He's Not A Non-Entertainment Circle
by Dropped A Pit
Chapter 13: Fragment and Remorseful

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If that night was beautiful, then the second morning was cruel. Hope the sun wouldn't rise if could.

When Lu Ran woke up, he looked at Gu Qingyan, who was being held in his arms and he was embarrassed because he could not remember what happened yesterday.

He drank so much wine yesterday that he was completely unconscious.

But he doesn't have to remember what he did yesterday. He slept with Gu Qingyan and had sex after drinking!?

He looked at the marks left by himself on Gu Qingyan, the red spots, and the big strawberries in Gu Qingyan's neck.

He didn't know that he slept with other people or that he liked to mark the place.

He tried hard to think but couldn't remember, but vaguely remembered that Gu Qingyan cried as if two people were very comfortable, but didn't remember specifically.

Just as he was thinking about what to do, Gu Qingyan woke up. He opened his eyes and looked at his big brother with a sweet smile and two shallow dimples.

Lu Ran looks at his sweet smile and felt he was adorable. He doesn't know that Gu Qingyan could be so cute.

"Tired?" Lu Ran's voice was very pleasant with the deep sound of just woke up.

"Not tired, not very painful, I am so happy..." Gu Qingyan's voice was a little hoarse but still very pleasant to hear, and he could clearly sense Gu Qingyan's happiness

Although Lu Ran was still uneasy to help Gu Qingyan massage his waist, Gu Qingyan looked at Lu Ran and then kissed Lu Ran's face.

Lu Ran didn't know that Gu Qingyan could be so sweet.

The atmosphere between the two men was excellent, but Lu Ran's words later destroyed it.

"That, I'm sorry. But I don't remember what happened to us last night, but you can rest assured that I will be responsible! "

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Gu Qingyan suddenly froze, his pupils tightened, his eyes full of sadness and sorrow.

He said with difficulty, "You don't remember anything?"

Lu Ran looks into his eyes, the pain in his beautiful expressive eyes made him uncomfortable, but he doesn't want to deceive him, "Hm, I'm sorry."

Gu Qingyan showed a bitter smile. When he was silent, he only spits out two words, "It's nothing."

The atmosphere became very heavy and awkward. They were silent for a while. Gu Qingyan took the lead in saying, "I'll go back to my room to change my clothes and make breakfast."

Then he picked up his clothes on the floor and left Lu Ran's room.

Lu Ran looks at Gu Qingyan's back and felt very sad. He was sure that he must have said something or done something important yesterday. But he forgot everything because he was drunk, which must be very important.

Gu Qingyan went back to the room and closed the door and sat down on the floor. He forgot... Then bury his head in his knee.

After breakfast, Gu Qingyan seemed to be the same as usual, except for his red eyes. Lu Ran hated himself. Why should he forget what he said last night...

In the next few days, Gu Qingyan obviously began to hide from Lu Ran. Lu Ran was really uncomfortable became Gu Qingyan avoided him. Finally, one day, he stopped Gu Qingyan in his room. He looked at Gu Qingyan and sighed, "Don't hide from me, ok?"

"I... I didn't... "

"I'm sorry, I don't remember anything. But I promise I will do whatever I promise you, will you tell me? "

Gu Qingyan looked at Lu Ran and said in silence, "You don't have to think about the unimportant things. You don't have to worry about the things that day, just treat them as accidents."

Lu Ran didn't know why this was the case. The atmosphere between the two people was so good that day.

"I know you like that person. If you really like that person so much, you should try it."

Don't go, please. Big brother, please don't go. You said you like me, you said you love me...

Lu Ran listened to Gu Qingyan’s words and looked at his eyes. He clearly sees resistance, pleads and endures from those eyes.

"I said, I will be responsible!" And then he couldn't help kissing Gu Qingyan.


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