Father & Son
by Chen Qimo
Chapter 3

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Sat in a cold coffee bar, looking out of the window at the street where people come and go, Cheng Hai's expression was somewhat absent-minded.

"Wife, do you remember the time when we said that we should always love each other until death, there will be no chance for others to step in?"

"Yeah, back in the day we were both influential figures, The Prince of Finance Department and Medical School, ha ha ha~" You Liqing thought of that year and laughed, with a slight triumph in his tone.

Cheng Hai heard the words and laughed along with him. He smiled very much, and suddenly, the smile converged and turned his head and looked at his wife seriously. "On the day three years ago, if we had a choice, wouldn't it all change?"

You Liqing's face was frozen and very ugly. "Why mention about that. When you get into the room, that day I... I took the medicine and fell asleep, but you woke me up."

"..." Cheng Hai was stunned and his face became strange, "What else happened that day?"

"You slept when we came in? Nothing else? What are you going to do... Listening to your voices..." You Liqing's face was even uglier.

Cheng Hai sank for a second, smoothed his eyebrows and opened his mouth again. "On that day, Ah Mu?"

"He went out!"

Cheng Hai was silent, quietly drinking the coffee on the table, let You Liqing wondered, after he went to sleep, what else happened that he did not know!?


"Liqing, we were all wrong three years ago."

"Cheng Hai, what do you want to say now?" You Liqing's face was extremely livid. "Are you blaming me for making that decision now?"

"Liqing, if there were no Ah Xiao, if I marry another one would you accepted it?"


Cheng Hai interrupted him and looked at him with painful eyes. "You won't accept it and I won't do it... So sacrificed my son."

"You talk nonsense! Ah Mu agreed with him!"

"Wife, have you noticed how my son has looked at me these last few months?"

"..." You Liqing paused and did not speak.

"You noticed the third person who broke his marriage, didn't you?"

You Liqing's cavity of anger suddenly dissipated. He did notice, but he thought Cheng Mu was also promised, he did not angry, so he was too lazy to care about him.

"If I had a problem in the first place, my mother told you to do so, would you like to do it for me?"


"Ha ha, I wouldn't want to. The thought of letting someone touch you would make me want to kill him, because you could only belong to me!"


"Wife, if one day, Cheng Mu dare to have a little excuse for the daughter-in-law, I will clean him up personally."

You Liqing gasped in disbelief, "You're crazy, that's our son!"

"We Cheng Jia[1] are unworthy for Ah Xiao."

"That's what he wants!"

When Cheng Hai heard this, he looked at his wife and suddenly found that he seemed a little quick to recognize that he was not the one he fell in love with.

"Do you think those two children were taken away? The judgment of the law will not benefit us at all."

Referred to the two children, You Liqing could not speak and tightened his lips, "Do you think Ah Mu will be unworthy for Ah Xiao?"

"Dear, this is the worst plan."

"... If Ah Mu dares to let down to Ah Xiao, I'll clean him up." You Liqing's voice was cold.

Cheng Hai did not speak, but looked out of the window at the street scenery, for a long time before opening his mouth. "In two days... I will be transferred to a foreign company."

You Liqing rounded his eyes and stared in disbelief, "Youー what do you mean!?"

"At least five years."

"Youー How could youー"

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"I am very tormented, my wife, my favorite person is you. Every time I see my son looking at me with that kind of eyes, my heart is like stabbed by a thousand knives. Now, I have not been able to live together anymore. At least it takes time to calm down. It's good for everyone."

"Then... What about me? That's how you left me?"

Cheng Hai laughed at his words. "Fool, after two or three years, I'm stable abroad, you can move in with me!"

You Liqing's tears had to fell. Heard this, he became silly and looked at him, and Cheng Hai was laughing.

"The children are so old, you can still be so silly, is not growing up?"

You Liqing's cheeks were red, they were old husband and wife, suddenly spoke this kind of love, let his heart mixed with honey.

Cheng Hai was a man who doesn't like to talk about love and was very pragmatic. He would not ask you if you were cold or not. Instead, he would silently put his coat on your shoulder and then took your hand to warm it. Although when they were together, they often quarreled about Cheng Hai's personality, but Cheng Hai always bowed his head first and inclusive of all his things.

"Um..." You Liqing finally smiled, "Are you going home for dinner tonight?"

Just then, Cheng Hai's phone rang. He answered the phone, frowned and said, "I see. I'll get back to it later."

When the phone hung up, he looked up and saw his wife's disappointment, but he said with a smile, "Husband you are so busy, I will stew some supplement soup, drink it when you go home."

"Hm... Take care of your safety on the road."

"Yeah, drive slowly home."


They went outside the cafe. Cheng Hai watched his wife get on the taxi and leave. He sighed and turned and went back to the cafe. There was a man with a hat and sunglasses sitting next to them.

"Hai, thanks to me, huh? Old partner."

"Go find the private room and sit down." Cheng Hai looked tired.

Half an hour later

In the private room, Yu Zhen looked at his old friend with a dumbfounded face, "You... Are you sure you're the Cheng Hai I know!?"

"Replacement guaranteed if not genuine."

"No, it's impossible. How could Cheng Hai, whom I know, do such a thing! Are you crazy! No... Your family is crazy. Your wife actually asked you to do that. You did it anyway! What's more... your son also agree!"

"I regret it." Cheng Hai smiled sadly.

"Regret is useless, right?" Yu Zhen coldly sneered.

"No use. I know, Liqing has been testing me for two years, always asking me about the daughter-in-law. And my son, now, has been looking at me with resentment that I am the third person who has destroyed his marriage!"


[1] home; family

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