He's Not A Non-Entertainment Circle
by Dropped A Pit
Chapter 14: Responsibility and Fear of Loss

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But in fact, this kiss did not bring Gu Qingyan much comfort, because of Lu Ran's sentence that he would be responsible.

What he wanted was never Lu Ran's responsibility. He just want the person he likes to say that he like him.

He didn't want to shackle his big brother with responsibility.

But from another point of view, Lu Ran was willing to be responsible, which means that as long as he worked hard, Lu Ran would really like him.

When he wanted to open up, Gu Qingyan felt that he was much better off.

In the days that followed, the two gradually got on the right track. The atmosphere of the two became better and sweeter.

Lu Ran thought Gu Qingyan was a piece of candy. He made himself the sweetest person. Even Bai Mo said that Lu Ran had a sour smell of love from inside to outside.

Lu Ran didn't deny that, because it's his Ah Qing, his baby was so good.

His baby had always been very clever, in their increasingly sweet days, his baby also gradually had a lot of work, but when he said he wanted him not so famous so soon to spend more time with himself, he pushed those opportunities without said anything.

He thought that the baby must like himself very much and love him to death. He felt very happy and satisfied because of this recognition.

Two people's feelings were getting better and better. Lu Ran would call Gu Qingyan baby, and Gu Qingyan would blush shyly.

The frequency of applause between them also increased. Although Lu Ran didn't remember the first time between the two of them, he promised that he would never forget the second time and many times after.

The bodies of the two people were very similar. He loves the way Gu Qingyan looked when he was in love. Like his young and inexperienced, his patient, every emotion Gu Qingyan made to him. He liked his erotic expression and Gu Qingyan dependence on him.

If things went on like this, it may be very nice, but it's a pity that Yan Qiubai had returned back.

They gradually had a misunderstanding, Gu Qingyan would not ask Lu Ran anything, because in his heart, his big brother would not cheat him and protect him forever.

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In fact, Lu Ran had always been very guilty about Yan Qiubai's affairs, because at that time, Yan Qiubai returned home and said that he went abroad because he liked Lu Ran and was afraid that Lu Ran would find his dirty mind, so he went abroad.

To make a boyfriend abroad was also to try to see if he could like another person, only to find it impossible. Later, when he heard that Lu Ran had a small star who was like himself, he knew that Lu Ran also liked himself, so he went back to China without hesitation.

Lu Ran didn't know what to say in the face of Yan Qiubai's undisguised love. If the two people had an earlier heart to heart relationship, then the two people had already been together, but now he had his own treasure, so he could only be sorry.

Lu Ran said that they could only be friends.

Of course, it's just Lu Ran's idea. Yan Qiubai was not ready to give up at all. Lu Ran's family had no money.

And the little star that Lu Ran looked for was said to be very similar to him, which means that Lu Ran used to like him.

The main thing was that he couldn't stay any longer when he's abroad, so he's going to go back home and use his tactics to provoke the relationship between the two.

Anyway, the two of them were just together now, and they were married and derailed!

Lu Ran didn't know Yan Qiubai's idea at all, because in his impression, he had known Yan Qiubai for such a long time and that simple person had been deeply rooted in people's hearts, and he didn't think much about it at all.

Gu Qingyan doesn't care about Yan Qiubai's provocation. For him, his big brother was the most important. He doesn't believe what the others said.

Lu Ran knew that Gu Qingyan loved him so unbridled. He doesn't explain those misunderstandings because he doesn't think it's necessary, but he forgot that even if the misunderstanding should be clear. It's believed that it's one thing to be afraid of and the same thing to be afraid of. Love always made people worry about gain and loss.

Of course, if it's just a simple misunderstanding, there were still some reasons about Lu Ran himself.

Although Lu Ran and Gu Qingyan were very close, they never said anything about love. Their relationship mode was very similar to that of falling in love, but Lu Ran still couldn't say love, and he doesn't know why.

He sometimes wondered if it was because of the tearful peach blossom eyes in his dream, although he hadn't dreamed for a long time.

In fact, he still thought that those eyes were Yan Qiubai's, because Yan Qiubai looked pitifully in front of him. Those wet peach blossom eyes were very similar to those in his dreams.

Therefore, Yan Qiubai was always allowed to approach him, which leads to a deeper and deeper misunderstanding between him and Gu Qingyan.

Lu Ran didn't know what he was looking for. He just knew that he couldn't forget those beautiful eyes.


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