He's Not A Non-Entertainment Circle
by Dropped A Pit
Chapter 28: Pretense Love

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Gu Qingyan almost blurted out "you", he pretended to had nothing.

"No one, they're all acting." Pretending to be relaxed.

Lu Ran knew that Gu Qingyan won't say it, but he could be sure that when he said "I love you", he thought of someone in his mind. Anyway, no whoever it was, Lu Ran he regards this sentence of "I love you" as Qingyan's said to him.

Gu Qingyan's mood was very complicated. Indeed, Gu Qingyan said "I love you" and imagined Qu Yang's appearance as Lu Ran. The only person who couldn't make themselves said these three words with such deep feeling was the other person.

And because he felt so strongly that he couldn't control it. He was in a panic for a second, so Gu Qingyan bet that when he said "wake up, young man", his footage might had a sense Of forbearance, people would think he was broken.

It's his own huge mistake, but the director had said that he couldn't say anything more. He couldn't say that because he wanted Lu Ran to be too affectionate, his feelings were brought in too much.

Forget it, forget it. Anyway, it's popular to sell rotten dramas[1] now. Gu Qingyan thought it's self defeating.

And Qu Yang also came over at this time and touched his little heart, "Qingyan, you don't know that your confession just made my heart keep pounding."

Gu Qingyan smiled at Qu Yang.

"I almost fell in love with you just now. Fortunately, I responded that I love Mr. Song!" Qu Yang took out his mobile phone to show off to Gu Qingyan to saw his phone screensaver.

Gu Qingyan had no way to talk about dog abuse in Qu Yang's behavior.

But thanks to Qu Rang's gags, he could get rid of his confused thoughts.

In the days when there was no play, Gu Qingyan saw them filming on the set and he felt very good.

It's getting closer and closer to the end of the drama. Today, it's said that there's a guest star in the cast. This supporting role would probably follow the end of the drama.

And Gu Qingyan saw the original good mood for this guest star was cease to exist, because this person was Yan Qiubai. Gu Qingyan thought that this man really haunted him.

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Five years ago, he met Yan Qiubai once.

This man was sure to be unwilling to hide his ambition to get Lu Ran, which made him very unhappy.

Then this man constantly provoked Lu Ran and misunderstand him. However, Lu Ran was a fool, always thought that the other person was a simple minded person, which Gu Qingyan just wanted to laugh.

But at that time, he would only believe and be convinced unconditionally in Lu Ran, and he didn't want to deal with the other person, so he let him go. If he want to go to the fucking white flower[2] now, and d@mn with pure mind, Laozi would expose you in minutes and kill you. Don't you want to play it? Play it bigger!

Now Yan Qiubai had a good relationship with Lu Ran, but also a first line male star.

He also looked very appropriate, but maybe because of fame, he seemed to be a little fickle and a little angry with his assistant. But there's no way to let the other person be a big name. The crew could only be respectful to him.

Yan Qiubai heard that Lu Ran always go to the crew of "Blooming Wutong" recently, so he specially contacted the director through the production to ask for a supporting role of a guest star. The director was happy that such a big star came.

Now Yan Qiubai's fans were paying a lot of attention. He could come to their own small group to play as a guest, and then there would be more places where the play could be hyped.

These years Yan Qiubai didn't want to be with Lu Ran, but he didn't want the other person to go after that d@mn little newcomer. He felt it was so good that he couldn’t let the other person run away, he had thought that Lu Ran would be together with him. But I didn't know what ecstasy that little newcomer gave Lu Ran. Yan Qiubai felt that he was not bad either!

So he later dropped out of school and came to Lu Ran's company. Originally, he wanted to take advantage of the other person's emotional loss, but the other person does not eat this set. He had to give himself a lot of resources, so he had been able to develop so well in recent years.

But it's because Yan Qiubai was more unlikely to let him go. Lu Ran would be smoother his future performance road, and Lu Ran had come out with his family.

In recent years, Lu Ran had no one around him, and he was close to him.

Yan Qiubai thought that he had to work harder to daub his presence and the people who embody his deep love, couldn't let Lu Ran hooked with the little star who doesn't know where he came from!

So when he heard that Lu Ran used to go to this group, Yan Qiubai noticed something wrong with Lu Ran, so he came to this group immediately.


[1] BL (Boys love) film
[2] People who pretend to be kind, innocent, and lovable.

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