He's Not A Non-Entertainment Circle
by Dropped A Pit
Chapter 43: Pinky Swear and Reward

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Gu Xiaosheng took the yogurt and said thank you to the uncle secretary said with a sweet smile, the secretary said that the little boy was so cute.

Gu Xiaosheng drank the yogurt and said seriously to Lu Ran, "Uncle Lu, I want to talk to you."

Lu Ran was bewildered by the little thing's serious appearance, "What are you going to talk to me about? Why don't you call me big dad?"

"It's very serious!" Then he signaled to Lu Ran that he was serious.

Then Lu Ran crouched down and looked at Gu Xiaosheng seriously, "OK, let's talk about it."

"Uncle Lu, that uncle liked you, didn't he?"

Lu Ran raised his eyebrows, "How do you know?"

"Keep your distance from him!" Then he looked at Lu Ran very seriously, "Sister Tongtong said that this kind of person is the most annoying one. I want to strangle him in the cradle!"

Lu Ran thought it's funny that the children now know so much, "Uncle Lu must be obedient."

"Well, I believe you, but I have to hook the pinky swear."

Then he grabbed Lu Ran's little thumb and said, "Pinky swear for 100 years, my father did not lie to me!"

"Of course, Uncle Lu is not a liar. It's a pledge between men." Lu Ran looked at Gu Xiaosheng seriously.

After talking about the good words, Gu Xiaosheng was obviously a little shy. Lu Ran smiled and touches Gu Xiaosheng, "What is it?"

Gu Xiaosheng said softly in Lu Ran's ear, "Hurry up and catch up with dad. I want to call you big dad."


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Today, Lu Ran was in a great mood because of Gu Xiaosheng's words, Lu Ran thought that he must work harder. He also wanted to hear Gu Xiaosheng call him "big dad". Heard big dad he felt it was perfect.

Lu Ran took good care of Gu Xiaosheng and helped him close the door when he was asleep. It's almost 10 o'clock, but Gu Qingyan hadn't come back, so he sent a WeChat to him.

Big Brother: 「When will you come back?

As a result, Gu Qingyan didn't return after waiting for half an hour.

Big Brother: 「Little crybaby???

Big Brother:

Lu Ran was worried, he wanted to make a phone call to Gu Qingyan, and the phone was vibrated with WeChat message.

Little Crybaby: 「Big brother! Big brother, did you go home?

Big Brother: 「Not yet, you have not going home. I didn't leave because I was worried (;へ:)」

Little Crybaby: 「Then don't leave, give me 10 minutes, I will be home

Big Brother: 「I'll wait for you to go home

Lu Ran waited for ten minutes. He heard the sound of unlocking door, he saw Gu Qingyan held a bag in his hand.

Lu Ran was a little dissatisfied with him coming home so late, "Why so late?"

"Hug." Gu Qingyan showed a very pitiful look.

Lu Ran sighed. He couldn't help it. He reached out to hug Gu Qingyan, Gu Qingyan jumped and hooking to his neck and legs. Lu Ran wanted to let his legs around his waist and hold his butt.

"Take me back to my room."

Lu Ran thought that he would be irresponsible again, but there was no way to be happy.

Helplessly, he accepted his life and carried him into his room.

"Close the door." Then Gu Qingyan began to suck Lu Ran's ears.

Lu Ran felt that his mouth was dry at this time. He pressed Gu Qingyan on the door and said, "Don’t mess with me, I can’t help but eat you!"

However, Gu Qingyan's evil charms overflow, he licked Lu Ran's lips and said, "I promise you, I will reward you."

Lu Ran couldn't stand it anymore. He kissed him directly. It's a long and plundering kiss.


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