He's Not A Non-Entertainment Circle
by Dropped A Pit
Chapter 29: Provocative Bullying

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Yan Qiubai here saw Gu Qingyan in the corner, and felt the huge crisis at the first sight.

Because this person's appearance would definitely affect him if he entered the circle, so he asked the director to know that he was Qu Yang's assistant, so he was a little better. But he heard that the other person also played in the drama. He asked the director about the assistant's acting skills, and the director said it was good.

Yan Qiubai thought that if it was true, the other person may be popular later. He had to think of a way to suppress him.

When Yan Qiubai saw Gu Qingyan's eyes, he recognized who Gu Qingyan was.

Because Lu Ran liked peach blossom eyes very much, he said Yan Qiubai's best look was the pair of peach blossom eyes, especially when he felt aggrieved, the pair of eyes become more beautiful, so Yan Qiubai always pretended to be soft, weak and aggrieved in front of Lu Ran.

Later, the little star Lu Ran raised had a pair of beautiful peach blossom eyes. In fact, Yan Qiubai always thought that Lu ran was obsessed with peach blossom eyes. As long as it was a peach blossom eye, he could not help but take a look at it, but it was just a look.

So Yan Qiubai was always at ease. He wanted to go abroad and wait for Lu Ran to develop slowly. Lu Ran, an emotional idiot who had never been in love, was not easy to catch.

As a result, he didn't expect that the other person had a little star, which made Yan Qiubai felt a crisis, but when he returned home, he confessed to Lu Ran and was rejected.

He thought they were separated from each other, so he had a chance. It's been five years. He didn't expect this man to come back.

Yan Qiubai's face became very ugly, with a haze of calculation under his eyes.

Forget it, wasn't it coming back? Five years ago, he was able to get rid of the other person, let alone now.

Gu Qingyan recently felt that everyone in the crew's attitude towards him seemed to become a little different, but he didn't care.

But then Amy, the makeup artist, asked him if he had offended Yan Qiubai, Bai Gongzi.

Yan Qiubai's fans all called him Bai Gongzi, because the role of Yan Qiubai was an ancient prince.

Gu Qingyan thanked Amy for reminding him, but he didn't want to change anything. He didn't eat on this.

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And Yan Qiubai's provocation aws more and more obvious. When Lu Ran was there, he would deliberately daubed to talk with Lu Ran. Everyone in the crew knew that Bai Gongzi and Lu Ran o Xingyu were always very good friends. It's also said that Yan Qiubai and Lu Ran were a couple. Of course, Yan Qiubai couldn't refute, and Lu Ran doesn't care about their fantasy, so BaiRan CP had been very angry.

Gu Qingyan ignored Yan Qiubai's provocation on the surface, but every time he saw Lu Ran approaching Yan Qiubai, he was still very angry and upset, because no matter how long Gu Qingyan's impression in the past, Lu Ran doesn't refused this little white flower's approach.

What does this bastard mean to pursue him again?

But of course, Gu Qingyan would not show it, but when he saw those dazzling pictures, he couldn't help clenched his hands tightly. He was very angry, but he wanted to keep smiling.

When Lu Ran was absent, Yan Qiubai was even more unscrupulous. He also came to instruct Gu Qingyan to work.

"That person, help me to buy drinks!" Yan Qiubai pointed to Gu Qingyan.

Gu Qingyan turned a deaf ear.

"What do I say about you? Are you deaf?"

Gu Qingyan raised his eyebrows and said lightly, "First of all, I have a name. Second, I'm not your assistant. You don't pay me, so you have no right to let me work."

Yan Qiubai's attitude of looking after Qingyan was not good. He said to Qu Yang, "Qu Yang, your assistant is not good. You can consider dismissing and replacing one. I can introduce one to you if necessary."

Qu Yang thought it's funny. This man looked like Lu Zong's rotten peach blossom, "Our family Qingyan has always been like this, and he's very good. As for his salary, I didn't make it. "

Yan Qiubai was very dissatisfied with Qu Yang's attitude, but he couldn't do anything because he had a strong backup and doesn't mix in entertainment circles.

So the more he looked at Gu Qingyan, the less he liked him. During this period of time, the film crew had been spreading rumors about Bai Gongzi, because Assistant Gu was Lu Zong's new sweetheart, which destroyed the relationship between the two people. The rumors of dog blood were exaggerated one by one.

And Yan Qiubai couldn't think of his attitude towards Gu Qingyan. Everything he did was told to Lu Ran by Qu Yang's report.


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