He's Not A Non-Entertainment Circle
by Dropped A Pit
Chapter 24: Naive and Childish

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Lu Ran looked at the little thing's smiling face and thought that it's true that his baby's son was all sweet. It's lovely.

Lu Ran reached out and touched Gu Xiaosheng's head. His soft hair was very easy to touch.

"Is this your son? It's lovely. "

"Well, his name is Gu Sheng. But you can call him Gu Xiaosheng. "

Lu Ran squatted down and looked at Gu Xiaosheng, "Hello, Gu Xiaosheng. I'm your father's friend. My name is Lu Ran. You can call me Uncle Lu."

"Uncle Lu~" Then he looked at Lu Ran shyly.

Gu Qingyan was very familiar with his son's small movements. Seeing his son's appearance, he knew that he liked Lu Ran very much.

Gu Qingyan knew that Lu Ran doesn't like children, but now Lu Ran also seemed to like his son very much. He sighed that his blood was related to his father's nature.

"Can Gu Xiaosheng lend your father to Uncle Lu for a while?" Lu Ran looked at Gu Xiaosheng and asked.

Gu Qingyan wanted to refuse. He doesn't know how to get along with Lu Ran at all. This man had changed a lot in five years.

Since the day that Lu Ran said he would chase him, Gu Qingyan had received Lu Ran's concern messages every day. Occasionally, he received love messages. If he doesn't return, he would make a phone call. Then he used his magnetic voice to pretend to be pitiful and said that he doesn't want back to him and so on.

Gu Qingyan didn't know how Lu Ran could be so pathetic.

Then his son sold his father, "OK, Dad lent it to you." Then he pushed his father.

Gu Qingyan went out with Lu Ran, and Lu Ran took him to the corner of the studio. There was no one here.

Lu Ran looked around to make sure that no one was around then he hugged Gu Qingyan.

"Let me hug you. I haven't seen you for a week." His tone was pitiful.

Gu Qingyan thought Lu Ran was simply poisonous.

"Let me go, someone will come!"

"No, I have seen it." Then he rubbed his head against Gu Qingyan's neck. Lu Ran's soft hair made Gu Qingyan tickled. Lu Ran acted like a spoiled child. Gu Qingyan felt not good.

"You think you are still young." Gu Qingyan ridiculed him.

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"If I were smaller, you can hold me and kiss me, and you will not ignore me, then I would rather be a child!"

It's shameful to be cute!! But the problem was that Gu Qingyan thought that Lu Ran, who was acted like a spoiled child with him, was a little cute. A big man of 187cm made a gesture of being a child just to let Gu Qingyan care for him.

How did Lu Ran manage to be so delicate and not affectional? What a miracle!

Lu Ran hugged Gu Qingyan for a while and then let go of him. He knew that he couldn't hold him for too long. He was afraid that he would be disgusted by him, although he was eager for Gu Qingyan's hug.

"Say, what do you want to say to me when you pull me out?" Gu Qingyan looked at Lu Ran.

Lu Ran ingratiated himself with a smile, "I miss you!"

"Can I wait and invite you to have a meal with your son?"

Gu Qingyan flatly refused, "No."

Lu Ran showed a sad and aggrieved look and looked at Gu Qingyan. What's with that look of me bullying you?

Gu Qingyan bravely explained, "My son and I are going to have dinner with friends in the evening."

"What about next time?"

"Say it again." Gu Qingyan said perfunctorily.

Qu Yang just took a break when two people on the set played, Lu Ran went to talk with the director, and Gu Qingyan went past like Qu Yang.

Qu Yang asked Gu Qingyan curiously, "Do you know Mr. Lu of Xingyu?"

"Friend..." Gu Qingyan said perfunctorily.

Qu Yang later chatted with Gu Qingyan. Gu Qingyan had nothing to say, because he had been thinking about Lu Ran.

Lu Ran wanted to pursue him. He should resolutely refuse and then cut off all contact with him to prevent him from coming to stir up his heart.

But the problem was that Lu Ran doesn't listen to his refusal at all. Lu Ran had the ability to find him. It’s really tricky to break the contact with Lu Ran now. There were also the most important problems, he was really touched by him. D@mn it!


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