His Son Has A Richest Billionaires Dad
by Shou Xin
Chapter 6: The Little Beauty (The Scum Struck)

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Cheng Yang was stiff all over and suddenly dared not move.

There was a strong sense of danger telling him never to move again.

At the same time, Cheng Yang's long and beautiful neck, which was exposed outside the collar, slowly turned red at a visible speed.

The thing touched underneath was clear to the touch. That's, it's in half a dormant state, and not fully excited. Its shape also frightening.

The people next to him were not quite sure what Cheng Yang was doing. They do not know that Cheng Yang's rubbing around, resulting in rubbing out the ignition.

A man on the right voiced to remind She Yan should stop looking at his little beauty and to continue playing.

She Yan put his arm around Cheng Yang's waist. This time, his strength was not as great as before. If Cheng Yang wanted to break free, he could break free.

But Cheng Yang didn't do that. He lowered his eyes and hoped that the rush of heat on his cheeks would go away quickly. He was stiff. A mere movement of his body, the thing beneath him was half-excited. Cheng Yang was very anxious to move forward a little, but he was afraid to move again and the thing would be completely up.

She Yan knew Cheng Yang's face was blushing now because he rubbed against his things there. But he found that Cheng Yang's blushed face like a ripe peach, and even invisibly emitted a tempting fragrance, which made She Yan really want to bite the boy's lovely face directly.

This was the feeling that She Yan has never felt for so many years. It turned out that there would be such a person, whose character and appearance, including every thread of hair, grew according to She Yan's preference. She Yan leaned on Cheng Yang's back and felt the tension of his body.

He picked up a few cards from the dealer and hold the card up to Cheng Yang.

The man's chest was broad and thick, and the warm heat was silently transmitted to Cheng Yang through each other's clothes. Cheng Yang turned his head to look at the back of the man's brave face, it's clear that there was not much expression on the man's face. Cheng Yang has a feeling that the man would be in a good mood.

As for this one, Cheng Yang felt that most of it was related to him.

What he thought was, the other was a large carnivorous beast, and he rushed up with his head covered like a silly little rabbit.

The little rabbit seemed inappropriate, the rabbit does not eat meat, he actually ate meat.

"If you play in this set, it's your to win, but it's my loss." She Yan's put his chin on Cheng Yang's shoulder.

In fact, two days ago, the two of them were still two unrelated parallel lines. Because of a little accident the night before, the two parallel lines were now directly intertwined.

Whether it's the kiss that the man sent him back to his room before or the hug that he now had. The other person did it quite casually as if they didn't just know each other, not only had known each other for a long time but were really together.

Cheng Yang wondered whether the man was so casual with other people before that.

Cheng Yang laughed directly in his heart. If the other person was at will, was he not at will? To be honest, including coming here, it's because he took the initiative first.

"What you said, don't blame me for losing." There's a little pique psychological, and there was even a point where Cheng Yang himself was not aware of it.

The thing sitting beneath him seemed to have some signs of silence, but there was no apologetic gesture on his face. Cheng Yang wanted to lose more for a while and make the man sore.

She Yan's corner lips moved a little and nodded to Cheng Yang to let play.

At the beginning of the deal, Cheng Yang looked at the cards very well, and there were signs of flush, so he said that he called and the money was changed into chips corresponding to the value, which were only numbers, Cheng Yang did not feel much when he looked at them.

But the bigger you follow, each time it's tens of thousands.

Despite thinking of letting She Yan lose a little, Cheng Yang felt uneasy when he saw the chips went up one by one.

The next two players had been lost, leaving She Yan and the one on the left.

The man on the left of the back also gave up. Cheng Yang's palm sweated a little and he wanted to stop throwing, but the arm on his waist suddenly tightened.

When Cheng Yang turned his head to see what the man behind him was looked like, something soft brushed past his cheek. Cheng Yang guessed what it was in a flash, but he had no time to blush and heard a deep, elegant voice in his ear.

"Follow it!"

She Yan pushed all the chips out.

"She Zong[1], at last you smiled at the little beauty, but it seems that your little beauty is scared." The man on the right had a funny tone.

"Don't worry about it, She Zong has money, and that's just the tip of the iceberg."

The man on the left, who looked at 30 but was a year or two younger than She Yan, said to Cheng Yang.

The money here, Cheng Yang roughly calculated, maybe millions. A few million was a lot of money for a little game anchor like Cheng Yang.

She Yan ignored both of them. He asked Cheng Yang to open the last card.

Cheng Yang licked his dry lips and slowly opened the card from the dealer.

Seven of clubs, plus the first four were also clubs, the same clubs.

Cheng Yang was surprised to find it hard to believe how he could win so easily. He opened his eyes wide to see if he had misread it.

It's really five clubs in the same suit.

"Guess how much you won this time?" She Yan's arm fell from Cheng Yang's waist to Cheng Yang's leg.

Cheng Yang shooked his head. He still has a bit of unreality.

As for what She Yan said before, winning counted for him and losing counted for himself. Cheng Yang felt that winning or losing should have little to do with him.

"I'll write you the check later." She Yan secretly wanted to give something to Cheng Yang, after all, he slept with the boy. But guessed that if he gave him money directly, he would be mistaken for the money to buy his body.

She Yan found that the boy in his arms had been more and more liked by him for one or two days. The cruise ship ended and he planned to keep the boy around him. He could see that the boy should have a crush on him, otherwise he would not wait for him in the corridor today.

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This win was almost equal to what She Yan lost before. After that, he played a few sets with Cheng Yang in his arms. Seeing Cheng Yang seemed to be a little unable to sit still and wanted to leave. And there was no difference in winning or losing. In total, She Yan lost several hundred thousand.

Indeed, as the people on the left said, a hundred thousand, even millions, would be a drop in the bucket for She Yan.

Buy a happy pastime. He's very happy today.

It's almost noon when they get out of the casino.

The assistant over there had been waiting outside. When he saw two people coming out, he immediately came forward to show that the seat had been reserved.

"Did you rub the ointment that I gave you the other day?" On the way to the restaurant, She Yan suddenly asked.

Suddenly Cheng Yang's footsteps suddenly stooped and looked up at She Yan, unable to guess the exact meaning of his question.

"If it's necessary, I'll ask the doctor for more."

The snack Cheng Yang picked up slowly fell back.

The voice was so low that only he and She Yan could hear it.

"No, it's much better." The ointment worked well, but in fact, the main thing was to dilation ahead of time. Cheng Yang's ears were a little red, and he didn't want to continue on this topic at all.

Fortunately, She Yan only asked such a question, otherwise, Cheng Yang had to find a reason to escape.

After lunch, She Yan had something to do with his work in the afternoon. He briefly talked to Cheng Yang. Cheng Yang watched the man leave in front of him. There was no need to explain to him.

Does that mean something?

Cheng Yang went back to his room, went to the bathroom to wash his face and prepared to take a nap. In the afternoon, he promised his fans to go live online. He stood in front of the washstand and looked up into the glass mirror. His face was full of spring and looked like he was in love.

Cheng Yang stared at himself for a few seconds. He lowered his head and turned on the faucet. He kept pouring cold water on his face and pressed the heat.

When Cheng Yang went out in the morning, he met Li Ye who was planning to call Cheng Yang for a rock climbing activity on the cruise ship.

The two people had completely forgotten what they had done to Cheng Yang, and their shame was not seen from their faces.

Cheng Yang then found a reason to say that he was a little dizzy with a cold. He stopped climbing and let the two of them have a good time.

After lunch in the afternoon, Cheng Yang took a nap in his room and the door was knocked.

He went to see, Li Ye and Song Pengcheng came again.

"Didn't you say you were a little dizzy? Pengcheng and I went through a small pharmacy to buy you some medicine." Li Ye, with a crooked smile on his lips, handed Cheng Yang the small bag in his hand.

"Still taking a nap?"

As he spoke, he walked into Cheng Yang's room, followed by Song Pengcheng.

Cheng Yang stared for a moment and said, "Thank you."

"The view of this room is much better than ours." Li Ye went to the glass window and looked out. The blue waves were shaking and the water and sky were in the distance.

"Take the medicine as soon as possible." When Song Pengcheng saw Cheng Yang holding the medicine, he put it on the counter next to the TV and made a subconscious remark.

Cheng Yang did not catch a cold and said that dizziness was to deceive both of them, but they suddenly bought him medicines and showed such eagerness that they thought Cheng Yang forgave their deception, but in fact there was no such thing.

Last time Cheng Yang was on their way, but now Cheng Yang was not so heartless, and eat what they send.

"Wait a minute. I'll eat something to fill my stomach first, or I'll have an empty stomach." Undoubtedly sent the medicine and leave, the two people instead came into his room. How did Cheng Yang think, he felt the two people were so kind, but they had other aims.

She Yan gave him another medicine before, Cheng Yang changed it while Li Ye did not notice it.

Cheng Yang took a piece of bread and ate it. After eating the bread, he sat down for a while and then took the medicine.

When Cheng Yang took the medicine, Li Ye and Song Pengcheng exchanged a look for a successful plan.

Similar to this cold medicine, there are some sleeping ingredients. After taking the medicine, Cheng Yang went back to bed and prepared to lie down again.

He took out his mobile phone and checked the time, and he could sleep for more than 40 minutes.

"Will you be broadcast live today?" Li Ye saw Cheng Yang looked at the mobile phone, as if he does not plan to rest too long.

"Yes, make a deal with them."

Cheng Yang smiled back, he really looked good, which Li Ye could not deny, especially when laughing, no wonder that that executive obsessed with Cheng Yang and always tried to get Cheng Yang.

At the moment, they looked at the medicine that Cheng Yang had taken, and that was even a matter of course.

"Don't do it all the time."

"Then you rest. Do you need us to call you later?" Song Pengcheng pretended to ask with kindness.

"Don't bother. I set the alarm." Cheng Yang refused their offer.

They left the room, quietly and smoothly took Cheng Yang's room card. They walked out and delivered the card to the executive who had been waiting.

The next moment the door closed, Cheng Yang opened his eyes. He sat up slowly, got out of bed and went to the door wearing slippers, and immediately found that the room card had been taken away.

Cheng Yang shook his head and laughed. He tightened his fists a little. In fact, he wanted to know who was instructing Li Ye to give him drugs again.

After a while, the man came into his room. If he injured the other person, it's supposed to be self-defense.

The other person tried to touch him in such a dirty way. In any case, the other side was not right.

Cheng Yang stood behind the door for a moment and finally returned to bed, waiting to see who would come to his room.


[1] Zong (总 : zǒng): head; chief; general

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