He's Not A Non-Entertainment Circle
by Dropped A Pit
Chapter 58: Photos

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Everyone in the studio watched it straight. The young people were too bewitching. He just acting alone, but he fully showed the temptation.

Zhuo Yi was also stunned. It's the first time he saw Gu Qingyan like this. He always thought that his artists could only play the role of aloof and high-ranking relegated immortal at most, but he never thought that he could be so tempting.

Zhuo Yi suddenly understood why the foreign man named Tang Song would pursue Gu Qingyan.

In his eyes, Gu Qingyan was very beautiful, but after all, he was a man and a little cold and detached toward others. He was only happy and gentle to his boss, but he has never seen such Gu Qingyan.

He's like an alluring woman. His gender hardly distinguished. His sex appeal couldn't be questioned.

It's obviously not much □□. It's just a simple action, but it's really tempting to match those beautiful peach blossom eyes. (TN: the author really write □□ )

Zhuo Yi thought that there would be more fans after the advertisement was launched, and there must be a lot of people to rob him from the boss.

Ma dan , it's simply a temptress. (TN: anybody knows? the original is 马丹)

After shooting, Gu Qingyan said goodbye to Tang Song. Originally, Tang Song also wanted to ask Gu Qingyan to dinner, but Gu Qingyan refused.

He has a family, couldn't arbitrary had dinner with other people or else the big brother would be angry.

Litle crybaby: 「Big brother, my work is over (〃'▽'〃).」

Big brother: {It's finished. How's it going?

Little crybaby: 「When it comes out, you can watch it~~

Big brother: 「Big brother is waiting. What would you like to eat for dinner?

Little crybaby: 「I'm going to cook today. Now my work is over. Big brother has been working all day.

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Big brother: 「Little crybaby is so good. Big brother will wash the dishes tonight (づ ̄ 3 ̄)づ

Happiness is probably that I cook and you wash the dishes. Obviously, it's just a simple chore, because with you, it has a sweet taste.

Gu Qingyan's next job was to play the role of Xing Ziang, Xing Sanye, the first male character, in the drama "Beijing Opera Dream". (TN: the rough translation of sanye is third master or third young master)

This person was unrestrained and went his own way. Because he liked to watch people perform in opera, it's not noisy, but he learned to play Huadan from the theatrical troupe. In which era, the opera that belonged to the lowest professions that couldn't be disclosed, there was an old saying: The opera singer was ruthless, □□ unintentional. But Xing Ziang doesn't regard it as right, he just liked it. (TN: role of vivacious young female in Chinese opera)

Later, Xing Ziang was also a little famous actor in Nancheng. Later, when the war broke out, Xing Ziang joined the army again. The reason was very simple, the country was destroyed, the country was destroyed, was the country in peace? If he wanted to sing, he must drive the enemy out of his hometown.

After some torments, the unconstrained Sanye grew up into a soldier. Unfortunately, in the end, he unable to sing in the opera completely and died in battle.

Gu Qingyan was able to perform this role because he performed a section of Beijing Opera during an audition. Gu Qingyan once learned that although he didn't practice for a long time, he had a foundation and because his acting director now decided on him.

Although reluctant to give up, Gu Qingyan finally had to say goodbye to his big brother and went to the film studio. Fortunately, the shooting location wasn't far from Fangwo City, which was far away in the suburbs. Although it was a little tired to run back and forth, at least he could see his big brother every day.

Gu Qingyan was full of energy. When he came to the crew, he changes his costume according to the routine. He needed to take a photo during a theatrical production.

The actress he worked with this time was called Fang Yu. She looked dignified and generous. First, she was wearing a blue school uniform with the style of the Republic of China. Her long hair turned into pigtail, which looked slightly young and cute. Later, she changed into a cheongsam with pearl earrings, which was very feminine.

Gu Qingyan's early appearance was to wear Huada dress and wear straight military uniform later, with bright military boots and a military cap, looked rigorous and handsome.

In the early stage, the male and the female protagonists were not able to see each other properly. In the later stage, the heroine was gradually attracted by the protagonist. Unfortunately, he died in battle and lived alone.

In addition to the individual photos, there were also photos of the male and female protagonists. In the photo, Gu Qingyan, who was wearing a military uniform, held the hand of the shy young girl in school uniform.


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