He's Not A Non-Entertainment Circle
by Dropped A Pit
Chapter 63: Cinema Date

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Gu Qingyan recently had a very tangled thing, that was, Xing Yu bought the copyright of his novel, "Vie for Power", and said that they wanted to make it into a TV drama. At that time, he thought it was fine and agreed.

As a result, one day, his big brother was very happy to say to him like a treasure offering, "Baby, I know you like the novel of Xin Zhi An Chu very much. I bought the copyright of Xin Zhi An Chu's new novel, and we made it into a TV drama. How about playing as Qin Ge? I know you like the role."

Gu Qingyan didn't know how to speak with his big brother. Does he say to big brother I am the author in your words? But I sold the copyright to you. I saved the money you cheated, it became the private money of Gu Xiaosheng's future wife.

And where do you know I like Xin Zhi An Chu??? I'm not narcissistic like this yet.

"How do you know I like this novel?" Gu Qingyan's expression was complicated.

Lu Ran's expression was like you quickly praised my clever appearance, "I know from Watching Qu Yang live broadcast before. He said that your family home is full of novels written by Xin Zhi An Chu, and then especially likes the role of Qin Ge in the novel "Vie for Power". Although the novel is not completely finished outside, the author agreed to sell the copyright to us and sent the finished version to you. Are you not happy?"

Gu Qingyan didn't know how to complain. My house was full of Xin Zhi An Chu's novel because I was Xin Zhi An Chu, and I didn't need the finished edition because that wretched thing was my code letter. You didn' t had to take up what I wrote to please me. Wake up, big brother. Your family little crybaby has defrauded you.

"Yes, I do." Gu Qingyan smiled awkwardly.

"Baby, why are you smiled so strangely?" Lu Ran looked puzzled.

Gu Qingyan blinked, "No, big brother."

I gave my big brother a pit. Still waiting online, very urgent. (TN: defraud)

"By the way, baby, your movie is going to be released. Shall we go to the cinema in two days? How about a date? "

Yes, President Lu decided to abandon his son and took little crybaby to date alone and enjoy the world of two.

Before the movie was released, Gu Qingyan, the second male, had to do publicity with everyone. Gu Qingyan said that he was really tired. He didn't want to run propaganda with the crew at all. He just wanted to stay at home with his big brother and his own son!!!

During the propaganda, Yan Qiubai also said many times that he liked the article of Xin Zhi An Chu and had many friendly exchanges with Xin Zhi An Chu, which was a very good friend.

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Gu Qingyan was about to look at him. How could I not know that I had many friendly exchanges with you??

However, Gu Qingyan couldn't reveal it. After all, he doesn't want to disclose his identity as an author.

At last, after the publicity of this keng dad, he and his big brother dressed up in the middle of the night to go to the cinema near their home to watch "Immortal Choices". (TN: keng dad: dishonest; fraudulent; deceptive)

He still a little excited. After all, this is a novel written by himself.

Um, decisively couldn't expose the cover, what blade was being sent by readers? That's terrible.

They buy popcorn hand in hand and eat it while watching movies.

The film is still quite terse. After editing, there was also an episode of Qu Yang singing. Had to say that his friend’s singing was not covered, so it's not good to sing and play.

In the cinema, most of the people who come to see the film were lovers and book fans.

Gu Qingyan could hear that some fans with low tears were still crying, but he doesn't felt that because the emotional plays of the male and female protagonists were all written by himself, and the male actor was Yan Qiubai, who he doesn't like, whose acting skills were not good enough to let himself forget who he was, so it's quite a drama to see this bullying face.

When he appeared on the big screen, Gu Qingyan was embarrassed, especially when he heard the audience around him say that he was so handsome.

Lu Ran suddenly came close to Gu Qingyan's ear and said with a low and sweet voice that revealed some temptation, "Little crybaby, they can only look at you on the big screen. And big brother can touch the real you."

Big brother, how can you speak so affectionately? It's also you who are powerful. Then Gu Qingyan rubbed his hot ears. Do you know that there was a saying that ears could be pregnant?

At the end of the movie, the back of Mo Yuan, there was an indescribable taste.

In the end, Mo Yuan "the devil". The good and evil in the world were ridiculous.

But to be honest, it's really shameful for the author to play the role of his own book. Wouldn't it be embarrassing if his cover fell off that day?


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