He's Not A Non-Entertainment Circle
by Dropped A Pit
Chapter 44: Not Driving

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After they kissed, both of them gasped a little. Gu Qingyan licked his lips. Lu Ran felt that he was being provoked and was very impatient. The bottom of his heart was like a beast screaming. He wanted to possess this person. He wanted him to be uncontrollable like him. He wanted to see his expression of this person that unable to stop. He wanted to let this person sink into the desire he gave him.

Gu Qingyan could see Lu Ran's rampant excitement and possessiveness, with a little fear, a little expectation and a little excitement.

He knew that he was restrained the other person during this period of time. It's estimated that he would die very badly tonight. His old waist.

But he expected that he wanted to see Lu Ran fell into a deep trap and look at his emotional appearance. He liked that Lu Ran was out of control because of him.

This kind of feeling made him excited and complied with the passionate desire. Just like Lu Ran weave a net for him, he also wanted to create a prison for ecstasy.

Let Lu Ran sank into it, unable to extricate himself and submit to his desire.

"You can do anything to me."

Lu Ran swallowed his saliva and said hoarsely, "This is what you said."

Gu Qingyan bit Lu Ran's throat viciously but suddenly relaxed and licked it with his tongue. He saw a shallow tooth print on his fragile throat and his eyes were showing provocation.

"Of course."

Lu Ran said wickedly, "Even if you cry and beg me today, I will not let you go."

People always had to pay for their own actions. That night, Lu Ran, as he said, even if Gu Qingyan cried, even if his beautiful peach eyes were out of focus, Lu Ran doesn't stop.

The next day, Lu Ran regretted it. Yesterday, he really lost control. He was so excited to see the uncontrolled lust of the little crybaby's beautiful peach blossom eyes. The more tears he shed, the more beautiful his lips, the more oppressive eroticism of begging for mercy.

Lu Ran kissed his face pitifully and heard his coquettish reason: Big brother, sleepy.

Lu Ran looked at his lover tenderly, "Good, you sleep again."

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Lu Ran thought that the happiest thing was to be able to see his lover sleeping by his side when he woke up every morning. Lu Ran thought he couldn't see enough of this beautiful sleeping face.

Lu Ran also took a rest while held Gu Qingyan. Later thought that Gu Xiaoying should wake up, so he got up to give something to eat for Gu Xiaosheng with a guilty mood.

After all, he tossed his little crybaby like this. Let him sleep a little longer.

When Gu Qingyan woke up, he found that Lu Ran was no longer by his side. It was already noon. He rubbed his sour waist.

He put on his pajamas and push the door open. His legs were a little limp. He found that Lu Ran was holding Gu Xiaosheng on the carpet in the living room. Two people seemed to be talking. They talked happily. Gu Xiaosheng also kissed Lu Ran on the cheek.

The sun shone in through the window. It shone like a circle of light on a big and a small person. It's warm and cozy.

Gu Qingyan thought that they were like warm sunshine, because of their existence, his heart warmth of happiness.

When he looked at the two together, Gu Qingyan felt that he had gotten the world.

Gu Xiaosheng was very happy to see Uncle Lu in the morning. Uncle Lu didn't change his clothes. He guessed that Uncle Lu must had stay yesterday.

Gu Qingyan went over and sat down with a smile on the floor, "Baby, what are you talking about?"


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