He's Not A Non-Entertainment Circle
by Dropped A Pit
Chapter 21: Fate and Assist

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Lu Ran was so happy that he couldn't find any more information about Qu Yang's friends, and apparently people who knew his baby didn't want the two met.

And Lu Ran also knew from the smashed news that his baby had a son.

That period of time was the most difficult time for Lu Ran since Gu Qingyan left. During the period when the other just left, he was decadent and had a hard time.

Later, Lu Ran managed to grow up quickly because he wanted to be better and then went to find his baby.

When he heard that Gu Qingyan had a son, he was also very upset, but he finally adjusted.

Lu Ran couldn't bless him. Lu Ran couldn't bear his baby happiness. He wanted to rob his baby even if he wanted to!

Later, he knew that Gu Qingyan was a single father, and he raised his son alone. He thought that he was going to grab his baby back, and he would bring his son back by the way. The family of three was very good.

Then he knew that his baby was going back to Fangwo City to work. He began to prepare the animal net, but he didn't expect to meet each other so early.

But he didn't worry, the plan hadn't been disrupted. Instead, he knew his lover's attitude. This time, he would never let him escape.

Lu Ran and Qu Yang had arranged for a private restaurant. Xingyu and Leyi have had many cooperation in recent years.

Because Lu Ran knew Qu Yang was Gu Qingyan's good friend, he deliberately pleased him. After all, this kind of best friend to please helped him to pursue his wife in the future.

Lu Ran looked at the couple's affectionate show without expression, but his heart was sour. He doesn't know how long it would take before he and his baby could abuse the dog like this.

"After the business was over, I have a personal matter to trouble you husband and wife."

"Come on, what can I do for you?" Qu Yang looked at Lu Ran and asked.

At the beginning, Qu Yang had a good feeling for Lu Ran, because Lu Ran had microblogging support when he and Song Muxiu were open to public.

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For this kind of kindness, Qu Yang always kept in mind. To be honest, fans like YY[1] star CP was one thing. To really accept their idol's love and sexual orientation was another thing.

But fortunately, there were many fans supporting them, and now gay marriage was legal in the country.

So Qu Yang had a good impression of Lu Ran until later he knew that this bastard was the one who hurt Qingyan, and then he didn't like him.

However, the upper class of Fangwo City was so large that everyone knew each other and later found that the other person was really good. He heard that the others came out for the sake of the lover, but later the lover left, and then the others found the lover for several years.

Qu Yang lamented that he and Mr. Song were in love with a little cookie play in the entertainment circle. Lu Ran and Qingyan played deep abused love.

Two people who love each other couldn't be together. In fact, Qu Yang still wanted to help these two people get back together.

Lu Ran looked at Quyang and pleaded, "I'd like to ask if you can talk about Qinyan coming to the cast."

Qu Yang surprised, "You meet?

"Hn, yes." His expression looked unusually gentle.

"You two are really predestined!" Qu Yang exclaimed.

"It's fine to come to the film site, but it's up to you if you want to get back together."

"I know I will never hurt him again this time!" Lu Ran promised.

Qu Yang lamented how the two were so deeply in love and how they could not be together, not to mention that there was Gu Xiaosheng between them. But these things still had to be said after the two of them get back together. And they could only be assisted by an outsider at most.

In fact, Qu Yang didn't want to help at first, but he knew that Qingyan was not as happy as he showed.

Gu Qingyan went home and studied in the department of finance alone with Gu Xiaosheng. Although the family was very happy and lovely, there was no love at all. He wanted to introduce other excellent objects to Qingyan.

But Qingyan couldn't accept it at all. His fear of touching people had been cured.

However, only one person was psychologically accepted. Later, Qu Yang asked if it was not that person, and Qingyan smiled bitterly.

Seeing his friend like this, Qu Yang was helpless. Later, Qu Yang knew that Lu Ran was Qingyan's favorite. After countless entanglements, Qu Yang decided to help.

Because Lu Ran had passed his test and was ready to help the bitter couple.

Just like acting, Qingyan liked it but gave up because he wanted to make up for his family.

But he pretended to be interested and happy. Even his two brothers could not bear and let them help. Then he must be a good helper.[2]


[1] Fantasizing, thinking strangely, pervertedly.
[2] Gu Qingyan has big brother and little brother

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