He's Not A Non-Entertainment Circle
by Dropped A Pit
Chapter 35: Photo and Reconciled

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Gu Qingyan finished all the noodles cooked by Lu Ran. He also found several pieces of ham hidden in his bowl, which made his heart soft.

"It's not bad."

To do well, we need to give affirmation and praise so that the other person could continue to had propulsion.

Eat a bit of support, Gu Qingyan rubbed his stomach, but Lu Ran saw it, he walked over and crouched down to help Gu Qingyan rub it with his hands. Gu Qingyan was stunned and didn't refuse.

The atmosphere was very warm. Gu Qingyan looked down and saw Lu Ran, who rubbed his stomach and tried his best to be gentle, unable to resist and gave a quick kiss on his cheek.

Lu Ran didn't ask why Gu Qingyan kissed him. He knew what he understood and felt like eating a piece of sugar.

Little crybaby, you are so sweet... So sweet...

After lunch, Gu Qingyan said he was going to pick up his son. Lu Ran drove him to pick up Gu Xiaosheng.

They came to Qu Yang's villa area. Parked his car and saw Gu Xiaosheng and Song Xintong playing together with samoyed and Qu Yang. The white fluffy big dog and the two little guys were very cute together.

Gu Xiaosheng saw Gu Qingyan and crisply called "Dad" and he rushed over.

As a result, the samoyed saw him and rushed together, the dog was too big, the dog pounced to Gu Qingyan and he was thrown to the ground directly. He thought that his buttocks would hurt, but he felt soft under his body. It was not the hard concrete ground in his imagination.

Lu Ran doting voice came from the ear, "Doesn't it hurt?"

He was held in Lu Ran's arms. He was surrounded by Lu Ran's scent. And he had his son and a dog in his arms. He didn't felt the redness on his face, and then he heard his son's worried voice.

"Dad, why are you so red?" The son's head came out of the fluffy dog's hair, and his eyes were worried.

Gu Qingyan felt his face was even hotter after being punctured[1] by his son, "It's fine."

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Then samoyed pasted its saliva on his face. Gu Qingyan felt not good. The dog in Qu Yang's house was poisonous. Every time he came, its had to paste its saliva on his face.

This stupid dog was called Dabai. Gu Qingyan said that its should be called "White Slobber". Every time, he must be given a face of saliva to wash his face.[2]

Qu Yang had taken a picture when the dog rushed to Gu Qingyan. In the picture, Lu Ran's face was very doted on Gu Qingyan as a meat pad. Gu Qingyan's face was red and obviously shy. Gu Xiaosheng's small head looked very cute against the dog's fur. It was a very warm picture of a family of three.

The three members of the family all had a very high face value. This picture made people unable to look away.

The shy friend was really funny and cute, Qu Yang thought quietly. En, his godson was not bad either. He looked soft and cute with the white hair of his family. As for the silly big guy in the back, it's just like this. Its could barely entered the eyes.

"How long are you going to embrace each other?" Qu Yang laughed and joked.

"Take this stupid dog away!" Gu Qingyan was annoyed by his laughter.

Saw his friend exploded, Qu Yang hurried up to the took Dabai.

The dog was taken away, and his son withdrew from his arms. Gu Qingyan quickly got up and left a sentence "I went to wash my face" and ran away.

Looked at Gu Qingyan's back, Qu Yang is about to explode with laughter. It's so interesting to saw Gu Qingyan like that for the first time.

Qu Yang laughed enough and looked at Lu Ran and asked, "Are you two reconciled?"

"Almost." Lu Ran's expression was gentle.

"Look at your face." Then he showed Lu Ran the photo he just took, "Do you want it?"


Of course, this good photo was out of the question. The baby in the photo had a red face and the shy little eyes were so cute. Qu Yang passed the photo to Lu Ran, who immediately saved it as a lock screen and desktop wallpaper.

"Be nice to him later!" Qu Yang's face gave him a warning.

"Of course." Lu Ran did not hesitate.

How could Lu Ran give up to such a good baby?


[1] to lay bear or expose (lies etc)
[2] Dabai: Big White

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