He's Not A Non-Entertainment Circle
by Dropped A Pit
Chapter 30: Drunk and Finalize

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At last, when the drama was finished, Ye Haocheng, who played by Qu Yang, of course, didn't hold the beauty. After all, he was only a second male, so Ye Haocheng finally lost his love. He called Jiang Cheng and told his master.

"Master, I am in love."

(And Gu Qingyan's here uttered a friendly feeling)

"Is Ye Shao in love? The important experience of life is fall in love, so that life will be complete. "

"Uh... hu... hu..."

Jiang Cheng's voice seemed to be spoiled and helpless, "Well, you still have the master, apprentice."


After that, it's about the man and women protagonists.

When the drama was finished, Lu Ran, as an investor, invited the crew to had a dinner.

During the dinner, Yan Qiubai stuck to Lu Ran. Gu Qingyan just looked at him silently and doesn't speak.

"Assistant Gu, I heard you have a son." Yan Qiubai seemed to had no intention.

Gu Qingyan raised his eyebrows, "Hn, he is 4 years old."

"It's too big to tell. Assistant Gu got married early!" Then he suddenly covered his mouth and said, "Assistant Gu is only 23 years old, and he has a son when he is 19?"

Gu Qingyan knew Yan Qiubai's meaning, but he told Lu Ran that he had a child soon after he was separated from him.

Gu Qingyan replied flatly, "I am an M nationality, where 16 years old can get married."

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"Assistant Gu must love your lover and your children very much."

"I am single and have no lover, but I love my children very much."

The atmosphere at the dinner table was not right. Everyone was smart. The producer came right away.

"Ah, everyone eat vegetables."

After dinner, everyone said to sing together. Gu Qingyan thought that after all, everyone was familiar with this period of time and agreed.

Just when he came back from the toilet halfway, he saw the turning corner. Yan Qiubai held Lu Ran, which looked like two people were kissing. He knew that it was Yan Qiubai's intention to show him. The problem was not whether he received the kiss, but Lu Ran said he wanted to pursue him, but he didn't push him away at all.

Gu Qingyan sighed and thought that he was very depressed now. He called Qu Yang and was ready to go home.

Qu Yang heard that Gu Qingyan was ready to go home, and told everyone that he had something to go first, and then helped Gu Qingyan to get things ready to drove away together.

Qu Yang saw Gu Qingyan's face was not right, "Qingyan, what's wrong with you?"


The more he said so, Qu Yang felt that something was wrong, so he suggested that two people should find a place to had a drink. For a long time, two people had no party and had a drink together.

So they drove to a private club to book a private room and ordered some wine.

Gu Qingyan couldn't drink so much at ordinary times, he just needed to relax and unrestrained himself today, so he drank one cup after another.

Even Qu Yang couldn't look down, "Qingyan, what's the matter with you?"

Gu Qingyan just looked at Qu Yang and smiled, "I just want to drink it. You are my friend, please accompany me to drink it. Don't ask me why."

As a result, Gu Qingyan was drunk and shouted liars. Qu ang asked if it was because of Lu Ran.

Gu Qingyan didn't speak, but tears flowed down unconsciously. Then he curled up and closed his eyes.

Qu Yang was obviously drunk on the side, and he helped to yell and scold constantly. At last, he called Song Muxiu. Song Muxiu saw that two little drunkards and was helpless. He wanted to take them home together.

But Qu Yang had to call Lu Ran himself. Song Muxiu couldn't help but called Lu Ran to pick up someone.

Lu Ran received a phone call from Song Muxiu. He heard Qu Yang scold him for being an asshole. Then he heard that Gu Qingyan was drunk and immediately drove out.


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