Lion King's Adopted Son
by Yan Yang
Chapter 4

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Well, he now homeless.

After Ryan left, Gerald got up from the ground dejectedly, with his small head down like an eggplant beaten by frost. He tried to find temporary shelter for himself.

'I wish I could live a little longer. It would be the most unfortunate thing if I had been eaten as food by hunters.' It's what he thought.

However, it's not so easy to live in this predatory nature. Without the protection of the lions, every minute Gerald survived was a miracle.

Lions were the top predators on this prairie. Apart from elephants and hyenas, few creatures could compete with them. But the lion cubs less than one year old were very vulnerable, even with the protection of lion pride, their survival rate was not high, let alone being banished from the pride, which was like abandoning the cub.

Obviously, the lions in Ghana and Ryan's pride thought so. They don't think that Gerald, who was abandoned by Ryan, could survive alone. So even though Ghana had a good temper with Ryan, he had no intention of looking for Gerald.

Just when Gerald felt uncertain about his future, a hard object hit his head. He raised his front paw and rubbed his head. Looking up angrily, he saw a reddish brown squirrel with two small claws holding a nut that was too big for them. They threw it at Gerald again, right on the bridge of Gerald's nose. Gerald touched his nose and his eyes were almost collapsed. He thought his nose must be red!

It's true that when a man was unlucky, no, when a lion was unlucky, even a squirrel would bully him! Really though it's easy to mess with!

Gerald waved his paws menacingly to the little squirrel sitting on the top of the tree. But the little squirrel seemed to predict that Gerald could not climb up, and then smashed several nuts on his head and body, made a triumphant face at him, and then flicked their tails and climbed along the top of the tree flexibly. Before Gerald could get his revenge, they disappeared.

Gerald watched them disappear angrily, then he lowered his head, grabbed the nuts on the ground, opened the shell of one of the nuts, and chewed it fiercely, as if it wasn't a nut, but the hateful squirrel.

Suddenly, the wind changed. A bloody smell came on the way, and Gerald felt a thrill. He immediately threw away the nuts in his claws and climbed up the tree like a child. Fortunately, many dangerous predators don't climb trees, which made it possible for Gerald to escape from the threats of those predators in the trees.

The first one to enter Gerald's vision was a porcupine with a baby in her mouth. She had just given birth to a baby and was in a weak period. Therefore, she and her baby were being targeted by the covetous predators. She was chased by a sleek leopard.

Gradually, the female porcupine was caught up and fell to the ground. Although her long thorns caused a lot of trouble to the leopard, the leopard seized the opportunity and bit her throat. The little porcupine who lost his mother gave out a sad whine and soon fell into a pool of blood.

Gerald watched quietly from the tree. If it's in the human society, it would be condemned to hurt a mother and her child, but in nature, it's all normal. Only with power could we live forever. Otherwise, we would become prey to other creatures. If it doesn't get stronger, sooner or later it would become a nutrient for the land. There was no pity in the world of the jungle.

The leopard gets its own food and just wants to drag it to its own place to enjoy it slowly. At this time, the hyenas who have been sleeping behind it suddenly move. They were three spotted hyenas. They were obviously hungry. And with a fierce glare in their six pairs of eyes, quietly formed a ring to face the leopard.

The leopard also looked back at the three hyenas in front of it. If it's a single hyena, the leopard would not afraid, but in the face of hyenas, even lions had to be vigilant.

No predators want their prey to be snatched by others in an instant, but the leopard was not short of food, so it's not necessary to compete with three hungry hyenas. Lowered its head and quickly picked up the fallen piglets and stepped back to the mother. The three hyenas apparently approved of the distribution of the prey. Instead of the leopard, they jumped on the porcupine and began to chew it up.

Gerald could see the bloody scene clearly in the tree. In fact, it's not the first time for him to saw such a scene. For this bloody scene, it's also used to it from the initial discomfort to the present.

Sometimes, he even felt that from the bone, he also eager for blood. Smelling the fresh blood coming from the air, Gerald licked his mouth.

At this time, a cold feeling suddenly pasted on Gerald's skin, snake, it's snake... Although he has climbed many trees in this life, it's the first time he had intimate contact with this cold-blooded animal.

Gerald's hair stood on end as he tried to throw the cold thing off his body. He got up and almost fell from the treetop. Fortunately, his tail caught the treetop in time, which prevented him from falling into the "claws" of the predators under the tree. Gerald was in a serious condition. He was like a monkey swung around the tree, with a snake on his tail...

Well, it's a non-venomous snake, but it's a real killer.

The hyenas naturally noticed the movement. At first, they sniffed the lion's taste, and they were alert for a while. When they found that there was only a lion cub in front of them, they no longer focused on it, but focused on enjoying their own delicious food.

Overhead, the vultures had begun to gather. Not known when a new predator would appear, and they must hurry to eat.

But the leopard, who had eaten half of the porcupine, looked at Gerald, who was still swinging on the treetop with interest, "Oh, look what I saw, a lion cub who likes to swing!"

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You liked to play swing! Your family liked to play swing! Don't you see the pain on laozi's face?

Gerald's heart already exploded. He only relied on his tail to support the weight of his body. He also had to calculate the acceleration generated by the movement. His tail hurt so much that some people even take his blood and tears for fun! It's unforgivable!

Fortunately, Gerald still had some sense and doesn't say these words. Otherwise, it's not just waiting for the 'swing' trouble.

It wasn't just Gerald who was in pain. Obviously, the snake that had climbed his tail was obviously jolted. After regaining his power, Gerald quickly left the source of danger and climbed along the treetop, which was a lucky thing for Gerald.

"You're the little lion of Ghana's pride that doesn't grow much?" The leopard looked at Gerald for a while and said.

What? When did he become so famous? Why doesn't he know?

"You know me?"

"You know, there are not many lion cubs like you! Besides, you can climb trees! I've never heard of lions climbing trees!" The leopard approached the trunk quietly and climbed up the tree nimbly, "How, you look like you might need a little help?"

Gerald didn't expect the leopard to climb the tree. He said in a panic, "Don't come here, ah, it's going to fall!"

When Gerald lost his balance and fell to the ground, the three eating hyenas suddenly rushed to Gerald like three flashes of lightning. Their sharp fangs and claws reflected the chilling light in the sun. Gerald raised his head in fear, only to feel that his head was quickly covered by a cloud, and there was a stain of blood on his soft abdomen.

The intense pain spread rapidly from his abdominal wound to his body, and the three hyenas acted like an impermeable wall that cut off the possibility of Gerald escaping from any direction. The smell of blood on the tip of their nose made them crazier, and their eyes were full of color of killing.

Seeing Gerald's tiny figure disappear in the encirclement of hyenas, the leopard regretfully licked its lips and sighed insincerely, "Oh, it's a pity that I won't find such a funny little lion again."

Gerald struggled to hold on to his neck as three hyenas attacked, and soon he was covered in scratches and bites from the hyenas. The fact that he hadn't been torn to pieces by the rapacious big animal over time was due to the fighting skills he has learned, but his small size means he couldn't do so much.

Gerald didn't expect that one of his slips would push him to the brink of death. But does he had a choice? There were leopards on the tree. There were three hyenas under the tree. None of them was easy to deal with.

It's not clear how many times he was attacked. Gerald was in a state of confusion. His sight was red. The bright red blood flowed down the deep bone wound on the top of his forehead and dyed his cheek red.

"Argh~ argh~ argh~ argh!!! Roar!!!!!"

In his extreme fear and desire to win, Gerald grabbed the neck of a hyena and climbed onto its back along the body that seemed too large for him. He grabbed the hair on its head and refused to let go of any turbulence.

The other two hyenas tried to attack Gerald, who was clung on the hyena's head, but the hyena was furious to stop them. They were collaborators, as well as competitors. Its couldn't put its own safety into their hands, even if they were still partners at the moment. After all, it was the head that he was held, not something else that didn't matter.

Obviously, the other two hyenas were very afraid of their companions. Instead of trying to get close to him, they retreated to a safe distance, leaving their strong companion to solve their own problems.

After making sure that its won't be attacked by their companions, the hyena was bumping harder. Gerald, with his left eye open, tugged at the hair on the hyena's head, almost falling off his back several times. Now, Gerald's situation was not good. His right eyelid was injured during the siege. Now, even if he doesn't do anything, he could feel the burning pain. His beautiful light yellow fur was bitten and thin. It's extremely embarrassing. His abdomen, left front paw, right hind leg, back and even tail were all hurt in varying degrees. If left alone, he would bleed to death sooner or later.

But that's not the worst part.

As time went on, Gerald could feel that his claws holding hyena's hair were becoming less and less powerful, and his two front claws began to shake uncontrollably. Gerald knew that once he was exhausted and left behind by hyenas, he would die miserably. It's like a person who accidentally fell down, grabbed the railing with one hand and couldn't wait for help, and slowly exhausted all hope in a little bit of waiting.

Gerald looked at himself, the head under him, and suddenly he was very fierce, and he took a big bite. Since it has no life to speak of, then the people who hurt it... Oh no, even hyenas don't want to be better! Even if it's dead, it has to be pulled up!

Gerald had toothache from the hard head of the hyena. As soon as he bit it, Gerald felt a smell of blood in his mouth. At the same time, there was an unpleasant stench from the hyena's head. He narrowed his eyes in disgust but did not let go. Gerald's consciousness was constantly slipped away, and now at this moment, he relied on a sense of action.

Let alone the two companions of hyenas. Even when the leopard in the tree saw such a scene, it could not help but gather up its languid look. It was quite unexpected that a cub could do such a thing. If this lion cub could grow up smoothly, afraid there would be another fierce lion like Pascal, the Lion King on the prairie. The idea only lingered in its mind for a moment and then disappeared. In any case, today, the fate of the cub would not change.

"Roar!" A furious roar came from a kilometer away, which was not strange to leopards and hyenas who often move in this land. The leopard just remembered that they were on the edge of Pascal lions' territory. Its quickly put away the mentality of watching the play and jumped nimbly from one tree to another. Its didn't want to face up to Pascal the fierce guy.

In the process of running, the leopard was still in the mood to think about why Pascal came here? Was it to snatch food from the hyenas or the lion cub that seemed abandoned? If it's for food, of course, there's nothing to say, but if it's for lion cub... Was Ghana's little cub really Pascal's bastard son?


*Laozi (老子): I (used arrogantly or jocularly)

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