He's Not A Non-Entertainment Circle
by Dropped A Pit
Chapter 53: Immortal Choice

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And because Gu Qingyan was the second male who had many drama interactions with Yan Qiubai.

Gu Qingyan said that the heart was so tired that this face was easy to play, but slowly get used to it.

The activity in the crew was very tired but very happy. It's really nice to be able to shot a movie.

This was the scene that Mo Yuan expelled Su Jinzhi from his apprenticeship.

- 32nd Scene of "Immortal Choice"

Inside the Taiyuan Hall, everyone asked Mo Yuan how to deal with the evil disciple, Su Jinzhi. Mo Yuan didn't mention it, but listened to them in silence.

Mo Yuan looked at Su Jinzhi, who was kneeling on the ground. His eyes were complicated with regrets, this was the child who followed him since childhood. Now he was doing this for a woman.

"Master just asking you, can you break with that woman?"

Su Jinzhi kneeled on the ground and doesn't mention it. He knew that the good and the evil were different, but he really loved Rong Ling'er. He couldn't really do it.

"Master, I can't do it."

Mo Yuan sighed. He knew that if he didn't deal with Su Jinzhi, it would be hard to calm the public anger. Mo Yuan's eyes unbearable with eyebrows were slightly wrinkled, and his fingers under the robe were tightly clenched. This was his apprentice since he was a child.

"Imbecile." For the love all regardless of the foolish child.

"Su Jinzhi, you are no longer the disciple of Master Mo Yuan." Mo Yuan turned around with a very bad face and decided in his eyes, "You as my apprentices are doomed. Go."

"Master." Su Jinzhi looked at Mo Yuan. His Master doesn't want him. He knew it's not right, but he had to pay the price in order to pursue love. Between Rong Ling'er and Master, he could only choose one person, " Thank you, Master, for years of nurturing."

After Su Jinzhi's farewell to Mo Yuan, he walked out of Taiyuan Hall. From now on, he only had Rong Ling'er.

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Director Fu was still talking about the movie, but at this time they found that Lu Ran had come to the studio.

Yan Qiubai looked at Lu Ran's face badly, because he knew that Lu Ran's presence here was not for him. He had been mad in the company for a long time. President Lu had a real lover, and the two people still could fed each other in the cafeteria.

Yan Qiubai eyes were full of reluctance. Why did he stay with Lu Ran so long? He still didn't choose himself.

Yan Qiubai looked at Gu Qingyan with resentment. Although he doesn't love Lu Ran that much, Lu Ran was the best choice for him now. But because this person, he doesn't had a chance, he couldn't just let it go.

But now he couldn't do anything by himself. He had to find a chance to knock this annoying man down.

Lu Ran didn't look at Yan Qiubai. In his eyes, there was only his little crybaby. Although they had video calls every day, he wanted the real little crybaby. He especially wanted to hug him. He felt that he was going suffering from skin hunger and thirst.

Today's little crybaby is really beautiful. Although he had seen the appearance of the little crybaby in Weibo, he couldn't move when he really appeared in front of his eyes. The fluttering long hair like ink and the white dress like celestial being made his little crybaby looked like he came out of the painting. It's really beautiful.

And this celestial smiled when he saw him. The beautiful peach eyes were deep and affectionate, all of a sudden the celestial being fell into the world just for himself.

Everyone looked at Gu Qingyan's smiling face and was slightly stunned. His smile made the Leader Mo Yuan was very beautiful.

Lu Ran was alone in the studio waiting for Gu Qingyan to finish his work. He liked to watch Gu Qingyan acting. His little crybaby exuded self-confidence from inside to outside when acting. It's beautiful.

Finally, when the work was finished, Gu Qingyan and the crew said goodbye to each other and left with Lu Ran's car back to the hotel.


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