He's Not A Non-Entertainment Circle
by Dropped A Pit
Chapter 23: Son and President Lu

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Song Xintong was four years older than Gu Xiaosheng. The eight years old girl was very cute, big eyes, long eyelashes, single ponytail and a small skirt. Because she was eight years old, she felt that she was a big sister who took good care of Gu Xiaosheng. The two children could play together.

When he arrived at the studio, Gu Qingyan heard that today's investors would come to the studio and show more seriousness than usual.

Gu Qingyan took two children to watch Qu Yang play in the corner.

"Sister Tongtong, it's godfather sheep!" Gu Xiaosheng pointed to Quyang with his fingers.[3]

"Gu Xiaosheng be good. Don't point to little dad. Little dad will be distracted when he sees us."

"Good, Sister Tongtong."


It's interesting to saw the conversation between the two children.

The rest of the crew looked at the small corner and thought it was very eye-catching.

In fact, on the first day of Gu Qingyan's coming, several people noticed that Gu Qingyan. He was very good-looking. The person with that pair of eyes looked very indifferent, but the assistant who contacted Qu Yang was very gentle, but he doesn't like to smile very much.

But today Gu Qingyan looked at the two children, he smiled very gently. The little boy was beautiful and the girl was lovely.

Everyone couldn't help but peep at them.

"Dad, I want to go to the bathroom."

"OK, dad will take you."

"No, Uncle Gu. I'll take my little brother. I'm a big sister. I can take care of my little brother!" Song Xintong patted her chest to ensure.

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"Well, then you two go."

Two children went to the toilet. Song Xintong asked Gu Xiaosheng to go in and wait for him at the door.

Gu Xiaosheng wanted to wash his hands in the sink, but he was too short to reach. Then he saw a handsome uncle.

"Uncle, can you wash my hand?" Then he looked at him with his beautiful eyes.

This handsome uncle was Lu Ran. Lu Ran looked at the beautiful little guy in front of him, listened to the children's soft voice and pleading big eyes, it melted his heart.

Lu Ran picked up the little guy. The little kid was soft and has a light milk smell on his body. Lu Ran watched the little guy wash his hands carefully and drew a tissue to wipe his hands.

When everything was done and the child was on the floor, Gu Xiaosheng found something in his pocket.

"Uncle, hands."

Lu Ran looked at the child, and Gu Xiaosheng put a candy in Lu Ran's hand.

"Thank you, uncle. This is a thank you gift."

Then he ran out to find Song Xintong. Lu Ran held the milk candy and smiled. He was so cute.

Lu Ran doesn't like children, because he thought the little kid was cute and he had never seen such a cute little kid before. So polite, doesn't know who his parents were? The education was very good!

When Lu Ran came to the studio, he saw three people in the corner. Besides Gu Qingyan, there were two children. One of them was the little boy who he had just hugged.

Lu Ran stunned and pinched the candy he had just given to him.

The little boy was the son of his own baby. When he thought that his baby had children with another woman, his mood was very complicated.

But the child was very cute and lovely. Lu Ran sighed. Anyway, he was ready to go home.

He straightened up his mood and went to say hello to Gu Qingyan.


Gu Qingyan was totally confused. He didn't expect to see Lu Ran here. His son was here, would he found out? But he thought about it, who would think that men could had children was a little bit relieved.

Gu Xiaosheng looked at the handsome uncle who just hugged him. He found that he knew his father and he smiled sweetly.


[1] Gu Xiaosheng called Qu Yang godfather sheep (羊羊干爹 (yáng yáng gān diē)

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