He's Not A Non-Entertainment Circle
by Dropped A Pit
Chapter 20: Little Liar and Net

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Gu Qingyan received a message from Lu Ran that day: 「Little liar, I'll chase you this time.

Gu Qingyan was not good at all. He felt that he had met a fake Lu Ran.

In five years, Lu Ran had grown into a shrewd and ruthless hunter. Gu Qingyan became a fox from a white rabbit, but no matter how cunning the animals were, they couldn't hide from the woven nets made by the unscrupulous hunters.

Lu Ran was weaving the net to catch his lover. Growth told him not to be impatient.

Slowly, the prey would be caught sooner or later.

This time he would never let his prey escape.

Lu Ran knew Qu Yang was Gu Qingyan's friend. He once looked for Qu Yang a year and a half ago. He wanted to find out from the other side whether Gu Qingyan was his friend who played online games together before, but the other person gave him a fake photo.

But fortunately, he didn't give up the possibility at that time. Lu Ran couldn't find his baby in all kinds of ways in those years. His baby seemed to disappear from the world.

Lu Ran knew from his diary that he had a good friend named Qu Yang, but it was just a name. There were many people with this name all over the country, and his relationship in Fangwo City had not been found to be in line. This line was also broken, how to find the man from vast sea of people who deliberately hid from you.

Until later, a little singer named Qu Yang came out. He was a talented singer with M Country nationality. He and Song Muxiu of Leyi, President Song was a famous couple in the circle, they were open in front of fans.

Lu Ran paid attention to them because he was envious of them.

Yes, envy.

It's said that the little singer fell in love with Song Muxiu at first sight and then began to fall in love with Song Muxiu secretly, but he gave up when he had a girlfriend.

As a result, Song Muxiu married and divorced with a 3-year-old daughter. After being persuaded by friends, Qu Yang began to chase Song Muxiu, and the last, the three were happily together.

When heard their stories, Lu Ran felt envious. He was with the people who liked him and then liked each other. He once owned it but was destroyed by himself.

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Just like people who couldn't eat in the night and were hungry but had to see food pictures, Lu Ran also liked to go to their microblogs to see their dog abuse, envy and hatred.

Later, he found that Qu Yang had a good friend outside the circle, who lived in M Country but had been here for two years. For his young dream and belief, he fell in love with a man but failed to become a married couple.

In Qu Yang's mouth, that friend had a brilliant heart, sensitive but a very gentle person.

That friend came to Fangwo City without hesitation, and then he used a very stupid way to be with the object he secretly loved. As a result, because the relationship between them was not right, he finally fled back to M Country.

Qu Yang's good friend feeling was not worth to him, said to him since the love was so tired then change a person he like.

The other side returned him four words. Later, when he returned to M Country, Qu Yang saw he was in very bad state and asked him, do you regret it? He said he doesn't regret it, but he was very glad that he like the secret love object, and the other person teach him how to love.

Then Qu Yang met Song Muxiu again and thought of his secret love for Song Muxiu. This kind of love kept fermenting, but he dare not end up being persuaded to try by his friend who was hurt by love.

Because if you don't try, you would never understand this kind of feeling. If you could succeed, you would be extremely happy. If you don't succeed, at least you would not regret trying.

So Qu Yang really went to Fangwo City and began to pursue Song Muxiu. Then they finally became attached to each other and thanked this good friend.

Qu Yang fans all knew that Qu Yang was a funny boy who liked to play games.

Then sometimes Qu Yang took his good friend to play the game together. Lu Ran just watched the live broadcast and heard Qu Yang's friend said something. He was so excited that his voice was very similar to his baby.

Because their game skills were very good, their live broadcast was very interesting, Qu Yang fans like this good friend.

Lu Ran thought that this friend may be the one he had been searching for. Then he asked Qu Yang at a party.

Qu Yang denied to let him saw his baby's photo and gave him a fake photo.

But Lu Ran still didn't believe it until later Qu Yang sent a picture of eating at his friend's house. He saw the hands in the picture, and he could not admit his mistake after touching them countless times.


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