He's Not A Non-Entertainment Circle
by Dropped A Pit
Chapter 22: Assistant and Studio

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Gu Qingyan's work, he himself could not talk about how much like it, at least not hate it. He thought he was hiding well, but in fact, his mind was seen through.

Gu Qingyan thought that he would be very busy when he returned to Fangwo City. Unexpectedly, the boss gave him a big holiday. He thought that the boss would go down to the company to take jujube pills like this.[1]

Gu Qingyan was considering that maybe he should give a small report to the big boss. This kind of irresponsible work attitude was not acceptable.

But when he thought about it, Qu Yang contacted him and asked him to go to the film site.

Gu Qingyan thought maybe it's a good holiday.

When Gu Qingyan came to the film site, it looked like a scene in his memory, as if from another world.

Although at first he learned to perform because he wanted to repay a kindness, but later he really liked acting.

Gu Qingyan liked acting as a variety of different people. It's very interesting to become that person in the script, to put aside everything else, and to play that person's life.

It's just that acting was the same as loving Lu Ran. It's a dream he couldn't reach and reality was just reality.

The reality was that his family doesn't like his acting, and he was determined to pursue his dream to cause trouble for his family, so he chose to accept the reality rather than pursue his dream.

He had grown up and not that reckless person he used to be.

He had grown up and learned that not all things could be rewarded as long as you give.

He had learned that there was no alternative to the gap between dream and reality. After all, people always had to learn to grow up and accept reality.

Gu Qingyan was now Qu Yang's assistant, a new generation of idol in the music world. Gu Qingyan doesn't understand Qu Yang's failure to sing well and go to play. After all, he hadn't seen him like acting for so many years.

Qu Yang said: his name was singing and excellent performance! The main thing was that his fans wanted to see his acting. As a high-quality idol, he had to satisfy every wish of his fans.[1]

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Qu Yang's acting skills was immature according to Gu Qingyan's words, but it's good that Qu Yang was not a facial paralysis, and the role of the modern play he took was quite suitable for his own character. It's a simple fool and rich young master.

This modern campus love drama was about the love stories of Su Yutong, the heroine with the attributes of a tomboy, and Lin Zimo, the ruffian and villain. Qu Yang role was Ye Haochen, the young master of a rich family, a stupid and cute man.

Gu Qingyan had seen Qu Yang's role plays with a high degree of color. This kind of small and fresh campus love drama hadn't happened in recent years. It's estimated that the program could arouse a group of fans who mourn campus love.

Qu Yang asked him to be an assistant because he thought that when he had no drama, he would accompany Qu Yang to play against him. It doesn't matter that Gu Qingyan gave Quyang advice. Anyway, he magnified his vacation in this period of time. After all, it was Qu Yang's first time to act with him.

Later, Qu Yang began his acting career. When he did it, he began to regret that acting and singing were fundamentally different. He moved and try harder... All need to pay attention, and he was tired of being an amateur.

But fortunately, Gu Qingyan and Xiao Zao were getting used to it, Qu Yang’s skill at this moment must be remembered by Gu Qingyan’s re-acting.

Because whether Gu Qingyan was in the theater to see their bright eyes when they were in the play, or what kind of aura they were in the play, and what role they play in the play in seconds was just like what role's acting skill, which made Qu Yang amazing.

Qu Yang thought it's a pity that his friend doesn't act. It's a material that could become a film emperor. He wanted to be the number one fan of his friend.

Gu Qingyan's daily routine these days was to follow Qu Yang to the film studio to make a diligent assistant and then went to Gu Xiaosheng's school after finished his work and went home together. The days were very pleasant.

Because there was nothing to watch people acting, Gu Qingyan liked to watch people acting minor role before, because he could learn a lot.

Gu Xiaosheng said that he heard from Big Sister Tongtong (Song Xintong was Song Muxiu's daughter) that her Daddy Yangyang was going to play a TV film, so the two children had to go with him to watch. Gu Qingyan couldn't help but take these two little things to the studio this day.


[1] Any idea what is "Take jujube pills" means?
[2] Qu Yang name is 曲阳 (曲 (qǔ): sing, tune; 阳 (yáng): positive, sun)

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