Today The Manager Is Also Very Kind
by He Wu
Chapter 6: Buy gossip, evaluate and ask the Uncle for a teacher

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As soon as Xin Nanyi returned home, he found the precious violin in a small warehouse on the second floor of the villa. The violin box had been covered with a thick layer of dust and scratches, but there was nothing wrong with the violin inside, but the sound may not be so accurate. It's necessary to adjust the tone or change the strings. These were the things that Qin Wenlou should worry about.

Xin Nanyi wiped the dust on the case with a rag and put it on the table.

His housemaid, Mother Yuan, had done all the housework and left. There was only one person left in the house, but there were two bodyguards on duty outside.

He turned on the computer and got a general idea of all the major events and trifles that had happened in the entertainment circle in the past five years. Then he added a senior gossip WeChat account he remembered and he used the money to bought some non-public things in the circle.

The identity of this senior gossip account was somewhat mysterious. Nobody knew his true identity, nor does many people knew his existence. But he was the one who had the most private information, the most real materials and the most sensitive information in the circle. Xin Nanyi was also able to reach this person by chance after attained a certain height in his previous life.

Xin Nanyi put 20 Million Yuan into his account and got a large file that he packed and compressed. The material in it was very abundant and explosive. Each of them had the ability to test the running function of Weibo after it burst out.

Xin Nanyi nodded as he browsed, which the 20 Million was not only worthy but also earned.

The prompt of the WeChat message sounded and Xin Nanyi opened the message, the gossip people sent him a messageー 「How's my material?

Very good, very worthwhile.」Xin Nanyi replied him.

That's right. I know from what you want that you have a good sense of smell. You must have been in this circle for years. Who the hell are you? The big guys in the entertainment circle are my WeChat friends. I don't know who you are. Who are you?

A little cute newbie.」 Xin Nanyi sell meng[1].

Blerrgh... I don't believe that it's impossible for a new person to ask those questions, buy that material from me, or even know my existence. Who the hell are you?

Xin Nanyi was not amused, he couldn't say he's Ji Bu whose soul returned from the dead.

He thought for a moment and then sent a message, 「Who are you then?

Didn't it said before the transaction that you can't ask the details or the source?

You remember it.

Pfff... You set me up.

Yes.」 As soon as Xin Nanyi looked at his less serious words, a sense of familiarity sprang up in his heart.

Well, if you don't tell me, I'll check it myself! Hum!

Good.」 As soon as Xin Nanyi finished the dialogue, he continued to look at the file package. He didn't mind the gossip people's checking about him. Anyway, no matter how much he checked, he's now only Xin Nanyi, a second generation who had nothing but money.

Xin Nanyi ran for an hour before going to bed, then soaked in a bath and applied a mask. This was what he does every day. He could hardly stand his ugly appearance.

The next day, Xin Nanyi drove to the company again. When he went to the practice room, Q&P had already practiced in the practice room.

Now they were practicing their only album, the title songー the dance of love story. The dance of this song was so well practiced that they could jump out with their eyes closed and change the formation correctly.

When they finished dancing for a rest, they found Xin Nanyi sat on a stool beside the door and looking at them.

They reflexively stepped back.

"Nan Ge, why are you here?" Qiao Cheng asked.

"Um." Xin Nanyi nodded, "You dance well. Wait for the accompaniment and try to sing and dance!"

Xin Nanyi crossed his legs, folded his hands on his knees, and looked at them calmly.

Qiao Cheng bit her lower lip obscurely and clapped his hands, "Guys, let's gather round. We'll play the accompaniment in a moment. It's like you're on stage, singing and dancing."

The others' eyes flickered and their nervousness was exposed by various small movements in their hands.

"Relax, take out your best side. I'll look behind you." Could also look in the mirror behind.

"Yes." The crowd responded.

As the accompaniment sounded, Q&P began to practice just like performing on stage. Several of them even circled their hands in a circle, pretending to be holding the microphone.

Xin Nanyi took out a little book and pen out of nowhere and began to assess their abilities one by one.

In the whole group, the best singer was Qi Chaohan. She has groped out her own set of singing skills. This set of singing skills had a good effect, but it would hurt her throat. If the people in the industry listen more, they would feel uncomfortable. Her voice was clear, the low voice has a hazy sense of air, and her high pitch was comfortable and powerful.

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In terms of dancing, there was no weakness in this group, but when looked closely, Zhao Yanyuan had the best grasp of the angle and rhythm when dancing. Which was very impressive, but it always gave people the feeling of overexertion, she kept her chest straight, just like always protruding the chest. It's amazing when he first saw it. It's strange to see more, but it's not natural enough.

He doesn't know whether they were too nervous. Their faces have always kept only one expression, and their smiling faces were almost stiff. Both stage expression and stage presence should be strengthened.

After sang the song, Xin Nanyi nodded a little. It seemed that they had not practiced in vain in the past two years. He doesn't say anything about it, but at least they won't make a fool of it.

Just lack of guidance for a long time, their singing methods were sole and their singing skills were uneven. If they were changed to songs that were not familiar enough to practice, they were expected to collapse.

Q&P stood in a line waiting for Xin Nanyi to speak.

Xin Nanyi did not like the way they were so restrained and waved his hand, "Sit down!"

They looked at each other and sat on the ground.

When Xin Nanyi knitted his brows, he instantly lifted the hearts of the six girls on the ground.

"It seems that I need to buy some cushions on the internet," he murmured. "It's so bad to sit on the ground."

Heard his words, several girls shrugged their shoulders and thought differently.

Yi Ke thought of the ghostly spirit, "Is Nan Ge leaned over by the devil today? So kind and considerate, it's not normal!

Ji Chuqi swallowed: Although he hadn’t beaten them for several days, but they still not used to such a changed manager.

Qiao Cheng frowned slightly: Nan Ge seemed to be getting better. Did the doctor in the hospital save his conscience after that shock? I hope he's really changed. Don't go back to normal in a few days.

Zhao Yanyuan disdained: Hypocritical fat man, what were you pretending about?

Qi Chaohan's psychological activity still stayed in the previous beat: I don't know how I sang just now.

Ning Ning's heart was little happy: Finally doesn't sit on the ground, although it's summer, but the floor is still cold.

Xin Nanyi naturally did not know their chaotic mental activities. He shifted his legs and said, "You have done a good job in this song. I hope you will not limit your exercises to one song."

"But we have only one song with dance, not perfected this practice..." Zhao Yanyuan muttered discontentedly. Qiao Cheng touched her arm in a hurry. It would be terrible if she angered Xin Nanyi.

Now Xin Nanyi heart was very big now, naturally won't catch what these kids were saying.

He smiled and said, "You can also practice other combinations of songs, whether boy or girl bands, you can imitate and practice. And you don't have to be limited to your nationalities. Such as United States, pickles also rainbow[2], have great group songs and dances to choose from. You can learn by video..."

When Xin Nanyi took out a tablet and handed it to Qiao Cheng, he said, "I have downloaded some practice room video which I think is very good for the stage effect. You can learn from it."

Qiao Cheng opened it and watched dozens of videos inside. She was surprised and happy.

"Nan Ge, this tablet..." For the first time in two years, Qiao Cheng looked at Xin Nanyi with expectations.

"I've used it before. I'll give it to you first. I ordered six new ones and they're still on the way." Xin Nanyi enjoyed his current state of wealth.

"Really!" Yi Ke had small stars in his eyes, smiling eyes, and the tear like moles on the plump lower eyelids jumped vividly.

Xin Nanyi looked at Yi Ke with great satisfaction and nodded to her.

Xin Nanyi left the training room and went directly to the top floor.

He did not wear a flower shirt today, took a cigarette in the elevator, puffing on a cigarette and then swaggered toward the director general's office.

Xin He, who was listening to assistant Simon's report in his office, was still curious about how Xin Nanyi had come to the company so diligently recently, and he saw the fat figure.

"Uncle." Xin Nanyi used both his nose and spit out a smoke.

The assistants outside the door were unable to stop him. They nodded to Xin Nanyi one after another to say hello.

Xin Nanyi came in, pushed Simon aside from his desk, put his hands on the desk, and grinned at him.

"Uncle, you'll find me some teachers to teach those stinky girls how to sing and dance! They are so poor that I can't see them anymore."

Xin He looked at his nephew in a black sportswear today, frowned slightly and he refused without thinking, "Xiao Nan! The company is also difficult! Dance teachers and vocal music teachers are few, and the other groups are not enough!"

"Then let them wait. I'll join the queue."

"This is not reasonable, I can't say it!"

"Why not say, I am the biggest shareholder of the company, why not say so."

Xin He's face changed slightly. How could this bastard remember that he was a shareholder in the company? Wasn't it enough to had money?

"Uncle, it won't work in the end! With my identity in the company to insert a team is not a word of things?"


"Uncle, how did you become a director also so fussy? I am the biggest shareholder. My father is the founder of the company. My uncle is the incumbent director. I should have privileges." Xin Nanyi pinched Xin He's seven inches to death, he took the word “shareholders” and stepped down.

"Good." Xin He relaxed. "You go to the training department and invite two teachers to teach your group!" Anyway, they would not give you face and teach you seriously if you went alone.

"Then I want him to follow me." Xin Nanyi's fat finger pointed to Simon standing next to him. When the devil rised one foot, he knew that he has no deterrent to himself. After all, there were not many people who give him face in the company, but the assistant was always different from the chairman.

"No, he has to work."

"I want him to go with me. How can I be a great young man when I ask the teacher to drop the buck like that!" The brat Xin Nanyi threw it expertly.

Finally, unable to bear Xin Nanyi's tears, Simon followed him to the training department.

Simon went up to the elevator behind Xin Nanyi and he was met by a gloating Arthur. He clenched his fist. He and Arthur had never been on the right side of each other. There were many things to fight about. The other day, he was laughing at Arthur being entangled by the fat man. Now it's his turn.

He glanced at Xin Nanyi, who was playing with his mobile phone. He blamed this stupid fat man. How could he be so tormented these days ah!


[1] Adorable (loanword from Japanese 萌え moe, slang describing affection for a cute character)
[2] It's really pickle and rainbow in the RAW, but based on the original I think it's Korea and Japan

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