He's Not A Non-Entertainment Circle
by Dropped A Pit
Chapter 52: Official Work

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And the day of official work also arrived. Gu Qingyan followed Zhuo Yi to the crew. Because it was a real drama, the setting was not in Fangwo City. Lu Ran and Gu Qingyan could only live in two separated places temporarily.

President Lu said that he was not happy at all as a cook left behind. At night, he could not hold the little crybaby. Lu Ran and Gu Xiaosheng, the left-behind children, could only accompany each other pitifully.

They agreed to had a video chat every day or it would be too hard not to see each other.

President Lu was very sticky recently. He couldn't stick to Gu Qingyan a few days before he's leaving. Gu Qingyan can't help crying and laughing when he wanted to hug or kiss.

Lu Ran's WeChat was sent shortly after he arrived at the crew.

Big brother: 「little crybaby, what should I do now? I miss you so much now (╥╯^╰╥)」

Little crybaby:

Big brother: 「little crybaby, do you miss your big brother?

Little crybaby: 「work properly!!!

Big brother: 「I'm so sad that you did this to me

Little crybaby: 「I also miss big brother, but is big brother really not do your job properly when you go to work?

Big brother: 「but I don't miss little crybaby and there is no power to work at all!!! You have to understand of your big brother (;д`)ゞ」

Little crybaby: 「Don't sell meng, go to work.」 (TN: to act cute)

Big brother: 「that, little crybaby, kiss me

Little crybaby: 「(づ ̄3 ̄)づ╭~ Go, I love you big brother

Big brother: 「I also love you, little crybaby, you cheer. (づ ̄ 3 ̄)づ」

Zhuo Yi said that he didn't really mean to see the boss talking to his wife. He caught sight of it by accident.

Zhuo Yi couldn't imagine that such an aggressive boss chatting with his wife was actually this kind of selling meng. I was shocked by my little friends, I think I need to eat something to suppress.

In the studio, Gu Qingyan also saw the person he really did not want to see, Yan Qiubai. He acted as a first man, Su Jinzhi. Gu Qingyan said he was not good.

Gu Qingyan thought that this man actually wanted to play the character he wrote. There was a sense of being incomprehensible. But as an adult, he was generous to say that he would try his best to accept it. As long as the other side doesn't bother himself, he was also lazy to take care of the other person.

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The actor's personal character was one thing, and acting skills were another thing. Had to say that Yan Qiubai's acting skills were not bad as today's fresh meat (TN: teen idol), maybe because of this person he still unable to act in his life.

Moreover, the appeal of this man was still very strong. He would be chosen as a first male. There was no way to do it. He didn't care about it after he sold the copyright. He thought it was for Xing Yu and Le Yi. Now he regretted it.

The heroine was Qin Miaoke, who was recently promoted by Xing Yu. She was very popular in the new generation of small flowers and looked very beautiful. However, it's not easy to make a conclusion without contact with this person.

After they introduced each other, they started work officially.

Gu Qingyan was taken into the dressing room. After dressing up and changing clothes, he took a picture with the protagonists.

When Gu Qingyan came out, everyone couldn't help but stare at him. He was dressed in white, with long hair like ink and his delicate features. This was the beautiful leader Mo Yuan.

When Guan Bo released the photo, it exploded.

Peerless Allure: 「It's amazing to see that my favorite novel will be made into a movie in one of my lifetimes. I'm so happy to see that Bai Gongzi as Su Jinzhi is so handsome in his appearance, but the beauty of the witch is so beautiful in her dress, especially the elder brother Mo Yuan, which is the elder brother in my heart!!!

Gu Gu's favorite: 「ah, Gu Gu take a movie, I'm so happy. This is my husband, upstairs @Gu Qingyan

Yangyang's little tangerine: Mr. 「G you are so beautiful!!! I've fallen in love with your beauty.

Don't talk and kiss my sheep: 「husband, I want to give you a monkey (〃'▽'〃) I feel that I have a large number of rivals!

My family's Bai Gongzi: 「The appearance of Bai Gongzi is great. The immortal leader Mo Yuan is also very good. Support~

Lord Button: 「as a good book powder, the one who loves Su Jinzhi most is striving for love, and the one who loves leader Mo Yuan long natural effect, looking forward to the finished product

Meng Meng Big C: 「is satisfied with the appearance party. I hope that the movie will be released soon.



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