He's Not A Non-Entertainment Circle
by Dropped A Pit
Chapter 55: Completed Shooting

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Lu Ran finally went back to Fangwo City and Gu Qingyan continued to shot on the studio, and soon came to the scene where he was about to finish.

This scene was about the part of Mo Yuan, who was played by Gu Qingyan, was possessed in order to avenge his disciples.

- 67th Scene of "Immortal Choice"

In the end, the leader Mo Yuan knew all the truth. His apprentice was a victim.

Mo Yuan looked at his disciple's lover and looked at the woman with resentment. Armed with a sword but did not start, "I will not kill you."

Rong Ling'er looked at Mo yuan, and Mo yuan lightly said, "Sometimes death is a kind of relief."

Rong Ling'er's tears flow continuously. Yes, sometimes death is a kind of relief. I can only immerse myself in the grief of killing my lover forever.

Mo Yuan turned and left, murmured in his mouth, "It's all fools."

The war was about to break out. The devil sect and immortal jade gate dogfight. He looked at these so-called good and evil people and thought it was ridiculous.

He became a murder. He doesn't care who was right and who was evil. He killed people he thought should die. It had nothing to do with good and evil.

"Mo Yuan, you are crazy!"

Mo Yuan's white robe had already been dyed red with blood. At this moment, Mo Yuan was not a master of Xian Feng sect, but a demon.

Mo Yuan looked at the people in front of him and said coldly, "What is the good and evil?"

"Of course, the evil path is evil, and the right path is right!"

Mo Yuan laughed. The evil path was right and wrong. But how many innocent people had been killed for the sake of the so-called good and evil of the d@mned four realms, "Ridiculous."

Mo Yuan ignored these people and was surrounded by incessant shouts and wails. Mo Yuan got the four realms of the world, but he also fell into the devil. How much righteous blood had been dyed on his hands? Maybe he had become a demon in the eyes of outsiders, but it doesn't matter whether the righteousness and evil in this world were irrelevant to him.

In the last scene, Mo Yuan, dressed in a bloody red and white robe, walked into the distance with a long sword.

Finally, the shot was finished and had a meal to celebrate.

Gu Qingyan hurried to Fangwo City, and finally came home in the middle of the night.

He gently opened the door, first went to Gu Xiaosheng's room to look at him, and found that his son slept soundly and kissed his face, then closed the door quietly.

Then he went back to his room, only to find that the light in the room was still on and Lu Ran was on the documents. Saw him coming back and smiled.

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"Why didn't you sleep? I thought I could give you a surprise." Gu Qingyan curled his mouth. He wanted to go to bed quietly and let his big brother woke up the next day to see him. But he still didn't slept.

Then he looked at Lu Ran with a distressed heart, "Why are you still working so late?"

"Handle it right away. Go take a shower first." Lu Ran didn't look up and seriously continue to work.

Gu Qingyan was very dissatisfied. His big brother was so cold to him. D@mn documents, though Gu Qingyan usually doesn't work well, but he hated these documents very much now.

Gu Qingyan simply took a shower and changed into pajamas. When he came out, Lu Ran's work was still not over.

He got into the bed to give Lu Ran a blanket and he said that it’s not over yet. Rotten work and lousy documents.

He resentfully looked at Lu Ran's back, almost see through Lu Ran. Lu Ran may felt it and he looked back at Gu Qingyan.

"Baby, I'll be done soon."

Gu Qingyan murmured, "bad documents." Then he looked at Lu Ran.

After a while, Lu Ran finally managed to climb to bed. Gu Qingyan shared his warm quilt with Lu Ran and Lu Ran hugged him.

"Sleep, I promise the good son to accompany him to the amusement park tomorrow."

"You know I'm back today?"

"Zhuo Yi told me that you have finished shooting. I think you will come back according to your character."

"He actually exposed me." Gu Qingyan complained.

Lu Ran kissed Gu Qingyan's face, "I went to see you secretly before. My son is angry. I promised him to wait for you to come back and go to the amusement park, so I'll get the work done quickly, and our family will have a good time tomorrow. "

"You work hard." Gu Qingyan looked at Lu Ran with distress.

"Not hard." Lu Ran smiled.

Gu Qingyan found the most comfortable angle in Lu Ran's arms and said, "Good night, big brother."

"Good night, little crybaby."

Dreams were always sweet when there was a night with a lover.


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