He's Not A Non-Entertainment Circle
by Dropped A Pit
Chapter 12: Clipped Pages

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He held out his hand and opened his eyes to see the helpless Gu Qingyan. Don't know why those beautiful eyes made him unable to move his sight at all. They seemed to be the tearful peach blossom eyes that he had been dreaming of. They were beautiful and attractive.

It's the first time for both of them, not to mention their kissing skill, just bite, Lu Ran's kiss was disorderly and very anxious, Gu Qingyan meekly accepted. After kissing, Gu Qingyan slightly breathless, the mind was a bit confused, his eyes were blurred.

"Don't be afraid, xiao kubao[1]."

Gu Qingyan was fooled by Lu Ran's call. Lu Ran never called him xiao kubao. Lu Ran always called him Xia Qing.

"What do you call me? Do you know who I am?" Gu Qingyan's tone was tense.

Lu Ran smiled at Gu Qingyan, "My xiao kubao... My xiao kubao..."

Lu Ran smiled so beautifully that Gu Qingyan pushed him, "You're drunk. I'm not your xiao kubao."

Lu Ran was not annoyed when he was pushed. He bit Gu Qingyan's cheek punitively.

"I know you are my xiao kubao, xiao kubao belong to mine."

When Lu Ran said that xiao kubao is mine, Gu Qingyan could no longer restrain himself.

Gu Qingyan cried and said, "Big brother, big brother, I miss you so much..."

Lu Ran hugged him, "En, big brother knows."

"Big brother, sorry, I didn't mean not to come to you..." Gu Qingyan seemed extremely guilty.

"Good boy, xiao kubao don't cry. " Lu Ran pinched his face.

"Big brother, I like you very much. Can you like me, too?

"Xiao kubao, big brother likes to like you, you are my own xiao kubao!"

Then Gu Qingyan smiled, and his big brother liked him. It was a good feeling.

Lu Ran was obsessed with the other person's teary and smiling face. He didn't know how beautiful he was.

Lu Ran couldn't help but kissed Gu Qingyan's lips, interlacing and staggering love were blurred.

"May I, xiao kubao?"

Gu Qingyan looked at Lu Ran, his big brother, who had endured a lot of hardship but carefully asked himself.

"Big brother, I'm not afraid... I... I want you." After that, Gu Qingyan looked down shyly.

"Xiao kubao, I love you."

His big brother said he loved him. What was he afraid of? His big brother would never hurt him, his big brother...

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"Brother, there's a lubricant and a condom over there."

Lu Ran got up to get it, and then he laughed and said, "Hmm? Xiao kubao, so that's what you want with your big brother... "

"No... No... Not, "Gu Qingyan explained in a hurry and stared at Lu Ran.

But he did not know that his eyes were more seductive than staring.

Lu Ran was ticked off unnecessarily. His xiao kubao was so beautiful, it's his alone.

Lu Ran held Gu Qingyan's hands and asked him to help him to unbutton. He could feel xiao kubao's tiny trembling fingertips.

"Good boy, help big brother take off the clothes."

Gu Qingyan blushed and took the initiative to kiss Lu Ran's lips. Lu immediately responded to seize the initiative.

Both of them were emotional. He loved the other person so much that he fell into a passion, love the other's green[2] initiative to please.

"Xiao kubao, I love you, I love you." Lu Ran murmured in Gu Qingyan's ear.

There was nothing happier than the love of their loved one, in the end Lu Ran and Gu Qingyan tightly linked their fingers and vented out.

The best thing in the world was probably the one I love and just love me.

Bao Yang's[3] Love Diary

Day XX Month XX Year XXXX

I fell in love with a person at first sight, the kind of feeling I used to laugh at never thought it would happen to me, but when that moment came, I found how ridiculous I had been.

I couldn't control my sight. I used to think it was just pure worship. That man was so good. The feeling is complex, but later I realized that I had already loved him unconsciously. There is a word called unrequited love.

I thought I could only hide my feelings secretly in my heart forever, but how could I refuse to give up when such an opportunity was put in front of me. As long as I can get close to you, as long as I can see you, you don't need to know, you don't need to reply, because loving you is my business.

If I can, I hope I can turn this ridiculous hookup into a love story. I want to treat you well...

Day XX Month XX Year XXXX

I don't need anything, as long as I can stay by your side, you may never know. For me, the happiest thing is that we have dinner together. You finish all the dishes I cook and tell me how delicious it is. If you really want to eat it all your life.

Maybe it's just a joke you don't intend to make, but I don't know I'm going crazy with joy. You will never know that all your actions are in involved in my heart. I thought I could control them well, but people are greedy.

Is it true that I am getting better and better for you, and will you gradually like me?

I don't like how you're suffering, I can't stand you suffering. If you can, please fall in love with me. I swear I will be good to you, for a lifetime!


The translator has something to say:
The one I translate is the revised edition, I'm sure there are many ecchi scenes in the original edition
Lu Ran looks like he is sobber but he still drunk, so he won't remember do-the-deed-things after he wake up...
Do you know Lu Ran address? I want to send blades to him.

[1] Xiao Kubao (小哭包): Little crybaby
[2] Green (青涩: qīng sè): underripe; (fig.) young and inexperienced
[3] Bao Yang (包养: bāo yǎng): to provide for; to keep (a mistress). It's Gu Qingyan status/title as he and Lu Ran has an unspeakable relationship (boss X employee)

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