He's Not A Non-Entertainment Circle
by Dropped A Pit
Chapter 50: Two Childish Devil

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Gu Qingyan looked up at Lu Ran and said, "If you don't work hard, what microblog do you play?"

Lu Ran showed a flattering smile, "How do you know it's me?"

"It's enough for you to have such an obvious nickname. You don't have to said it to know that it is you!"

Lu Ran got up and went to Gu Qingyan, then leaned over and kissed him, "I wanted to use my verified name, but you wouldn't let me use it, I just use my new account."

Gu Qingyan pinched Lu Ran's face, "Do I have to create an account to show my love with you? For example, big brother's little crybaby? "


"Childish." So Gu Qingyan created a new account and paid attention to Lu Ran's account.

In Lu Ran's account, Gu Qingyan rummaged and found that they all cooked dinner together. A small piece of life together.

Little crybaby's big brother: 「I really want to get off work, I want to see little crybaby!

Little crybaby's big brother: 「little crybaby said that he will give me a reward o(*////▽////*)q looking forward

Little crybaby's big brother: 「I have a son, so happy. I love my little crybaby, thank him for making me so happy.

Little crybaby's big brother: 「today, little crybaby made me a lot of delicious food (with a picture of a large table dish)

Little crybaby's big brother: 「I live with little crybaby, I'm so happy, I love my little crybaby (with a picture of toothbrush cup couple)

Little crybaby's big brother: 「the happiest thing is to see my little crybaby every day. (with a picture of the corner of the quilt)


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Gu Qingyan looked at Lu Ran's childish behavior. He changed his account and accompanied his big brother to be childish.

Big brother's little crybaby: 「I love my big brother, only big brother (づ ̄3 ̄)づ╭~@Little crybaby's big brother

Lu Ran heard the notification sound of his Weibo and opened it.

He couldn't stop smiling. They were both so big and childish like a child.

Lu Ran left a message on Gu Qingyan's Weibo: 「big brother is little crybaby's forever [I love you] my little crybaby (づ ̄3 ̄)づ╭~」

At noon, two people came to the company's canteen hand in hand, and they were not publicly released to the fans. In the company, everyone was smart and won't spread around. Moreover, this was a way to declare sovereignty. Who let so many people spy on his big brother.

Everyone secretly looked at the person holding hands with the boss and knew that this was the little star who signed the contract today. Unexpectedly, it's the president's wife.

Two held hands to abuse the dog, took a good place and found a corner to sit down.

The onlookers said that they didn't want dog food. Was that really their boss? The boss's wife fed the boss. The boss laughed like a flower. When he looked at his wife, the boss looked so gentle.

And the boss’s wife looked better than watching him on TV. The beautiful peach blossom eyes without glasses were bright when he looked at the boss. Both of them were very tall and attractive.

So the company had a group of fans of two people. Although the dog was abused, it couldn't stop at all. The official sugar was so sweet.

After that, Zhuo Yi also found several scripts for Gu Qingyan to show his choice. To be honest, he was also very stressed. It's not good to see a big boss when he came to his artist's house.

When he saw the big boss wearing a pink strawberry apron to open the door for him, he was scared to death!

He was afraid that the boss would kill him. It's terrible! The boss calmly let him entered the house and turned to the kitchen to cook. The boss was still at home actually.

The boss's wife was watching TV with the little soon. Had to say it that little son was really cute. He felt it when he saw him with the boss in the company. Now it’s sweeter, especially when he called him Uncle Zhuo Yi thoughts that even if he was killed by the boss, he still wanted to come. He's a fans of the little son!!!

Zhuo Yi pretended to be calm. He was a capable and qualified agent who couldn't be afraid.

But he betrayed him by sitting upright. Gu Qingyan asked Gu Xiaosheng to accompany Zhuo Yi to let him relax. Then he began to see the script that Zhuo Yi had chosen for him. There were modern and ancient xian xia dramas, as well as the drama of the Republic of China and the movie "Immortal Choice". (TN: xian xia: immortal cultivator; Republic of China was in 1912-1949)


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