only know that work could accompany people to watch movies in the middle of the night every day.

A long time ago and her own son came out of the closet. He said to them that you and dad were still young and give me a younger brother. I don't want children. (TN: reveal one's sexual orientation)

It made her very embarrassed, so she was so old and pregnant again to have children??

But her son said that he couldn't accept surrogacy. Later, she thought that her son and grandson had their own blessings. Let it go.

But although her son had come out of the closet, she hadn't seen him fell in love, so she thought he was a workaholic and just didn't want to get married, so he found an excuse.

Before, her son followed a star named Yan Qiubai, but Mama Lu didn't like that Yan Qiubai.

Mama Lu thought that the boy was quite able to pretend, but Lu Ran had no one around, which made her hard to say anything.

As a result, he actually fell in love this time. But he hadn't told his family that important thing.

Mama Lu made a video call to her son. Lu Ran was holding Gu Xiaosheng to watched cartoons at that time.

He just picked it up, and Mama Lu saw that the child in her son's arms was directly covered.

What's the situation? Why does her son had such a big son???

The child was very cute. He blinked his big eyes and looks at Mama Lu curiously.

Lu Ran saw that it was his mother and asked calmly, "Mom, what's the matter?"

Mama Lu swallowed her saliva and tried to control her voice to not shaking, "Son, where do such big son come from?"

Lu Ran stunned for a while. He didn't know why every people who saw him with Gu Xiaosheng thought that Gu Xiaosheng was his own son?

"I didn't give birth to him, but now it's my son." (TN: Chinese male always said 'give birth to a children', but it's not them who give birth)

Mama Lu rolled her eyes. You know I'm not blind. Of course, I know it's not your birth son.

Gu Xiaosheng looked at Mama Lu and heard that his big father called her mother, he knew that she should be his grandma. So he smiled sweetly at Mama Lu and called, "Grandma."

Mama Lu thought that she would had a heart attack, how could this child be so sweet and so cute. This must be her grandson, otherwise, how could he looked like her son.

Mama Lu looked at Gu Xiaosheng with a smile on her face and asked, "Hey, my little baby, what is your name? Can you tell Grandma?"

Gu Xiaosheng replied with a sweet smile, "Grandma, my name is Gu Xiaosheng."

Mama Lu frowned slightly, wondering why her grandson didn't follow her family surname Lu, but although she was confused, her attention was completely attracted by Gu Xiaosheng at the moment, "Baby, you are so cute!"

Gu Xiaosheng was a little shy because of Mama Lu's enthusiasm. He lowered his face, looked a little shy and cute. Mama Lu was adored his little actions

"What about this child's mother?" Mama Lu was confused. Didn't he went to the movies with a boy before?

Lu Ran didn't want to answer honestly and said, "The child has no mother, but a father."

Mama Lu was stunned by Lu Ran's words, so what was the situation?

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She felt uncomfortable. Was technology so developed now? Mama Lu's brain hole was particularly big and she thought of this unscientific possibility from her son’s words. She never thought it was guessed by her, but this was for another story.

Mama Lu tried to control her shocked heart and stabilize her voice, "What about his father?"

Just at the moment, Gu Qingyan came out after took a shower. Lu Ran called Gu Qingyan.

"What's the matter, big brother?" Gu Qingyan looked at Lu Ran doubtfully.

Mama Lu heard a boy's good voice.

Lu Ran raised his mobile phone to Gu Qingyan. Gu Qingyan saw that video communication was directly blocked.

Mama Lu looked at Gu Qingyan. Gu Qingyan looked at her. They look at each other for a long time. Gu Qingyan stuttered and said nervously, "Ah... Auntie, hello. "

His mind was in chaos, and there was a constant scream in his mind.

Shit, shit, shit. What happened to my day? Where am I? Who am I??

Gu Xiaosheng pulled Gu Qingyan's clothes and looked at him with concern, "Daddy, what happens to you?"

Gu Qingyan swallowed his saliva, "Did Gu Xiaosheng call grandma?"

Gu Xiaosheng nodded, and cleverly replied, "Called her, Daddy. I have to be obedient and follow daddy's instruction to be a good and polite child."

Then Lu Ran back to his mobile phone and ruthlessly said to Mama Lu, "I'm going to accompany my little crybaby and my son to watch cartoons, hang up."

And then mercilessly hung up Mama Lu's phone call.

Mama Lu felt ridiculous, very dissatisfied and thought: why does this lousy son hang up, she also wanted to see her grandson.

But when she saw Gu Qingyan, she was really shocked, because he was very popular recently, and everywhere in the streets were filled with his perfume advertisements.

Mama Lu thought that Gu Qingyan was very attractive at the beginning. Seeing Gu Qingyan in the video call, she felt that his appearance was more attractive. After took a shower, he looked pretty and cute.

Then Mama Lu thought that Gu Xiaosheng and Gu Qingyan were really similar when they stood together, especially when Gu Xiaosheng smiled, his appearance almost looked like Gu Qingyan, so this was really the birth son of the other side??

Was science so powerful now? Mama Lu was a little flustered by the new things.

So she was eager to find out the answer. But she only saw a lot of messy novels.

However, there was a saying that good art came from life, so Mama Lu decided to ask a professional doctor if there was really a man who could gave birth to children.

Then she found a doctor she knew very well, who told her with a high degree of professional responsibility.

There were men in the world who could gave birth to children, but they had a very small chance of survival.

This kind of person was generally called intersex, but there were distinct and invisible. If the invisible intersex does not do a specialty medical examination, they may not know the particularity of their body at all, they wouldn't find out what their special body until they become pregnant.

When Mama Lu learned that, she only thought her son was very powerful, he found an intersex lover who could had children.

Mama Lu now determined that Gu Xiaosheng was born to both of them. How could such a big resemble appearance not be natural.

So Mama Lu told Father Lu about the incident, and she told Father Lu excitedly. The son not only found a boyfriend, but also a son.

Father Lu was also confused. Was technology so developed now? Mama Lu told the old man everything she knew from the doctor. (TN: the 'old man' is other words of calling an aging husband or my/her husband)

And talked non-stop of compliments, told the cuteness of the grandson to the old man, as well as his son and daughter-in-law, who was also attracted by his eyes.

Mama Lu also especially rummaged Gu Qingyan's photos, TV dramas and other relevant resources that could be found. She watched and discussed with the old man and finally they became Gu Qingyan's fans and loved the daughter-in-law as an actor, who had a good performance and a good appearance.


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