He's Not A Non-Entertainment Circle
by Dropped A Pit
Chapter 11: Get Into Real Trouble

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When Gu Qingyan opened the door, Bai Mo was shocked by the people in front of him. It was impossible for the other person to look too good. Although I have seen many beauties, had to say that he was a beautiful person.

Even if the other person was wearing the same plaid pajamas with Lu Ran, he couldn't hide his beauty. He saw that the other person was very polite to express gratitude and then took Lu Ran back to the room.

Bai Mo followed Gu Qingyan into Lu Ran's home. Lu Ran's small apartment change was particularly big inside and outside, revealing a warm feeling. Looked at Gu Qingyan care of Lu Ran under the warm light, particularly harmonious.

Bai Mo was not stupid, he observed Gu Qingyan from the beginning. Bai Mo thought that only Lu Ran, a fool, would not find out. At first, he heard Lu Ran talk about it, and thought that Lu Ran's xiao longtao behavior was very strange.

But when saw the person, it suddenly became clear that the other person was probably too young to hide his thoughts, strong concern and love.

En, that's love.

Those beautiful peach blossom eyes could only see the stains of love that overflowed from that person.

Bai Mo said that if this was not love, what was it? In order to be close to a person, it's absurd to propose such a ridiculous thing.

Gu Qingyan's appearance in any entertainment company was no problem, even without acting he could be popular. Maybe a group of people would want to keep him if they agree to keep him. But he chose Lu Ran, not love or something.

Although Lu Ran was the future heir of Xingyu, it's also the future, and now he couldn't give him too much help.

It's just a lame way for the other person to approach Lu Ran. It’s really interesting to have a crush on the shell.

Don't know what luck this guy was going to be loved by such a small lovely person. This real pure silly and cute person couldn't be compared with a scheming lotus.

Bai Mo said he must help these two people well. Gu Qingyan thought of sending Lu Ran back to Bai Mo and went to the kitchen to get a box of yogurt.

"Thank you for sending Lu Ran home. Here you are." Then he handed over the yogurt.

"You should also drink a lot, yogurt can dissipate the effects of alcohol." Beautiful face and soft voice were really cute.

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Bai Mo took the yogurt and thanked him. Then he was ready to leave. Gu Qingyan sent him to the door.

Suddenly, Baimo said, "You like him, then comfort him."

Gu Qingyan nodded without saying anything. His eyes were bright. Bai Mo thought it was very interesting. Then he gave Gu Qingyan a bag.

Gu Qingyan opened it and looked at it. Two boxes of things, lubricant and Mr. Du[1], Gu Qingyan's face turned red.

Bai Mo turned around with a smile. The child was really interesting and simple. Bai Mo felt like he's in a good mood when he's drinking yogurt. The good feeling of doing good deeds.

Gu Qingyan thought about putting the things in Lu Ran's room. If it was given by Lu Ran’s friends, then he would let him go there. He didn’t know what reaction when he saw it.

Gu Qingyan watched Lu Ran who was drunk and unconscious and go to the toilet to get a wet towel and wipe his body. Then he changed his pajamas. Lu Ran was drunk. He kept calling Yan Qiubai's name.

Gu Qingyan heard Lu Ran's words and felt a slight pain in his heart. He knew that he was very fond of Yan Qiubai. They knew each other for a long time. After he left, Yan Qiubai appeared in Lu Ran's life.

Gu Qingyan smiled bitterly. If he hadn't left, would Lu Ran like him? If Lu Ran liked him, he would not let his big brother feel sad... Surely not...

Gu Qingyan gently touched Lu Ran's face with his hand and murmured, "Big brother, do you know I like you, too? If you love me, I will not make you sad..."
Clearly it's not a long time, but the feelings have been unable to control, they have been deep in the mud can not extricate themselves.

Lu Ran suddenly grabbed Gu Qingyan's hand and pulled him. Gu Qingyan did not stand firm and fell on Lu Ran's body. Lu Ran suddenly opened his eyes and kissed him.

This was Gu Qingyan's first kiss, resolutely was also Lu Ran. Lu Ran has talked about his girlfriend but never kissed because every time when he wants to kiss her, he remembered the tearful peach blossom eyes and stopped.

So the 20 years old Lu Dashao[2], was still a very pure virgin.

Lu Ran's mind was very confused, but he felt someone touch his face again and still confessing to him.


[0] Xiao Longtao (小龙套: xiǎo lóng tào): minor characters; costume of minor characters in opera, featuring dragon designs; walk-on.
[1] I think it's condoms

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