He's Not A Non-Entertainment Circle
by Dropped A Pit
Chapter 40: Idol Roasting War

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In this period of time, Qu Yang's "Blooming Wutong" finally began broadcasting.

The feeling of watching the actors acting on the spot and the finished products processed in various aspects in the later stage was still different.

Basically, Gu Qingyan and Gu Xiaosheng's hobby now was to catch up with this drama.

In Gu Xiaosheng's words, Godfather Yangyang was so handsome. Why does that beautiful sister dislike Godfather Yangyang?

Gu Qingyan venting in his heart, son, this was a TV drama. And even if your godfather was handsome, no beautiful sister would like him, because your godfather only liked your Uncle Song.

Because it's a small and fresh campus love drama with a large audience of young people, it had a constant expression of love to the male and female protagonist and the second male couple on Weibo.

However, it may be because Quyang's role was really likable. After all, such a stupid and rich young master was really cute.

Therefore, on Qu Yang's Weibo, he saw the fan's confession. Because of the drama, Qu Yang's fans had increased a lot, and there were many new fans.

In their words, our family Yangyang was really good at singing and acting. They want to powder him all their life.

In fact, there would be a lot of CP fans when the drama was broadcasted, but Quyang's microblog doesn't have this nothingness because we all know that there is a master of this little meat and famous grass, and the ambiguous interaction between Quyang's young master and the male master is insufficient.

but there was no such thing on Qu Yang's Weibo because everyone knew that this teen idol had an owner. Moreover, the interaction between Qu Yang as the young master and the male protagonist was insufficient.

So basically everyone was browsing. Look how cute my Yangyang was. The heroine doesn't like such a cute boyfriend.

The heat of the play had always been very high. Gu Qingyan and his son had become Quyang's fans, and Qu Yang was "swelled".

That night, the idiot sent a Weibo: 「I'm bloated now, you should not praise me. I know my acting skills is good o(*////▽////*)q My godson said that his Godfather Yangyang is not handsome enough.」

His fans all knew that Qu Yang's friend G, had a very lovely son (Xiao Shengsheng).

But this Weibo had brought a bunch of fans taunts: 「Hahahaha, Xiao Shengsheng is just comforting you.」

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Why? Because of the clips that were broadcasted in the night, Qu Yang was not handsome at all, and he was beaten by the heroine because of all kinds of stupid things.

Gu Qingyan doesn't think much about the fact that he would appear on the TV screen. He just liked acting.

So at that time, he liked to play as a small character. He had no idea whether the fire was red or not. (TN: popular)

So when he had a chance to became popular, Lu Ran said, "Baby, I don't want you to become popular. I don't want others to see you. Can you not go." Gu Qingyan immediately agreed. He just liked acting and play as a small character was enough. He couldn't do what big brother doesn't want him to do.

When "Blooming Wutong" was broadcasted, the assistant Jiang Cheng appeared, he didn't had much feeling. He just thought it was him, but it wasn't him.

This person had the same appearance as him, but his character, mood and behavior were different. This was the person who lived in the world in the drama. Fortunately, I can play this person well.

Because of this role, Qu Yang's microblog had exploded.

Yang's little tangerine: 「Ah ah ah! Looked at the assistant brother. It's a good match with Yangyang. I've made up a big drama. Black belly poisonous tongue gong VS stupid adorable flip out shou.How can I love you so much?」 (TN: Gong: top/seme; Shou: bot/uke)

Most favorite Yangyang: 「I have to betray Yangyang, the assistant brother is so handsome.」

Don't talk and kiss my sheep: 「I have another new husband. His name is Jiang Cheng (〃'▽'〃)」

Please call me dad: 「My mother asked me why the screen was dirty, because my new husband is so handsome. Does my husband have Weibo?」

Ah Dou of the Yangyang family: 「My Yang, I want to be sorry for Mr. Song. What can I do? Assistant brother and you really matched~~」

Ai Yang Zai: 「Calm down, everyone. Don't mess with YY. Yangyang has family, which will cause disharmony in Yangzai's family!!」

Baabaabaa: 「Agreed with upstairs, so we can only sneak in~~~」


That night's Weibo hot search: looking for husband Jiang Cheng // Qu Yang Weibo degenerate // President Song's seat is not guaranteed // ...

Qu Yang also sent a Weibo: 「I heard that you want to find your husband~ Do you know who your new husband is? Beg me, beg me... I will... I will not tell you~~~」

Then a new round of idol roasting war began.


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