He's Not A Non-Entertainment Circle
by Dropped A Pit
Chapter 36: Reconcile

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When Gu Qingyan came out, Lu Ran was playing with the two dogs. He couldn't help but secretly take a few photos when he watched their interaction.

Qu Yang suddenly came after him with a sentence, "What's good things for a blockhead to shoot? My daughter and godson are lovely."

"Shit." Gu Qingyan was directly scared to explode a swearing, "Can you not scare me?"

Gu Qingyan touched his little heart and was really scared. He was covering up the embarrassment of being caught by Qu Yang.

"Are you and the blockhead reconciled?"

Blockhead? Gu Qingyan knew that Qu Yang was referring to Lu Ran, which sounded very familiar, like a ridicule sentence, Gu Qingyan slightly raised his eyebrows, "Do you know Lu ran? Are you familiar? "

Qu Yang was shocked by Gu Qingyan's sudden words. He thought badly but he was calm. He should do a good job yesterday, which was the peak of his acting skills.

"I'm quite familiar. You know that Xingyu and Leyi have been working together recently." Qu Yang spread out his hand, "I saw him looking for you all the time on the studio before, and then you didn't see his expression right. And occasionally I would unconsciously secretly look at him. I think you certainly didn’t pay attention to him. I just want him to be the one you always thought about."

Then Qu Yang said in a low voice, "But he's so bad for you that you have to toss and turn him around to catch his appetite."

Gu Qingyan hadn't thought much about it. After all, he knew that Qu Yang was very sensitive to this aspect. He may had inadvertently revealed his true feelings occasionally. It seemed that his acting skills were not very good to cover up.

To know Quyang was going to be scared to death, and he was sweating.

Scared to death, fortunately, Qingyan didn't find out. It seemed that the performance of his own acting skill had been improved by flying.

Gu Qingyan thought for a while, "Not all well, I let him chase me."

Qu Yang frowns and said, "Oh, oh, then you will toss him more!"

Gu Qingyan was silent, which made him reluctant and frustrate.

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"I can't bear it." Qu Yang squinted at Gu Qingyan with a good intention, "That would be more angry with him."

Then Quyang seemed to think of something, "What's wrong with you yesterday?"

Gu Qingyan thought about it and told Qu Yang what he saw yesterday.

Qu Yang directly screamed, "Fuck, that fucking schemer." Then he looked at Gu Qingyan with disappointing eyes, "You really believe him."

Gu Qingyan nodded, "I know he didn't, but it's uncomfortable." This jealous feeling made him a little confused, "But he didn't push him away, I was angry."

"But you can't be sulking." Qu Yang's eyes reveal like said that you are a fool, "You have to tell him. Throw a tantrum, I bet he must eat this set very much."

Then he patted Gu Qingyan's shoulder, "I know that if you encounter something about him, you can believe that he is stupid. I am myself is angry, but when I meet this kind of thing, I should say or question immediately. If you can't do it, then I will act like a spoiled child to warn him and act shamelessly to convince him."

Then Qu Yang taught his friend a lot of tips on how to control his husband. He looked like a chauffeur, and he was very sorrowful. My old friend believed that I am right.

On the way back, Gu Qingyan had been thinking about how to open his mouth and told Lu Ran about the things that made him unhappy. There was no way in Gu Qingyan's heart as long as there was something about Lu Ran, he began to felt uneasy, and then he would start to felt overwhelmed.

He looked back at Lu Ran, who was driving carefully, looked at the corner of his mouth that had been raised all the time, then at Gu Xiaosheng, who was sleeping in the back seat from the mirror and made up his mind.

The car drove to the downstairs of Gu Qingyan's house. Gu Xiaosheng still did not wake up and took Gu Xiaosheng up. At the time, the little thing frowned up, but when the little thing was found in Lu Ran arms, he found the most comfortable position, he relaxed his eyebrows and looked very comfortable. The little thing was not heavy, but light and soft.

This little thing was as sweet as his father. It made his heart soft.


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