He's Not A Non-Entertainment Circle
by Dropped A Pit
Chapter 19: Stubborn and Unwilling

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"Not too bad."

Contrary to my heart, I would never be happy without you.

"That's good, Lu Ran." Gu Qingyan stirred the coffee, "Lu Ran, actually I want to say sorry to you." and looked up at Lu Ran.

"Five years ago, I left without saying goodbye..."

Lu Ran looked at Gu Qingyan directly, slightly ashamed, "Don't say that, I'm not right. I've never given you enough security. In the end, it's all my fault."

"No, I do have a bigger problem." Gu Qingyan's rational analysis.

"So Lu Ran, in fact, you don't really love me. It's just because you were so upset about my leaving without saying goodbye... "

"No," Lu Ran retorted, "I know who I love."

Lu Ran said with a wry smile, "In fact, I didn't have a good time without you for five years... I miss you so much... I'm thinking of you for five years... "

"I'm sorry."

The atmosphere became silent, Gu Qingyan sighed.

"Lu Ran, don't do that. Find another worthy person to like."

Lu Ran, I can feel you're missing me. But I can't believe it's love. I'm sorry.

"Can't do it!"

"Lu Ran, what you know about me is nothing more than a virtual shadow that I made five years ago. I never loved you. I just thought you were profitable. Later, I found it was no good to contact you and you were responsible for me. I couldn't afford it. So I don't want to play at the end and you don't have to think about it!"

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"I don't believe it..."

Little liar, don't smear yourself with such words. I know your love for me, you're so good.

"Lu Ran, I'm serious."

"Then come back with me. I'm profitable now. I'm the official boss of Xingyu now. I can give you anything you want. Didn't you say acting is your dream? I won't restrict you anymore. I will make you famous... "

"A dream is a dream, unreachable, beautiful and thrilling. And the reality is just reality... " Gu Qingyan murmured, the voice was very small but Lu Ran listened very carefully, so he still heard it.

"What do you say?"

"It's nothing. In fact, I said that I wanted to act just to be closer to the positive and simple people. I'm not short of money. I'm with you just to see you cheat me. I've never been in love. Just like to manipulate others' feelings. I was young at that time and didn't know what to do. I'm sorry to you because I'm growing up now. I've got a job now and I'm going to mend my ways, so I don't plan to act anymore. "

Little liar, I know it's just an excuse for you to pretend you didn't mind me.

"Lu Ran, don't be incredulous. I'm serious. It was a fake from the beginning. My name is Gu Qingyan, not Xia Qing. "

"Can I call you Qingyan later?"

"Qingyan." Lu Ran vaguely called his name with a low magnetic voice.

Gu Qingyan thought that the conversation was too much to talk about. Lu Ran didn't believe what he was doing. How did he become like this!?

Gu Qingyan looked at his mobile phone and apologized to Lu Ran, "I'm sorry, I'm going to pick up my son. Thank you for your coffee and the cake today. Goodbye."

"Hm, let's talk next time."

Gu Qingyan left, and Lu Ran couldn't hide the slight rise of the corner of his mouth in the coffee shop alone. Because of Gu Qingyan's words before, Lu Ran felt extremely depressed. But now, Gu Qingyan's response told him that he still cared about him.

Because of love, because of fear, so pretend don't love?

"I'm sorry baby, I made you so upset. Never again. This time I'll chase you..."


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