He's Not A Non-Entertainment Circle
by Dropped A Pit
Chapter 31: Yangyang and Acting

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You're kidding, baby. Drunk was a serious matter.

When Lu Ran arrived, he saw Song Muxiu held Qu Yang in his arms. There was a look of toil on both sides. Then Lu Ran thanked Song Muxiu and opened the room door.

However, Qu Yang, who was drunk in the car held by Song Muxiu, there was clarity in his eyes.

"No more?" Song Muxiu touched Qu Yang's head helplessly.

Qu Yang rubbed against Song Muxiu's palm, "Isn't it necessary to do a whole set of dramas?"

Then with exaggerated expression and action, he said, "If Qingyan knew that I sold him like this, he would probably..." He made a face and slit his neck.

"Then why do you want to help Lu Ran?" Song Muxiu really dotes on Qu Yang.

Qu Yang suddenly looked out of the window, "I want Qingyan to be happy." Then began to recall.

"These five years, he looked very happy. But we all know that it's just a fake. "


"We've known each other for many years. I've heard from him since he was a child how much he missed his big brother who helped him. He didn't know that when he talked about that big brother, he looked like he liked him and missed him. "

"Does Qingyan like that big brother?"

"Well, he may not know it himself. But as his friend, I can see that he has no love at all. For some reason, he doesn't like to interact with others. I'm one of his unacceptable partners. "

"You have a good relationship."

"That's not the case." Qu Yang was in high spirits when he said that.

"To be honest, when he was 16 years old, he said that when he came to Fangwo City to find his big brother, everyone reacted. His family didn't want him to go. Everyone was worried, but he didn't listen and coming alone. As a result, he told me later that he fell in love with someone. "

"That man is Lu Ran."

"Yes, I know from his tone that he must like Lu Ran very much, because Lu Ran is Qingyan's big brother."

"They have a lot of luck."

"Bad luck." Qu Yang's ironic smile.

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"If I can, I don't want Qingyan and Lu Ran to have this fate. It's because of that status that he's so obsessed with Lu Ran. He went home five years ago, but he didn't look good at all. "

"What happened to him?"

"It's the first time for me to see him who is so vulnerable because of his love. In my memory, he is the representative of trying to be domineering in the mirror. As a result, what I saw was really fragile. I asked him if it was worth it. "

"What did he say? I think he said it was worth it."

"How do you guess? He did say that. Do you like it when you are fucking hurt like this? Why do you have to ask him? Won't you regret it? Can't you just change the person? As a result, he replied to my answer when he and Lu Ran were together a long time ago: It must be him."

"He really likes Lu ran."

"Yes, I thought about the magic of love at that time. Why even if I was hurt all over, I would never look back. Then I met you again. In fact, at the beginning, I was very confused. I was afraid that I wanted to try to chase you, but I was afraid that you would refuse me. "

"Then Qingyan told me to go, if you like him, go after him. If you don't do it, you will regret it later. If you succeed, you will be very happy. It's no big deal to fail. At least I've tried, hasn't it? "


"I think it's true that I like you when I'm 14, but I dare not tell you. Then God gave us the chance to meet again. How can I just give up? So I came to chase you. I didn't expect that we really make it."

Song Muxiu held Qu Yang in his arms with a smile, "He is our matchmaker."

Qu Yang kissed Song Muxiu's face fiercely, "Yes, so I think he is happy."

"We are playing dog abuse who are crazy to sprinkle sugar. They are in abused relationships, so I hope I can be the assistant to make them reunite, and clearly love each other."

Song Muxiu pinched Qu Yang's nose, "My baby is so kind."

"That is... It's estimated that Qingyan will not wake up after drinking so much... It's estimated that they can have a good talk tomorrow. And pick up Gu Xiaosheng tomorrow morning. "

"Well, listen to you baby." Song Muxiu looked at his big baby.

Then he came close to his ear and said, "But you are not good today, you have drunk a lot of wine. How do I punish you when we go back?"

Qu Yang's pleaded and kissed Song Muxiu's lips, "Whatever you do, Mr. Song." His eyes looked very inviting.

Presumably, afraid that tonight would be a thunder and fire with Qu Yang and his Mr. Song.


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