He's Not A Non-Entertainment Circle
by Dropped A Pit
Chapter 37: It Has To Be Him

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Lu Ran followed Gu Qingyan to went up. He came to Gu Qingyan's home for the first time. It was very warm.

Gu Qingyan gestured Lu Ran to take Gu Xiaosheng to his room. The room of the little things was very childlike. The quilt was a cartoon design. He had his own small desk. There were many children's books on the shelf and a special toy area. There were many paintings on the wall. At first glance, it was the little thing's painting. The painting style was a children's style painting of himself and his father.

Lu Ran carefully placed Gu Xiaosheng on the bed and helped him pull on the quilt, gently closing the door.

When he left the room, Lu Ran saw Gu Qingyan did not want to keep his own meaning, so he was ready to leave.

As a result, Gu Qingyan hugged him from behind when he wanted to open the door.

Lu Ran wanted to turn back and ignored Gu Qingyan, so he could only try to soften his voice, "What's wrong?"

"Don't move." Then he rubbed against his back.

Lu Ran was tickled by his action. He heard Gu Qingyan's soft voice coming from behind.

"I don't like that you are too close to others, I don't like that you hold others, I don't like that you look at others, I don't like that you pay too much attention to others, I don't like that you don't tell me anything. But I like you so much, so much, so much that I don't know what to do." Lu Ran knew that Gu Qingyan would act like a spoiled child to him again.

"I'm not as good as you think. I can't speak in front of you. I'm afraid easily. Although I believe you very much, I can't help but want to be jealous. I will be angry, but I don't know how to tell you when I am angry. I like you so I don't know what to do."

Lu Ran quietly listened to his words. He wanted to see his little crybaby.

"Let me see you."

Gu Qingyan refused, "Don't move. I don't know what to say when I look at you."

"Can you tell me whatever happens in the future first, or I will be upset."


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"Can you always like me no matter how I change? I'm afraid that I will become something you don't like, so I dare not be jealous or angry in front of you."

"My baby, you are stupid. I like you no matter what you become. I love you, loving you has become my instinct, has become my habit. Every one of you and I likes it. I like you who are jealous, angry or crying, even if you are unreasonable." Lu Ran couldn't help but soften his voice, "I want to know all of you, I miss a lot of days with you. In fact, I'm afraid and at a loss. I'm afraid that I'm not good enough, and I'm afraid that you won't want me." When he spoke that, he was choked a little.

"I'll never do well without you." Gu Qingyan's tone was stuffy.

"I love you, maybe I'm not doing well now. Let's learn together how to love each other as long as we stay together and urge each other to stay together. Although I missed a lot of your time, I will accompany you in the future. Your past, your future, I want it all. I want to know all about you, so don't be afraid, little crybaby."

"I love you."

Lu Ran's words made Gu Qingyan's heart up and down, and that sentence of "I love you" seemed to save his heart which was full of haze and uneasiness.

"Lu Ran, Can I kiss you?"

Gu Qingyan released Lu Ran, and Lu Ran turned around to saw Gu Qingyan's reddish eyes.

Gu Qingyan kissed Lu Ran's lips and Lu Ran kissed his red eyes.

"Big brother, I love you."

"I love you too, little crybaby."

Gu Qingyan smiled. When he smiled, he was so beautiful that his peach blossom eyes were all sparkling.

Gu Qingyan saw Lu Ran's eyes full of love, realized his love, and saw his obsession when he looked at him.

Ah, I love this person. 「It must to be him」

"Big brother, I want to give you a little strawberry. You can't refuse, you can't hide. I want to tell everyone you're mine. "

His eyes were cunning and the corners of his mouth had a little smug smile, and then in the most obvious place of his neck, the strong sucking left several deep red hickey marks.

Although Lu Ran thought that this childish behavior of the other person was a little funny, but such a witted little crybaby made him love it.


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