He's Not A Non-Entertainment Circle
by Dropped A Pit
Chapter 38: Little Devil

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"Big brother, you must be obedient." And licked his ear, blew a breath to the inside, not only that, he also reached across his pants and touched little Lu Ran.

"Big brother, you..." His tone was ambiguous and frivolous.

Lu Ran's eyes darkened and his voice hoarse, "Are you teasing me?"

Gu Qingyan could feel the constrained and endurance in Lu Ran’s tone, and then he retreated irresponsibly.

He made an innocent look, his beautiful peach blossom eyes become clean and clear, as if nothing just happened.

"Big brother, I didn't do anything ~"

His little crybaby made it clear that he was a simple little white rabbit, an ignorant little fox, and how he suddenly became a little devil.

Gu Qingyan suddenly approached, and Lu Ran thought that he had to do something. As a result, he opened the door and pushed Lu Ran out, "Big brother, you have to go home."

Then smiled and said, "Be careful on the road~" and mercilessly closed the door.

Lu Ran smiled helplessly and looked at his tall protruding little Lu Ran, crouched down at Gu Qingyan's door until his desire subsides.

Lu Ran thought: Sooner or later, let this irresponsible little thing regret. Sooner or later, let him pay.

However, Gu Qingyan’s mood was not good here. It's good to lift up the fire but not to extinguish it. It's really interesting to watch Lu Ran unable to stop because of him.

The next day, when Lu Ran came to work at the company.

The gossip in the company was not appeased, and everyone's curiosity reached the extreme.

Because they were so unreasonable that they turn a blind eye to the people they tease. And the boss, who would throw people who try to climb the bed straight out of the life like an ascetic monk, actually came to work with a hickey in his neck.

Then at the meeting, the unsmiling boss answered a phone call, and his face was full of love and smiling faces. In addition, the former workaholic boss's sneak out of work early action, everyone felt that the world was a mysterious fantasy.

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Which God can make the boss like this? This kind of sour smell of love emanating from his body has not been seen.

Recently, Gu Qingyan’s life is very pleasant. His biggest hobby now was to flirt with Lu Ran. He loved his expression that he wanted to kill himself but had no choice.

And Gu Xiaosheng's relationship with Lu Ran was getting better and better. He became very sticky.

Lu Ran often appeared in Gu Qingyan's home. Gu Qingyan never let Lu Ran to stay for dinner and drove him away every time he arrived.

Lu Ran was helpless in this regard, but he does not refuse to take Gu Xiaosheng to eat with Lu Ran and would let Lu Ran pick up Gu Xiaosheng.

Lu Ran thought that his baby was trying to get him along with Gu Xiaocheng. Lu Ran was very happy about it.

Because Gu Xiaosheng was really cute, Lu Ran never knew that a child could be so cute.

He was so small, so soft and so intimate, he would call him Uncle Lu with a soft voice. It’s very pleasant to get along with him, he's so clever.

When he looked at him with those beautiful big eyes, he couldn't bear to refuse any request.

Because Gu Qingyan had become busy recently, Lu Ran and Gu Xiaosheng spent more time together.

So Lu Ran took Gu Xiaosheng directly to the company.

As a result, the company's gossip had gone crazy, because Gu Xiaosheng and boss were too similar when he doesn't smile.

Everyone said that the boss had an illegitimate son. After all, they hadn't heard that the boss was married.

Lu Ran didn't know the gossip. After all, they didn't dare to say that in front of him.

But later, when Gu Xiaosheng and Bai Mo were eating together, they were stunned by the other's words.

Bai Mo asked Lu Ran to go out for dinner together. Lu Ran asked Gu Qingyan if he could take Gu Xiaosheng with him. Gu Qingyan had a good impression of Bai Mo, so he agreed.

Bai Mo saw Lu Ran with a child, and was shocked when he saw the child's face clearly.

"My God, buddy, how can you have such a big son?"

Lu Ran raised his eyebrows, "This is not my son."

"It's not your son who looks like you?" Bai Mo completely does not believe that, "Aren't you with the little cutie again? If he knows you're finished."


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