He's Not A Non-Entertainment Circle
by Dropped A Pit
Chapter 60: Beijing Opera Dream

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In the studio, Gu Qingyan was playing with the heroine.

- 12th Scene of "Beijing Opera Dream"

Xing Ziang was wearing a fancy dress. He just came down from the stage. When he saw Xu Miao, Xu Miao looked at Xing Ziang and said to him, "Xing Ziang, what kind of play do you come here to sing without going to school? If your father knows, he beat you up again!"

Xing Ziang looked at Xu Miao with a bad face, "I like singing. You don't have to worry about it."

Then he turned around and was ready to leave. Xu Miao grabbed his sleeve, and Xing Ziang shook his sleeve and said, "Miss, please be dignified."

Xu Miao stared at Xing Ziang, "Your father says I have to help him manage you!"

Xing Ziang looked at Xu Miao and rubbed his ears with his hand, "You are troublesome. Who are you take care of me so much!"

Xu Miao said dissatisfied, "I'm your fiancee. Of course, I have the right to take care of you."

Xing Ziang raised his eyebrows and looked at Xu Miao, "What a shame, you are still a woman of the new era. Arranged marriage is not popular now!"

Xu Miao was angry, "Anyway, I have to help Uncle Xing take care of you."

Xing Ziang also refused to accept, "Do what you like. Anyway, leave in front of my performance. Annoying!!!"

- 25th Scene of "Beijing Opera Dream"

Xing Ziang sat in front of the mirror wearing a costume. He suddenly took all the hair ornaments off his head and put them in the box, and said to himself in the mirror, "When all is over, I will sing."

He got up and took off his robe and sang in opera tune, "The country ruined and the people starving, the whole country is quiet."

Xu Miao looked at Xing Ziang, who had packed his things, "Xing Ziang, don't be capricious. Do you really want to go?"

Xing Ziang looked up at Xu Miao, "This is a man's responsibility."

Xu Miao went to grab his luggage, "But have you ever thought about Uncle Xing and me?"

Xing Ziang sighed, "Xu Miao, you are a good girl, but I'm not the one you've been with all your life."

Then he reached out and touched her head, "Xu Miao, forget about me."

Xing Ziang grabbed the luggage in Xu Miao's hand and turned to leave.

Xu Miao hugged Xing Ziang, "Can't you not leave?"

Xing Ziang stopped, he could felt Xu Miao was crying, but he never regretted his decision, "Let go."

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Xu Miao had to let go of Xing Ziang. Xing Ziang took the luggage and doesn't return.

Xu Miao crouched down and crying, "Xing Ziang, I will wait for you to come back, you must come back."

- 42nd Scene of "Beijing Opera Dream"

At the moment, Xing Ziang changed beyond recognition. He was no longer the presumptuous Xing Sanye. He wore a straight military uniform, a pair of military army boots and a military cap. He looked handsome, tall and straight.

He waited at the door of the women's teacher-training school. Xu Miao saw this handsome man from afar. She couldn't believe that he was Xing Ziang.

Xing Ziang saw Xu Miao and called her name, and the girls around her secretly looked at Xing Ziang from time to time. Xu Miao's face was red when her classmates tease her. She went to Xing Ziang and Xing Ziang smiles at her softly.

Xing Ziang said, "Xu Miao, I'm back." He reached out and touched Xu Miao's hair.

Xu Miao looked at Xing Ziang, "Xing Ziang, will you still go?"

Xing Ziang suddenly looked at the distance, "Well, I still have to go."

Xu Miao's eyes were red, and she couldn't help but shed tears and whispered, "Then why do you come back to me?"

Xing Ziang wiped Xu Miao's tears with his hands and looked at Xu Miao apologetically, "Xu Miao, I want to see you."

Xu Miao was stunned. She doesn't understand Xing Ziang meaning. Xing Ziang took Xu Miao's hand and said, "Xu Miao, walk with me."

They shuttled in the path of the campus, the sun fell from the gap between the leaves and hit two people. When they strolled, Xing Ziang opened his mouth, "Xu Miao, I find I like you very much."

Xu Miao felt her heart beating fast, "Xing Ziang, what are you talking about?"

Xing Ziang turned and looked down at Xu Miao. Xu Miao saw Xing Ziang's magnified handsome face and blushed, "Xu Miao, I think I love you."

Xing Ziang's words were gentle and pleasant. His eyes were all on her.

Reflection, Xu Miao could felt his love.

When she faced Xing Ziang's eyes, Xu Miao felt that her heartbeat was fast like did not belong to her, "Xu Miao, I will marry you when I come back."

Xing Ziang looked at Xu Miao gently and pinched her face with his hand, "Xu Miao, take care of yourself."

Xu Miao looked at Xing Ziang, "Xing Ziang, I'll wait for you to come back."


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