There Is Chef Yu In The Entertainment Circle
by Unawakened For Years
Chapter 6: A Spiritual Child

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The videorecord of 《Happy Player》 began in the afternoon. There was another talk show to record in the morning, so he came to the TV station very early.

What surprised him was that the newcomer Lao Wei who greeted him also came so early.

They said that the early bird caught the worm[1]. None of the predecessors would like lazy newcomers. Fang Yuan nodded silently, no wonder Lao Wei took a fancy to this child.

Yu Siyang did not expect that because he was not familiar with the videorecord and came to see them in advance, he actually got good impression from Fang Yuan, but also because Fang Yuan was not satisfied with his bald head image and he was somewhat trembled.

Fang Yuan told Yu Siyang to sat down and gave him a script of 《Happy Player》program. He told him about the program flow. "Don't be nervous, follow the process."

"Thank you, Teacher Fang. It's really troublesome for you." Fang Yuan had been to the restaurant before, and Yu Siyang had seen him for a long time. At that time, he felt that this big star had no arrogance, now he spoke to the person, and the other was so easygoing that Yu Siyang was somewhat flattered.

"I'm going to film it. Are you interested in seeing it?" Fang Yuan invited the way.

Yu Siyang nodded vigorously and followed Fang Yuan's team happily to the No. 2 recording hall. He came so early specially to see if he could go to the spot and see how the TV program was recorded so that he could have a good idea when he was on the show.

Luo Peng followed Yu Siyang to the recording hall No. 2 and placed him in the audience. Asked Yu Siyang to call him after the program was finished, and he first went to the director of 《Happy Player》.

Yu Siyang nodded obediently, indicating that he must not run around.

Fang Yuan's talk show was recorded for more than two hours, and it was almost noon when it was over.

Yu Siyang called Luo Peng's phone but was not answered. He hesitated to go to the studio door to see. He was unfamiliar with this place and he dared not run around, so he had to follow Wen Cengzhen behind to get box lunch.

"What about Luo Ge? Why didn't come to eat?" Wen Cengzhen handed him a small box of fruit.

"Luo Ge said he went to Director Liang, and he never came back, and did not answer the phone." Yu Siyang pulled up a chair to sit for Wen Cengzhen.

Wen Cengzhen pinched his face happily, "Oh, little brother is really good."

Yu Siyang blushed, bowed his head and dig his meal. He was almost buried in his lunch box.

After lunch, Fang Yuan was also recording the 《Happy Player》 in the afternoon. Yu Siyang went to the public dressing room to put on makeup, and followed Fang Yuan behind, listening to the details of his video communication with the scene director, planner, and field staff.

When the other two hosts and guests arrived, the scene director arranged for everyone to go through the program flow and modify the script where it was inappropriate.

Yu Siyang was also arranged to learn a simple dance with another male guest.

At 5:30 p.m., the audience was seated and the program began to record.

"Welcome to watch the 《Happy Player》 broadcast exclusively by the shiny water facial mask on Saturday night. I am Fang Yuan." After the opening performance, Fang Yuan took the No. 1 wheat and stood in the middle of the stage, and Yun Jiaojiao stood next to him and Zhong Da greeted the audience separately.

"Jiaojiao, spring is coming, so you wear a flowery skirt on purpose?" Fang Yuan deliberately asked Yun Jiaojiao.

Yun Jiaojiao, pretending to be shy, pushed Fang Yuan with great strength, "Ouch, spring is coming, flowers are blooming, and people are going to have a love affair too."

"Hey, hey, hey..." Zhong Da laughed and broke down the stage without hesitation, "Do you have a boyfriend?"

Yun Jiaojiao was so angry that she lamented her anger.

"Ha ha ha ha..." the audience laughed, and Zhong Da always used his silly appearance to insert a poisonous tongue knife. This contrast often made the audience laugh.

Yu Siyang stood in the background and waited. He was nervous when he heard the loud laughter in front of him.

"Are you nervous?" Waiting with him was the actress who played the leading role and younger sister in the movie.

"Yes, it's the first time I've been on such a show." Yu Siyang smiled awkwardly.

"Actually, I'm nervous too." The actress moved her stiff legs. Someone talked together and was nervous. It seemed that she was less nervous. "My name is Zhong Tianyao. What's your name?"

Yu Siyang hurried to shake hands with Zhong Tianyao. "My name is Yu Siyang. Nice to meet you."

At the moment of their conversation, Zhao Ang and Sun Wangshu, the main guests of this issue, have appeared in succession. Almost all the audience came from their fans, and the cheers were overwhelming.

Zhong Tianyao said enviously, "I don't know when I will have such popularity as Ang Ge and Wangshu Jie."

The cheers at the front desk were so loud that Yu Siyang could only see Zhong Tianyao's mouth opened and closed. He could not hear what she said and looked at her in dismay.

When Zhong Tianyao saw his stupidity, she grinned and said, "Little brother, take care of me later."

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Little brother? Yu Siyang stared at him. Why did everyone called him that way? He's not small at all, was he?

"It's coming on soon. Get ready quickly." The field staff ran over to remind two people.

Yu Siyang took a deep breath and stood behind the curtain. The field staff held up his arm in front of him and listened to the prompt inside the earphone, "Five, four, three, two, one, go——"

As the live music sounded, Yu Siyang danced the dance steps he learned in the afternoon, jumped into the middle of the stage, put on some handsome shapes, then went back to the curtain to pick up the female guests, and with the two guests coming out of the opposite stage, twisted a few times in the middle of the stage, put on a handsome style, and finished.

Yu Siyang was very nervous before he came on the stage, just like attending the final of Bonova a few months ago. He always thought about what he would do if he screwed up at the beginning, but when the final bell rang, he could only think about how to make the food materials in his hands more delicious and make the people who ate more satisfied and concentrate on nothing.

In fact, the same was true for variety shows. Now that they were on the stage, they try to make the best of what they could do, but the only thing he worries about was whether the wig on his head would fall off.

At the end of the show, the host and the guest returned to the center of the stage. Fang Yuan gave the audience a sign of applause and said, "Welcome all the actors from 'Blooming Time', greet the audience."

When Fang Yuan spoke, Zhong Da took three microphones and distributed them to three actors. In the script above, Yu Siyang did not need to introduce himself. After the actors introduced themselves, Fang Yuan said by the way, "Welcome for Yu Siyang's arrival."

After all, he was not the actor of this film, but only a new person who came to fill the vacancy in the program to play soy sauce. It's very difficult for him to get a chance to be called by the host.

Yu Siyang, with his hands behind him and a proper smile on his face, watched the three actors introduce themselves.

After Zhong Tianyao introduced herself, Fang Yuan did not follow according to the script. Instead, Fang Yuan came over, took Yu Siyang's hand, frowned intentionally and said, "Wait a minute, my classmate, why didn't I see you in the trailer of 'Blooming Time'? What did you play in the movie?"

Yu Siyang looked at Fangyuan in surprise. The latter just laughed and put the microphone under his mouth.

"Oh, you found it." Yu Siyang took a look at the actors. The two actors only had smiles on their faces and did not stop Fang Yuan. It seemed that Fang Ge had given him a chance to show his face. He was inspired to learn the sentence pattern of self-introduction of the three supporting actors and said, "Hello, everyone, I am Yu Siyang. It's the movie 'Blooming Time'…… loyal fans."

"Ha ha ha ha ha..." the audience laughed.

Fang Yuan, in a reluctant manner, took Yu Siyang's hand and gestured to pull him to the auditorium, "So many fans are sitting down obediently. How can you get on the stage? Security guards are too irresponsible."

"That's because he's handsome." Yun Jiaojiao came out to make trouble and grabbed Yu Siyang's other hand.

Zhong Da said in a simple way, "Let go of others, they are still children." Don't know whether it was Fang Yuan or Yun Jiaojiao who said it.

"Do you have any comments on my handsome fans?" Zhao Ang deliberately pulled Fang Yuan back.

"Ang Ge, why is it your fan? Maybe it's my fan." Sun Wangshu went to pull Zhao Ang again.

The stage was chaotic, and the audience laughed back and forth, pushing the atmosphere to a climax.

"Let him tell himself who his idol is." Fang Yuan seemed to be biased by Zhao Ang, forgetting his original intention, Zhong Da gestured to let the field staff took another microphone.

Yu Siyang, holding the microphone, said in a straight voice, "I am a loyal fan of the movie 'Blooming Time'. On May 20, I went to the cinema to see 'Blooming Time'. Would you like to join me?"

"Waaahhh!!" Zhao Ang and sun Wangshu's fans clapped wildly in response.

"Your advertisement is good enough." Fang Yuan laughed and waved his hand in a big way. "For the sake of being so hard-working and handsome, you are allowed to stay on the stage."

Yu Siyang smiled very well and bowed frequently, "Thank you, Fang Ge is the most handsome."

Sun Wangshu whispered in Zhao Ang's ear, "This child is very spiritual."

"Wei Xiaofeng's people, how can not have a little spirituality." Zhao Ang whispered.

When the camera came, Sun Wangshu stopped talking and looked at Yu Siyang secretly. Wei Xiaofeng always looked at people accurately, not to mention anything else, but the child's appearance was a protagonist's face.

After the lively introduction of all the people, the process entered the first stage. In order to take care of the injured Sun Ying[2], all the running and jumping games in this program were canceled and replaced by some words games.

In the first game, in order to match the movie "Blooming Time", the first game was set up to display the picture of the flower on the big screen. The guests and hosts were divided into four groups. They write the names of flowers on the board and then raise them to answer.

According to the regulations of the script, Yu Siyang was one group with Zhong Tianyao.

The other three groups were Zhao Ang and Sun Wangshu, Pang Yujie and Li Yongwen as supporting actors, Yun Jiaojiao and Zhong Da as hosts, Fang Yuan as judges.

Luo Peng disappeared for a whole day, then appeared in the corner of the studio, looked at Yu Siyang, who was playing the game happily on the stage, took out his mobile phone and dialed Wei Xiaofeng's number, "Xiaofeng Ge, Xiao Yu is very good, you can rest assured."

"Hm." Wei Xiaofeng on the other end of the phone responded faintly.


[1] If you do something early or before anyone else, you will have an advantage and be successful.
[2] I don't know who Sun Ying (孙影) is, either it's misstypo or title

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