He's Not A Non-Entertainment Circle
by Dropped A Pit
Chapter 51: Peace of Mind

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Zhuo Yi said the drama was an IP (intellectual property) film cooperation by Le Yi and Xing Yu. It’s quite popular on the Internet, and the writing was very good. This novel was the author’s early work. He also liked the author's current article, "Vie For Power".

He also recommended Gu Qingyan to watch it. Gu Qingyan looked at the other's speak frankly with assurance, his expression was slightly subtle.

You ask him why his expression was so subtle because he was Xin Zi An Chu (心之安处). This novel was his early work.

The pen name was taken in the past because he had occasionally read a sentence before: However, this place of peace was my hometown.

And he thought of his big brother, because where his big brother was, where his heart belonged.

At that time, he also felt entangled when he received the request that the novel would be made into a movie. Because in a sense, this novel was his own black history, which he could not stand Qu Yang's deception. And at that time, he wanted to ask him to write a play with a knife (TN: classifier for sets of one hundred sheets (of paper)), but he refused because he was afraid to meet Lu Ran. Qu Yang didn't know that he had been with Lu Ran before.

As a result, they were together again. Maybe this was fate.

Zhuo Yi suggested that Gu Qingyan could audition "Immortal Choice" for the Master Mo Yuan the immortal head, because of Gu Qingyan's temperament and appearance.

Gu Qingyan didn't object to it. Master Mo Yuan in "Immortal Choice", received Su Jinzhi from the Xian Feng sect as the disciple by chance, but he never thought that it was because this disciple eventually broke into the "devil realm".

Mo Yuan had received such a disciple in his whole life. Naturally, he cherished and protected him. The disciple was pure and kind. When he happened to see this jade like little thing cute, he was accepted as his disciple and the only disciple.

Su Jin was obedient when he was young. As an adult, Mo Yuan ordered his disciples to attend the once-in-a-decade Xianling Mountain Conference. As a result, Su Jinzhi met Rong Ling'er, the lover and the witch. all of a sudden, Su Jinzhi was attracted by the girl's ghost spirit. Unfortunately, it's impossible for him to had both good and evil.

The relationship between the two was finally found. The school forced Su Jinzhi to give up Rong Ling'er. Of course, Su Jinzhi refused and wanted to become a companion with Rong Ling'er. At last, Mo Yuan expelled him from the school.

And Su Jinzhi was not with Rong Ling'er in the end. Because Su Jinzhi was dead, in fact, it's just the collusion between the devil patch and the immortal jade gate. Su Jinzhi was just one of the chess pieces. In order to get a piece of a fragment of the four realms in Mo Yuan's hand, it's said that collecting five pieces could get the ancient inheritance.

Everyone wanted to get the inheritance of the four realms. The boundary between good and evil had long been blurred. At last, Mo Yuan fell into the "devil realm".

The protagonist of "Immortal Choice" was Su Jinzhi, but he was finally written dead by Gu Qingyan. When Gu Qingyan wrote the death of Su Jinzhi, everyone was stunned, the protagonist was actually dead. After Su Jinzhi's death, the witch Rong Ling'er was really important to him, but his lover regretted his death for life. This novel was BE (TN: bad ending).

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Although it's BE, he couldn't stand its good. Fans cried to sent blades to the author.

In fact, it was Gu Qingyan's first love story, which was intended to give a good ending to the male and female protagonists. At that time, Lu Ran's relationship with him was not smooth at all. He accidentally killed the male protagonist.

Master Mo Yuan was the second male lead, the director was Fu Zichen, and Gu Qingyan doesn't need to audition for this movie, because the investor was Xin Yu and Le Yi that could be determined directly.

And it's amazing that Director Fu didn't object. It's a long time for Zhuo Yi to know that Fu Zichen hated the people who come in through the relationship.

Of course, Fu Zichen would not object, because Fu Zichen and Gu Qingyan were also good friends. By chance, Gu Qingyan participated in the drama directed by Fu Zichen. As a result, they met.

At that time, Fu Zichen also said that he wanted to recommend Gu Qingyan to perform in the circle, but at that time, Gu Qingyan refused, and Fu Zichen regretted for a long time. Now Gu Qingyan was willing to act, as a director, of course, he was happy. This was probably the advantage of having resources behind it.

Gu Qingyan also took a fancy to a TV drama "Beijing Opera Dream" of the Republic of China. The audition time was not urgent and the audition just after shooting "Immortal Choice", it's not too tense.

Even if the general work was officially arranged, Gu Qingyan would like to let Zhuo Yi to stay for dinner, but Zhuo Yi couldn't eat when he looked at the boss, so he left.

Gu Qingyan said to Lu Ran that he would officially shoot and the home would be handed to Lu Ran.

Lu Ran said he would take good care of his home.


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