He's Not A Non-Entertainment Circle
by Dropped A Pit
Chapter 48: Agent

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That day, Gu Qingyan told Lu Ran and Gu Xiaosheng that he was going to make a movie when he went home. Lu Ran immediately said that he would let his secretary prepared the best contract and the best resources, and then he was going to pick a golden agent for Gu Qingyan. Gu Xiaosheng also expressed full support for his daddy to be the number one fan of his daddy.

When Gu Qingyan knew Lu Ran's idea at that night, the two people kissed, he laughed and said, "So am I considered as an unspoken rule by President Lu?"

Lu Ran fiercely bite and kissed Gu Qingyan's lips "Yes, and I'm going to hide all my life!"

The next day, Gu Qingyan came to Xing Yu and Lu Ran had already arranged a broker for him, whose name was Zhuo Yi. Originally, Lu Ran wanted to find a company that had brought the agent of the movie emperor to Gu Qingyan, but Gu Qingyan refused.

Zhuo Yi's eyes brightened when he saw Gu Qingyan for the first time. Recently, Zhuo Yi saw the drama of "Blooming Wutong" which was still very popular. He felt the play in the other's eyes. Moreover, he looked very good. This person's temperament was very gentle, which means he looked a little indifferent.

Zhuo Yi looked at Gu Qingyan. Gu Qingyan doesn't mind following him. Then when the other person let him saw the contract, Gu Qingyan doesn't look at it and signed it directly.

Zhuo Yi was a little surprised. He had seen this contract and was surprised that the company gave such a good contract to a newcomer. Moreover, the company made him not convinced to bring such a newcomer at the beginning, but after watching the other person's drama, he felt that he should be a talented person, and he accepted it happily.

Moreover, Zhuo Yi felt that the company might support the other after that, and he always believed in his intuition.

"Aren't you looking at the contract?" Asked Zhuo Yi.


Zhuo Yi thought for a moment and said, "We will work together in the future. If I can, I need to know some basic information about you."

Gu Qingyan looked at Zhuo Yi and nodded no rebuttal.

"Where do you live now? Do you need a dormitory? Jiang Sheng who was you perform before is very good, did you have any experience with the entertainment circle? Your previous experience also includes your emotional life and your future self orientation."

"I am an M Nationality, graduated from the Finance Department of Z University of M Country, and worked in EGM before. I came to Fangwo City when I was 16 years old, and I have learned performing arts as a minor character, but I didn't become famous for some personal reasons, so I play as a minor character. At the age of 18, I went back to M Country and then went to university." Gu Qingyan's voice speed was not very fast, the tone was light, but his voice was good.

"Not long ago, I had the chance to take a drama. I thought I liked acting very much, so I resigned. I live in XX Community now. I have a 4-year-old son and a same-sex lover. If I categorize it, I hope to shoot a movie, I like acting very much."

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Zhuo Yi heard Gu Qingyan's saying that his houses in XX Community, he had heard that the house was quite worthwhile. The gay marriage law had been implemented for a long time, so it's not a big deal. However, ordinary stars were not willing to disclose their love affairs. After all, fans were not all willing to accept that their idols had lovers.

"Are you going to announce your relationship later? After all, your career has just started, and it's directly announced that romance is more or less influential. And your son, are you ready to let him out?" Zhuo Yi thought about how to hype his artist.

"If I can, I don't want my son to be exposed in the eyes of the public. After all, he is very troublesome in studying now. The relationship is also true, it should be announced later. Now I think it will have a bad impact on me."

Zhuo Yi frowned and didn't quite understand the meaning of the latter part of the sentence, "Your lover is..."

"Lu Ran, President of Xing Yu."

Zhuo Yi was stunned, and there were countless lying troughs in his brain. It turned out he was the president's wife!!!! (TN: holy shit; what the fuck)

Zhuo Yi choked, "You and President Lu?"

Gu Qingyan looked calm, but when he mentioned Lu Ran, his expression was obviously gentler. His beautiful peach blossom eyes were full of the happiness of love, "We are in love, now we live together. But the security of XX Community is very good. You can rest assured."

Zhuo Yi wanted to relieved the ball, paparazzi were everywhere. However, they are seriously in love, and the smell of the boss's dog abuse before and Gu Qingyan's sour smell of love now had been found to be definitely public.


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