He's Not A Non-Entertainment Circle
by Dropped A Pit
Chapter 33

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Lu Ran told himself that it's enough to kiss, just one bite was enough.

After a kiss, Gu Qingyan touched Lu Ran's face with his hand.

"Only in a dream can you be so gentle with me."

Lu Ran wryly laughed at how bad he used to be to his baby, but now he thought it's a dream.

"Qingyan, you are drunk."

Gu Qingyan doesn't listen, but started licking Lu Ran's neck and using his hand to unbutton Lu Ran's shirt.

Lu Ran looked at Gu Qingyan, although he wanted to do it with his baby, but if he woke up, he would hate himself.

"Come on, you're drunk."

Gu Qingyan's eyes were filled with tears, "Why don’t you even want to do it with me in a dream?”

Lu Ran quickly wiped away the tears with his hands and explained, "No, No. You're really drunk... I want to do with you... But I'm afraid you hate me if you get up early tomorrow... And there's nothing at home... "

Lu Ran thought Gu Qingyan would give up, but Gu Qingyan began to pull down his pants, "But I want to do it!"



Lu Ran felt that something was wrong with him. When he opened his eyes, Gu Qingyan cheeks streaming with tears.

Lu Ran hurriedly said, "What's the matter with you, baby? Don't cry... No more... We won't do it. "

Lu Ran felt that he was in a bad mood. Although he liked peach blossom eyes with tears, he doesn't like his baby crying at all. Seeing the other crying, his heart was broken.


"I can do anything. I'll make you comfortable, so how about liking me?"

Lu Ran was stunned to heard Gu Qingyan's words as he moved. He doesn't know how to open his mouth.

"How about liking me? You said you would like me."

"You said you would chase me, but you lied to me..."

"I can do anything. I'm better than anyone, so how about liking me?"

"Why, you don't remember anything. You said you love me."

"How can you not remember it..."

"I love you, but how can you love me?"

Lu Ran thought Gu Qingyan was venting, "I'm sorry, baby."

"Don't say sorry, you will never be wrong in my heart."

"Do you know that you are my redemption and I have thought about you for 16 years?"

Lu Ran doesn't understand. He doesn't know why Gu Qingyan said that.

"You don't remember me. How can you think of me?"

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Lu Ran looked at his beautiful peach eyes and filled with the pain of suffering. Lu Ran's heart became so painful that it really hurts.

"I'm not a liar. You don't know how hard I tried to come to see you."

"But you don't like me. You have someone else."

Lu Ran hurriedly explained, "No baby, no one else, I just like you!"

"Big brother, I miss you so much."

Gu Qingyan couldn't help it anymore.

"Big brother, you said that you only like me. You said that I am your little crybaby. I am your little crybaby."

Lu Ran was really confused by these two names, big brother and little crybaby?

"Little crybaby will be very obedient. Can you like me, big brother?"

"Big brother, I really like you."

"Big brother, why don't you remember anything?"

Lu Ran vaguely recalled the scenes of their first time because of Gu Qingyan's words. He finally understood that Gu Qingyan would be so sad because he forgot about it the next day.

Lu Ran devoutly kissed Gu Qingyan's tearful peach blossom eyes.

"I'm sorry, little crybaby."

"I'm sorry, big brother made you sad."

"Little crybaby, big brother only like you, only love you alone."

"Don't cry, little crybaby. Big brother was wrong, how can you forgive big brother?

"Big brother will compensate little crybaby for a lifetime, ok?"

"Big brother will be together with little crybaby or a lifetime. Stop crying... Baby... Gu Qingyan... I love you... I love you..."

Lu Ran repented with tears. He hated himself five years ago.

Why didn't he recognize his little crybaby earlier? He only recognized him when he was drunk.

He hated why he made little crybaby sad, why don't he made little crybaby better, why he squander little crybaby's love, why didn't he protect his little crybaby.

His little crybaby was so timid. His little crybaby resisted all people but was only close to him. His little crybaby was so obedient, his little crybaby had paid so much for him, why he couldn't.

Gu Qingyan wiped away Lu Ran's tears with his hand.

"Don't cry, big brother. Do you know that your pain is more painful than mine? Stop crying, big brother... "

Lu Ran pressed Gu Qingyan under his body, slammed his body mercilessly, and kept saying "I love you" in his ear.

Don't know how long it took for the two people to vent together. This applaud was not happy, and the heart was really hurt.

But they all need to vent. In the end, Lu Ran held Gu Qingyan tightly, and Gu Qingyan held him back. They hold each other tightly as if they crushed each other into their own blood.

Lu Ran finally heard Gu Qingyan mumble, "Big brother, don't forget to cry this time."


Lu Ran said to his little crybaby, that big brother would never forget him again.

That night Lu Ran had a dream. His little crybaby didn't leave. He accompanied him to grew up slowly. Because those peach blossom eyes didn't cry, he became very fond of his smile.

Then they stayed together, happy every day, and then they fell in love.


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