He's Not A Non-Entertainment Circle
by Dropped A Pit
Chapter 57: Temptation

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Gu Qingyan knew about Fu Zichen and Tang Song affair. He occasionally mentioned Tang Song when he was filming before. He could feel that Fu Zichen liked Tang Song. However, Fu Zichen said that they were impossibilities. Tang Song had their own business and Fu Zichen himself was also.

But now that Tang Song had come to Fangwo City for Fu Zichen, he would help them.

However, Gu Qingyan didn't like to had too much physical contact with others.

Gu Qingyan would try his best to control it during shooting, but he would not control himself in the face of the sudden attack from the other person.

In the previous drama he occasionally cooperated with Fu Zichen, he acted as a woman for various reasons, and as a result, Tang Song began to pursue him when Tang Song saw him.

Gu Qingyan was speechless. He told him that he was a man. As a result, Tang Song said that love had nothing to do with gender.

Love had nothing to do with gender, but Gu Qingyan like his big brother.

Of course, the birds weren't a bird to him, but Tang Song insisted on it and foreigners were very enthusiastic. They could not move to give him a hug, and then they were beaten by Gu Qingyan. (TN: to pay attention)

No matter whether the other person intentionally took advantage of it, he doesn't like it. Later, Fu Zichen felt guilty and helped to mediate so that Tang Song doesn't disturb Gu Qingyan. He doesn't know how it happened.

Gu Qingyan said that it was someone else's emotional problem and he had nothing to do with it. He reported it to Lu Ran before the shooting started.

Little crybaby: 「Big brother, I was hugged by someone today, and then I beat them up.

Big brother: 「[○`Д ○] Which bastard is it? Big brother will kill him!

Little crybaby: 「A friend from M Country. I've already beaten him.

Big brother: 「That's not good. He dares to hug my baby. Only I can hug the little crybaby.

Little crybaby: 「Big brother don't angry, go home and disinfect me (〃'▽'〃)」

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Big brother: 「Little crybaby really clever. Big brother will disinfect it for you when you go home.

Little crybaby: 「Then, I went to work (づ ̄3 ̄)づ╭~」

Big brother: 「Go for it!

Gu Qingyan reported that Tang Song was coming over. C Brand sold perfume. Tang Song as the leader of the C Brand in the Asia Pacific region, attached great importance to the advertisement of his own brand.

Originally, other shareholders wanted to choose famous stars to represent them, but Gu Qingyan was strongly recommended by Tang Song.

When he knew that Gu Qingyan had started acting, he was excited. He knew that only Gu Qingyan could make his own advertisement.

Temptation was this perfume theme, he still remembered that when he first saw Gu Qingyan's drama, he was fascinated by his performance, and the charming and seduced feeling was irresistible.

Then when he knew that the other person was a man, he didn't gave up the idea of pursuing Gu Qingyan. He thought about how lucky it would be if someone could had this person.

However, later he knew that he was totally hopeless, so he gave up and he also met Fu Zichen because of chance. This seemingly serious and indifferent boring stuff made him unable to extricate himself from his love. He never thought that he would fall in love with this type. He thought it was probably love, which always caught people off guard.

Tang Song explained to Gu Qingyan the whole concept of their perfume and the general theme of this film, Gu Qingyan knew the truth.

- "Temptation"

The beautiful young man in a white shirt, black shorts and leather boots sat on the sofa and looked up and down his legs straight and leisurely. When the young man picked up a bottle of perfume on the table, he smelled it in the air and closed his eyes.

The young man opened his eyes again and the beautiful peach blossom eyes were endlessly seductive. He had a fascinating smile and raised his eyebrows at the perfume bottle. Blurted out, "Mi tesoro." [Note: my baby]

Narrowed his eyes, unbutton the shirt that had been buckled, revealed a beautiful clavicle, and then spray the perfume on his neck.

Then he got up and put the perfume on the table and pushed the door away. At the end of the shot was the look of perfume.


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