He's Not A Non-Entertainment Circle
by Dropped A Pit
Chapter 15: Dark Tide and Run Away

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Love made people worry about gain and loss, love made people felt inferior and cowardly, so just gave up.

Gu Qingyan once asked Lu Ran why he liked peach blossom eyes so much. He said it might be because of a child he met when he was a child. Gu Qingyan was so excited at that time. He wanted to confess that he was that little crybaby.

But Lu Ran said, "That kid has beautiful eyes, but I don't like him."

Gu Qingyan asked him why. Lu Ran said he didn't like it. He cheated himself and was a little liar.

Gu Qingyan laughed bitterly and doesn't know how to tell Lu Ran. I'm sorry that I didn't mean to tell you. I'll make up for you.

Lu Ran subconsciously denied that the tearful peach blossom eyes in his dream belong to that child.

Because the other person didn't keep his promise, and he didn't want to admit his puppy love. At the age of 11, he fell in love with a child of the same sex, and for so many years, he couldn't even fall in love, and he was widowed for that little boy.

Many things happened in two years, and Gu Qingyan grew up to be more beautiful.

Yes, he looked good.

Gu Qingyan's appearance was very beautiful. A man should not say that he was beautiful, but his appearance was really good-looking, which blurred the concept of gender.

For two years, Gu Qingyan did not get angry because of Lu Ran's obstruction, but he learned a lot from several old drama bone teachers.

On the surface everything looked fine, but underneath the calm, there were a lot of dark tides.

Gu Qingyan's mood had been wrong in this period of time. He tried to restrain himself, but he couldn't help thinking.

But the foreshadowing of those misunderstandings was too deep. In fact, they had already had a very serious problem unconsciously, Gu Qingyan spoiled Lu Ran.

In this love affair, their relationship was too unequal.

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Whether it's the first love that weaves to be close at the beginning or the later love that held back later, all the unstable factors were waiting for the chance to break out in silence.

The outbreak point was when Lu Ran was on a business trip abroad.

One night Gu Qingyan received Lu Ran's phone call, and it was Yan Qiubai's gasping voice. He didn't say much about Yan Qiubai's behavior, and he didn't pay attention at all, because he knew that the other party was intentional.

Gu Qingyan knows that Lu Ran would never do such a thing, because the other side does not want to do it.

Gu Qingyan believed that his big brother would never cheat him.

Just when Gu Qingyan called the next day to ask about Lu Ran's work abroad, Lu Ran hid that he had seen Yan Qiubai.

Out of fear that Gu Qingyan would think more, he chose a white lie. What Gu Qingyan couldn't accept was that his big brother lied to him.

So it's broke up. Gu Qingyan packed his things and threw them into the garbage bag. He tore the diary of his love record into pieces. He was too tired.

Gu Qingyan had invested too much in this love, but he couldn't get any reply from his lover.

He cleaned up his things, leave a letter to Lu Ran, and resolutely leave their home without taking anything away, leaving all the things Lu Ran sent him.

He love Lu Ran, but so what about love. Two people were too immature, perhaps separated was better. He didn't think that the relationship between the two finally became irremediable. He preferred to separated when they were still fine.

Even if they couldn't be together, at least after the separation, all the remaining memories were two people's sweet memories, which was enough.

But he didn't expect to be alone when he came and took one when he left. He left all the things Lu Ran gave him, but his big brother gave him a gift that he couldn't leave, so that the fate between them could not be simply cut off.

Lu Ran went crazy when he went home. He opened the door and had nothing left. Gu Qingyan left a letter.

He said: Lu Ran I left, don't look for me. You can't find my mobile card. I'll throw it away. Thank you for your company for two years. I'm glad to meet you, Lu Ran. I know you don't like me. You're only with me because of your responsibility. You're a good man. Finally, I wish for your happiness!

Lu Ran held the bank card that he once gave to Gu Qingyan, but found that the card that two people had been together for two years hadn't been touched at all.

In a sense, the relationship between them doesn't exist. Lu Ran doesn't know why Gu Qingyan wanted to support him.

Until Lu Ran went to the trash can regardless of hid image and picked up all the things Gu Qingyan had thrown away and saw the torn diary.

Lu Ran glued the diary and saw the little things recorded by Gu Qingyan. He fully realized Gu Qingyan's love for him. He lost his treasure and only found it for five years.


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