He's Not A Non-Entertainment Circle
by Dropped A Pit
Chapter 42: Big Dad

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Lu Ran touched Gu Xiaosheng's head, "Uncle Lu will eat with you."

"All right." Gu Xiaosheng took Lu Ran's hand. He knew that uncle Lu doesn't like eating it either, but he could eat with him. Uncle Lu was very kind.

Lu Ran held Gu Xiaosheng in his arms, and the two people who had given up their lives eat carrots.

It's no wonder that people around them saw strange things. The boss often brought the little boy to the company, and occasionally took him to eat in the canteen. The intimacy of the two was not a father and son were d@mnable, and when they frowned, they were exactly look same.

"Brother Ran."

Lu Ran heard this name and saw Yan Qiubai, who hadn't been seen for a long time. Because, before Qu Yang gave him a small report saying that the other person bullied little crybaby, so he sent the other person away to serve a penal sentence.

For this person, he once thought that he was very simple and kind person, but the fact told him that he had made many misunderstandings between him and little crybaby. Although little crybaby didn't believe him, it still made him very uncomfortable.

If Yan Qiubai doesn't find little crybaby and his own troubles, he would ignore this person and let him in his company.

"What can I do for you?" Lu Ran expression looked insipid.

Yan Qiubai's face was not very good. He had done a lot of work recently, but it was not the resource he particularly wanted. Everyone in the company knew that President Lu had a lover and a son and was not so attentive to him.

He heard that Lu Ran had a son who was very similar to him, but he didn't believe it. As soon as he came back, he saw Lu Ran eating with a child. Although the child was very beautiful and lovely, it was very unsightly.

All the people around stared at the boss secretly, because it turned out that the boss was not close to other people, he just paid a little attention to Yan Qiubai. It's said that President Lu and Yan Qiubai had known each other for many years. It's also said that both of them had an affair. They dare not offend Yan Qiubai, but now it seemed that they were not right. The president's wife was another person.

Gu Xiaosheng was still young but very sensitive. He felt that his uncle's attitude towards him was not very good. Gu Xiaosheng thought of what Big Sister Tongtong said.

This kind of person was likely to be the pursuer of the grownup...

That's not good. Uncle Lu belonged to him and dad.

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So Gu Xiaosheng looked up at Lu Ran with doubt, "Big dad, who is this uncle?"

Everyone was stunned by Gu Xiaosheng loudly called him father. The onlookers who eat melons said that he really was the little son. Yan Qiubai said that the child was Lu Ran's illegitimate child, what's going on?

Lu Ran's heart was melted by Gu Xiaosheng's voice who called him father. His heart was soft.

"This uncle is a subordinate of dad's company." Then Lu Ran gently rubbed Gu Xiaosheng's head.

"Brother Ran." Yan Qiubai was embarrassed. Why was he not even called him Qiubai?

Lu Ran asked seriously, "What can I do for you?"

"I......" Yan Qiubai looked at Lu Ran pitifully, as if Lu Ran was a heartless man.

Gu Xiaosheng pulled Lu Ran's clothes, "Dad, I'm full and I want to drink yogurt."

"Ok." Then he raised his eyebrows to Yan Qiubai, "If there's nothing then I'm going to take my son away, you can contact your agent at work."

Then he left with Gu Xiaosheng in his arms. Gu Xiaosheng buried his little face in Lu Ran's neck.

Only Yan Qiubai was left, he was embarrassed to stand in the same place.

Finally, Lu Ran took Gu Xiaosheng back to his office and ordered his secretary to buy yogurt.


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