He's Not A Non-Entertainment Circle
by Dropped A Pit
Chapter 45: A Family of Three

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Lu Ran reached out to help Gu Qingyan massage his waist. His movements seemed to be very natural as if he had done it countless times.

Gu Xiaosheng silently watched Uncle Lu and his father's actions.

"Dad, I told Uncle Lu that I'm happy to see Uncle Lu in the morning."

Gu Qingyan smiled and said, "Baby, do you like Uncle Lu very much?"

Gu Xiaosheng nodded and looked at Lu Ran shyly.

Gu Qingyan pinched his son's soft little face, "Do you want to see Uncle Lu every morning?"

Lu Ran's heart beat like a drum, pounding and jumping.


"How about Uncle Lu living with us in the future?"

"Really?" Gu Xiaosheng's eyes were sparkled.

"Is that all right?" Lu Ran's eyes were lit up. He looked at Gu Qingyan. He looked very happy and excited.

Gu Qingyan kissed Lu Ran's cheek and smiled at him, "Don't you want to live here?"

"No matter what, I dreamed of it." Lu Ran said excitedly.

Gu Qingyan kissed Gu Xiaosheng's face again and asked his baby son, "Baby, you know. Dad and Uncle Lu are together. Would you like to call Uncle Lu father later?"

"I am willing, I like Uncle Lu!" Then he called Lu Ran "big dad".

Lu Ran felt that he was very happy at the moment. The family of three, it felt very good.

Gu Qingyan asked Lu Ran to go home and bring all the things he needed and gestured him to move his things to his room. Gu Qingyan especially left a place for him.

Gu Qingyan helped Lu Ran hang his clothes in the closet in his room. Lu Ran embraced his lover from behind, buried his head in Gu Qingyan's neck, and sniffed his unique taste. He could not be happy anymore.

"Why are you so sticky?"

Although it's like a complaint, Gu Qingyan's mouth had been smiling.

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"Baby, I'm so happy."

I'm really happy. I think it's going to be a long time. Now I'm like soaking in honey. It's nice to have you and your son in a complete family.

Lu Ran lightly rubbed against Gu Qingyan. Gu Qingyan was a little tickled, "Don't tickle."

Lu Ran kissed his neck lightly.

"Wait. Go to the supermarket, buy a complete set of toothbrush, cups or something? A family of three?"

"Okay." Lu Ran paused and said, "I love you, thank you."

Gu Qingyan didn't speak. The warm afternoon atmosphere was warm.

He could hear Gu Xiaosheng watching cartoons in the living room, which was probably the taste of happiness.

When the family of three went out, they attracted passers-by to peek at them frequently. Gu Qingyan had to wear a mask to disguise himself as a low-key person because of his role as Jiang Cheng. However, he couldn't stand Lu Ran who was holding hands with him, and Gu Xiaosheng, who was held by Lu Ran alone. Everyone guessed that the man who was held by the handsome man must also be a handsome man.

They had bought a lot of things, all of which were childish. But had to say that this kind of parent-child set felt really good. And Gu Qingyan also said that he made dinner today.

Lu Ran hadn't eaten Gu Qingyan's cooking for several years. Even after they reconciled, Gu Qingyan never let Lu Ran to eat together. Lu Ran had been thinking for a long time about his wife's cooking.

Lu Ran looked at his busy lover in the kitchen. He was wearing a cartoon apron in his casual outfit, and his slender hands were cutting vegetables. The way he cooked looked very good, or his every appearance made him unable to move his eyes.

"I'll help you cut the vegetables."

"Then put on your apron." Then Gu Qingyan deliberately tied a pink strawberry apron to Lu Ran. Seeing this powerful man wearing such a lovely girl's apron, he felt inexplicably happy.


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