He's Not A Non-Entertainment Circle
by Dropped A Pit
Chapter 62: Emotions

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But soon "Beijing Opera Dream" would be finished.

- 82nd Scene of "Beijing Opera Dream"

Xing Ziang looked at his fallen comrades on his side and could not help but smiled bitterly. It seemed that he had failed Xu Miao. He mumbled, "Xu Miao, I'm sorry I can't go back to marry you."

Xing Ziang looked up at everything around him. Afraid that this place would be occupied soon. Do you regret it?

No, no regret at all, someone had to sacrifice. It's just a matter of time.

Xing Ziang never regretted his decision, just as he was desperate to learn singing. He liked it, so he was desperate.

And he joined the army just to sing when he won the war. Xing Ziang looked at the only remaining comrades around him. They were all ragged, with blood on their faces.

Xing Ziang suddenly said, "I will sing a show for everyone."

Then he began to sing. After a long time he didn't sing, he was a little bit not accustomed.

Then when Xing Ziang was ready, he began to sing, "..."

Everyone was so intoxicated.

After sang a song, Xing Ziang heard the sound of gunfire again. He knew that everything was going to be over, but it didn't matter that he also sang his favorite opera in the end, didn't he? He didn't regret it.

"Battle companion, fight for homeland!" Xing Ziang shouted loudly, and the comrades around him responded and shouted "fight for homeland!"

A burst of bombardment, Xing Ziang finally fell, his eyes gradually lost focus and muttered, "Xu Miao, I'm sorry."

Xu Miao, on the other side, felt her heart throbbing and aching. She clutched her chest. Stood at the gate of Xing's house, she looked into the distance and murmured, "Xing Ziang, I'll wait for you to come back!"

But I don't know why the tears fell unconsciously. Xu Miao was afraid, she wished Xing Ziang by all means not had an accident. You said you will come back and marry me...

After all, in which war era, countless people were involuntarily, and countless lives were dead.

In his dream, Xu Miao saw Xing Ziang. He smiled softly to her and said, "Xu Miao, I'm back."

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"Beijing Opera Dream" was finally finished. After the filming, Gu Qingyan felt that it was not very good. Xing Ziang and Xu Miao couldn't be together in that world after all.

Gu Qingyan tidied up his mood and remembered his big brother.

Fortunately, after so many things, he still with his big brother. They were happier than Xing Ziang and Xu Miao.

Gu Qingyan suddenly thought about his big brother.

Little crybaby: 「Big brother, I miss you so much.

Big brother: 「Little crybaby, what's wrong???

Little crybaby: 「Nothing, just miss big brother.

Big brother: 「I also miss little crybaby and want to hug my little crybaby. (づ ̄3 ̄)づ╭」

Little crybaby: 「Big brother, thank you for not giving up chasing me when I refused.

Big brother: 「Little crybaby, the right thing for big brother is to pursue you again. Thank you, little crybaby. Thank you for finally agreeing to big brother and giving big brother such a happy family.

Little crybaby: 「I love you, big brother.

Big brother: 「I love you too, my little crybaby.

I love you, I love you, I love you.

Fortunately, we met in hundreds of millions of people, I am very grateful to God for letting us break through the obstacles and together again. Falling in love with you is the greatest fortune in my life.


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