He's Not A Non-Entertainment Circle
by Dropped A Pit
Chapter 17: Parting Gift

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Year XX Month XX Day XX

Lu Ran, this is the last time I wrote a diary for myself. Let's count it as the end.

Lu Ran, I love you, and I don't regret loving you. I think I will never love someone again, because I used all my strength to love you. You are the dream that I pursued when I was young and far away.

I love you, I want to give you happiness. Fucking wish your happiness, not what I give, how do you want me to bless you.

I love you, loving you has become my habit, has become my instinct. I love you, if you love me too... I love you...

Lu Ran, I love you. You may never know that someone loves you so much. You may think that we only know each other for two years together. But love is not measured by the length of time.

I try to make myself better, try to be clever, try to make you like me. I'm really stressed, but I don't regret any change I made for you, because I love you.

When I wrote that letter, I wanted to tear it up more than once. I wanted to tell you that those words were false.

Lu Ran, I love you, but I can't see any hope that you love me. I think we are very sweet, but under the sugar are all glass crumbs.

I am too greedy, I want too much, I always look forward to and make an unreasonable request, I am afraid that one day you will tell me that you have someone you like.

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I'm afraid I can't bless you. I'll be jealous. I'm afraid I'll become your least favorite. I know you've started to think I'm a problem. The problems between us are building up.

I choose to believe you. I believe everything you say. Whether it's a lie or not, as long as it's what you say. But there are more and more lies you tell. Even if they are your goodwill, you never want to explain them to me. I'm afraid that one day you won't even bother to make up white lies, so I decided to go home.

We are too immature, maybe struggling will only make each other tired, I'm sorry I love you, but I'm too tired. In fact, that letter is not true to me. In fact, as long as you tell me that you love me, I don't care about anything. I love you and I only love you...

Lu Ran, I love you. You taught me how to love you. You are so good. I'm very glad that you are all my first time. The first time I fall in love with you at first sight, the first time I secretly love you, the first time I want you, you occupy so many of my first time, first kiss, first love, first time. I'm satisfied. I shouldn't be so greedy...

"Dad, wake up... Dad."

Gu Qingyan heard his son's voice and opened his eyes. Seeing his soft and cute son, he felt his heart melted.

This was the best gift Lu Ran gave him.

Gu Qingyan had never regretted knowing Lu Ran, loving Lu Ran, but it's a pity that Lu Ran didn't fall in love with him when he was the most determined. Now he still loved Lu Ran, but he was not young anymore, and people would grow up after all.

And grow up to learn to look forward, learn not only as long as there was love it's enough. Gu Qingyan was afraid that Lu Ran would dislike his real self.

Sooner or later, they would had all kinds of problems, just like Lu Ran liked to appease him with white lies. He also hid a lot of things from Lu Ran, because he was afraid that when Lu Ran knew that he would show his disgusting expression, so he fled home like that year, after all, he was just a coward.

Author Note:

Here we have to fight for Lu Ran. Lu Ran doesn't like children. He doesn't plan to surrogate either. The main that he wanted to have a child with the blood of both of them, but he is a gay who can't have a child at all, so he doesn't want to. And without children, he can monopolize his lover, Lu Ran, who has a strong desire to monopolize and doesn't like to express himself.

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