He's Not A Non-Entertainment Circle
by Dropped A Pit
Chapter 46: Live Together

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Lu Ran looked at Gu Qingyan's little prank, scraped his nose, and then pulled up his sleeve to cut vegetables.

Two people were busy in the kitchen. They laugh at each other from time to time. Gu Xiaosheng looked at the two adults with his small head. He thought he had two dads like Sister Tongtong now. It's very nice.

Gu Xiaosheng doesn't felt that his family was different from other's families. His daddy took good care of himself alone. When someone asked him if he wanted a mother, he thought it doesn't matter. But there were many beautiful sisters, aunts and fathers who had expressed their love. Although he was small, he still understands.

But apparently dad didn't like them and always politely refused. Daddy didn't seem to like the beautiful sister. There were two fathers in Sister Tongtong's family. At that time, he thought that maybe he would had another father in the future, but his daddy didn't felt anything about a handsome uncle.

At that time, Uncle Lu appeared at that time. From where his daddy would occasionally saw Godfather Yangyang looking at Uncle Song. When his daddy and Uncle Lu were together, he was very happy. Although he was small, he could feel it.

He knew that this was called like, and Uncle Lu looked very gentle to his daddy. Uncle Lu also liked him very much. He also liked Uncle Lu. He could feel the love and concern from him.

He thought it's good that more people care about his daddy. Now he had a big dad. His name was Lu Ran.

He bought a little more dishes. He made a lot of them by accident. Today he bought shrimp to make a braised prawn.

Lu Ran still liked to eat shrimp but was lazy to peel, so he didn't eat it often before. Later, when he was together with Gu Qingyan, he would often do it and then peel it for him. But later, when the other person left, he would never eat again because the person who would peel shrimp for him was not there.

Now he watched Gu Qingyan peel the shrimp for him. Seeing Gu Qingyan held the shrimp dipped in the sauce to feed his mouth with his long fingers, Lu ran opened his mouth and couldn't help but lick Gu Qingyan's fingers with his tongue.

Gu Qingyan' glared at him and lanced that the child was there, and Lu Ran smiled pleasantly.

Lu Ran chewed the prawns. His baby's skill was as good as in his memory. It's nice to think that he could often eat them regularly.

The family enjoyed a harmonious life. Lu Ran couldn't help but eat a bowl of rice. After eating a good meal, the family sat together and ate fruit to watch TV series. What was on TV was "Blooming Wutong". Since he could see Godfather Yangyang and his daddy here, Gu Xiaosheng didn't watch cartoons at this point every day. He only watched this TV series.

To be honest, Gu Qingyan felt that his family had a sense of shame when they watched their own plays.

"How is Daddy doing? How handsome is he?" Lu Ran asked Gu Xiaosheng.

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Gu Xiaosheng looked at Gu Qingyan and praised him, "My Daddy is so handsome, but he is stupid. My Daddy is smart!"

"That's what Big Dad thinks." Then he approached Gu Qingyan and said, "Baby, you look so good."

Gu Qingyan thought it's too shameful. In the TV show, Gu Qingyan as Jiang Cheng taught Qu Yang as Ye Haocheng how to chase the heroine. Qu Yang's performance as a rich young master was so cute that he made many funny jokes.

However, when the clip of Jiang Cheng pushed Ye Haocheng appeared, Gu Xiaosheng couldn't help but exclaimed that his daddy was so handsome~

But Lu Ran protested in Gu Qingyan's ear with a deep and sweet voice, "Baby, I am jealous. I want compensation."

Gu Qingyan glared at him and whispered, "What kind of vinegar do you eat? It's only acting." (TN: jealousy (in love rivalry))

Gu Xiaosheng still doesn't understand, his daddy was particularly handsome and pushed Godfather Yangyang was very handsome too. But he doesn't understand the drama in Gu Qingyan's eyes.

But Lu Ran understood. When Jiang Cheng said "wake up, young man, you can't learn", at that time, his eyes were full of love, which seemed to be Gu Qingyan used Qu Yang as his confession.

"Were you thinking about me at that time?" Lu Ran had a little expectation. The other person didn't tell him the answer when he was in the studio.

"Un." The voice was very small but Lu Ran still heard it. Gu Qingyan's face was slightly red. Lu Ran smiled and kissed him.

Gu Qingyan murmured, "I couldn't help thinking about you at that time, but I accidentally brought it in. It's all broken by me. It's a failure. "

"I'm so happy." Lu Ran couldn't help but look at Gu Qingyan's gently. It turned out that when you act, you will think of the other as me, so you can say something so affectionate.

That night, Qu Yang's microblog ushered in a big storm, but Gu Qingyan and Lu Ran, who brought the storm, hugged each other happily and fell asleep. Lu Ran heard Gu Qingyan's words in his dream, calling him big brother with a smile all the time. It seemed that Lu Ran had a good dream about him, and Lu Ran closed his eyes and hugged the other happily.


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