He's Not A Non-Entertainment Circle
by Dropped A Pit
Chapter 27: Brought In and Love

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The assistant director said to the director: Is this kind of script really OK? Don't know why there is a kind of indescribable ambiguity when looked at two people?

The director patted the assistant director's shoulder, "Young man, don't think two people are ambiguous because they look good! Don't be spoiled by the social atmosphere when you look at things!"

Then touch his chin, "But that's the stunt. You're still too young!"

After that day, Gu Qingyan began his career to shoot a movie. To tell the truth, it's a good feeling to do this kind of acting. Sure enough, acting was his favorite. Unfortunately...

The director and the crew were very good to Gu Qingyan because Gu Qingyan's acting skills were really good, not much NG.

Today was Gu Qingyan's last play. The director said that if there was a play in the future, he would inform Gu Qingyan, and suggested that Gu Qingyan enter the entertainment circle to make a play.

Gu Qingyan smiled at the director's kindness and said nothing more.

— 42nd Scene of Blooming Wutong

Ye Haocheng felt that his flirting skills were much higher than before since Jiang Cheng teaching him. However, the problem was that he doesn't know why Su Yutong still doesn't like him, which gave him a headache. So he find Jiang Cheng to ask if there were a faster way.

Ye Haocheng made a face to curry a favor, "Master, is there any simple way to make me succeed?"

"Yes, but you can't learn..." Jiang Cheng wiped his glasses with a spectacle cloth.

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"Don't lie. Master, show me what you've done. I promise to learn!" Ye Haocheng stared at Jiang Cheng.

Jiang Cheng put his glasses on the table, then got up and went to the sofa where Ye Haocheng sat, suddenly reached out and pushed him down on the sofa. Ye Haocheng didn't know why he thought Jiang Cheng was hot at the moment and swallowed.

The corners of Jiang Cheng's mouth rose. The beautiful peach blossom eyes were full of deep feelings. He looked at Ye Haocheng like a treasure. Ye Haocheng saw full of tenderness in his eyes, and his heart pounded unconsciously.

"I love you."

Jiang Cheng said these three words in his deep feeling voice. Usually, his tone was cold and indifferent. At this moment, Ye Haocheng heard the depressing emotion. He thought that if he refused the other at this moment, he would hurt the people who confessed to him.

Jiang Sheng saw Ye Haocheng's tangled eyes. His eyes became playful. He patted Ye Haocheng's face, "Wake up, young man. Said you can't learn." his tone was helpless to spoil.

Ye Haocheng was shocked. How could he change his face so quickly!!

However, the fact, it turned out that it was not suitable for him, because when he was kicked away by Su Yutong in such a way, it was terrible. After that, he asked Jiang Cheng for help, who patted him on the shoulder to show his comfort.

But don't think he didn't saw it. Jiang Cheng's suppressed smile was almost choking out his internal injury. His eyes were full of violent laughter. He needed to control his mouth. Ye Haocheng really said his gratitude!

The director was very satisfied with the play. So far, Gu Qingyan's play had been finished. Gu Qingyan sat alone in the corner in a daze.

Lu Ran came to him and said in a soft, low voice, "Who were you thinking when you said 'I love you'?"


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