He's Not A Non-Entertainment Circle
by Dropped A Pit
Chapter 39: Your Son?

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Bai Mo had always been concerned about his friend's feelings. At that time, he witnessed the matchmaking of the two people. Later, Gu Qingyan left and Lu Ran was depressed and cannot straighten himself. Lu Ran went to find Gu Qingyan for five years.

He heard that they were together not long ago. Bai Mo was very happy that his friend's love had blossomed. As a result, Lu Ran brought such a big son directly this time.

It's really a big thing to do or not to do. The city dwellers really know how to had fun![1]

Lu Ran looked at Bai Mo and doesn't believe in what he said, "This is Qingyan's son."

"Little cutie's son?" He looked at Gu Xiaosheng up and down. Gu Xiaosheng was not afraid to look at this uncle curiously with his beautiful eyes.

"It's not your son who looks like you?"

Lu Ran took out his mobile phone and showed his lock screen wallpaper to him. Bai Mo looked at a mouthful of dog food coming from the picture.

"A family of three."

Bai Mo crouched down and asked Gu Xiaosheng, "Child, what's your father's name"

Gu Xiaosheng blinked, "Gu Qingyan, my name is Gu Xiaosheng. What is your name, uncle?" Then a sweet smile appeared.

Bai Mo immediately felt that would hit the heart. How could the child be so cute, "I now believe that he is not your son. How could he be your son if he is so cute?"

Then he reached out and pinched Gu Xiaosheng's face, "Uncle name is Bai Mo, you can call me Uncle Bai."

"Uncle Bai." The children's voice was soft, it's so sweet.

"How can you be so cute? No, this kid is so cute. Can I pack him and take him away?"

"No." What kind of joke, this was because Qingyan's son would be his own son in the future. No one could give him to others.

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After having a good meal, Bai Mo was reluctant to part with Gu Xiaosheng. He once thought that the child was cute. Gu Xiaosheng was very nice and lovely. He would eat by himself. He would politely say thank you and show a sweet smile.

On the way home, Gu Xiaosheng suddenly spoke to Lu Ran.

"Uncle Lu, when can you catch up with my father?"

Lu Ran was stunned by what he says. He stopped his car at the side of the road and turned to look at Gu Xiaosheng.

"Gu Xiaosheng... you... what are you talking about? " His expression was a little tangled.

Gu Xiaosheng looked at Lu Ran doubtfully, "Uncle Lu, I know you are chasing my father."

"Who did you hear it from?"

"I guess, I know you're in love." Looking at Lu Ran smugly as if he was very smart.

Lu Ran swallowed, "Uncle is really in love with your father, chasing him." Then he thought, "Do you mind?"

Lu Ran was still very nervous. After all, the normal family was a father and mother. He doesn't know whether Gu Xiaosheng could accept him or not.

"Why should I mind?" Gu Xiaosheng looked at Lu Ran curiously, "I like Uncle Lu very much and my father and Uncle Lu are very happy when they are together. I want Uncle Lu to be my big father."

Then he thought about it and added, "Like Big Sister Tongtong's family."

Lu Ran thought that Gu Xiaosheng was a little angel.

"Uncle Lu, you need to cheer up~ I'll cheer you up~"


Lu Ran recovered for a long time. He felt that the greatest luck in his life was to meet his little crybaby, because he met such a lovely little angel.

Lu Ran thought this was the fate of his son. They must be the happiest family of three in the future.

But this evening's event was the secret of Lu Ran and Gu Xiaosheng. Only Gu Qingyan found that Lu Ran seemed to be better for Gu Xiaosheng, and Gu Xiaosheng would help Lu Ran when he bullied Lu Ran.

Gu Qingyan was so sad that his son, who had been raised by him for so long, was actually turned away.

This little man had no conscience. He had taken care of him for so long than his Uncle Lu. Gu Qingyan was jealous.

But on second thought, he changed his mind. After all, his big brother was so good.


[1] From what I found... 城会玩 (chénghuìwán): This term is the short form of "你们城里人真会玩," which is translated as "You city dwellers really know how to have fun." The saying first came up when some guy disguised to be Kris Wu Yifan, former member of boyband EXO, when the singer actor was on a film set in a university in Shanghai. Many people mistook the imposter for Kris himself, and the incident was widely covered in social media, giving rise to the popular comment. Now, Chinese netizens use the term sarcastically to mean they cannot understand the strange, outrageous things other people do. It can also be used as pure joking among friends.

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