He's Not A Non-Entertainment Circle
by Dropped A Pit
Chapter 10: Unworthy People

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When Bai Mo asked about it, Bai Mo said in surprise, "Oh, sure buddy. You've all learned how to keep young stars. I told you earlier why you should not hang with another unworthy people!"

"Don't talk nonsense, what do I have to do?"

"It's not easy. It's about giving money and resources, and then letting the other person serve you well in bed."

"Shut up, we're not going to sleep together!"

"D@mn it, you're not sleeping with your lover? Do you get it back?"
Then he looked at Lu Ran and said, "Dude, can't you tell the truth?"

"Shut the fuck up."

To tell the truth, Lu Ran really didn't want to sleep with xiao longtao[1]. He just liked his eyes. He thought he liked Yan Qiubai. He just wanted to protect him because he was too small in the entertainment circle.

The problem was that xiao longtao[1] doesn't want anything, and xiao longtao[1] was very good. Since they live together, they had been helping themselves to manage their lives, took good care of themselves, and doesn't need a nanny to come to heir house. However, Lu Ran doesn't really like nanny coming from his own place, but they don't know how to cook and fry an egg.

Xiao longtao[1] couldn't cook, but after living with Lu Ran, he began to learn how to cook. From the beginning, he won't cook anything until later, he would cook many delicious homemade dishes.

In fact, Lu Ran has not finished his study at the university completely, but now he was slowly getting in touch with the company's matters.

They were not very busy and occasionally went out to play.

However, no matter how late Lu Ran go home, Gu Qingyan always keep the lights on for him. Gu Qingyan would wait for Lu Ran to go home on the sofa. It's great to have someone waiting for him to go home.

Lu Ran was taken good care of by Gu Qingyan. Lu Ran felt that his role as gold master[2] was not doing well at all. So he stuffed a card for Gu Qingyan. Gu Qingyan did not refuse it, just to accept it, but threw it into the drawer of his room.

They didn't live in the same room, their relationship was more like a two people sharing a house. Gu Qingyan did not say too much. After all, his psychological disease has not been completely cured, but had to say that it may be because Lu Ran was on his side.

Gu Qingyan doesn't have a bad reaction but very happy because Lu Ran occasionally touched him.

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Gu Qingyan thought that their relationship would always be like this until one day was broken.

That day, Bai Mo sent Lu Ran home, and Lu Ran was very drunk.

It was Gu Qingyan's first meeting with Bai Mo. He knew that he was Lu Ran's good friend.

When Bai Mo left, he said, "You like him, comfort him well."
Then he left two boxes of things, Gu Qingyan blushed after looking at it.

Bai Mo was very impressed by Gu Qingyan. Bai Mo knows that his friend has adopted a xiao longtao[1], but it's strange that xiao longtao[1] does not need resources and money. The most important thing was that Lu Ran talked about two people getting along with each other. Bai Mo vaguely that something was wrong there.

Bai Mo doesn't like Yan Qiubai. Lu Ran was an idiot with low EQ, but he was not. Lu Ran felt that Yan Qiubai was a simple little white lotus[3], but Bai Mo knew that Yan Qiubai was probably a sly schemer.

Lu Ran's family was very simple, his parents were loving and harmonious. Unlike his own family, his father has a lot of things going on outside. He saw very early of the women's scheming tricks, so he could see through Yan Qiubai's mind as well. It's nothing more than selling simple people and then arbitrarily leaving them.

Lu ran liked him, but he couldn't say much more.

This time Lu Ran knew that Yan Qiubai had a boyfriend in a foreign country after lovelhearted drunk.

According to Yan Qiubai's pattern, next he should say that he and his partner were in love because he wanted to provoke Lu Ran. And then they get involved and play together. But unfortunately, now there was a person beside Lu Ran. If he was sincere about Lu Ran, he was doomed to be destroyed.

So Bai Mo was very happy to send Lu Ran home to see the xiao longtao[1]. He also purchased condoms and lubricants especially for them. If Gu Qingyan seemed to have a simple mind, he would like to see the two of them to be happy.


[1] Xiao Longtao (小龙套: xiǎo lóng tào): minor characters; costume of minor characters in opera, featuring dragon designs; walk-on
[2] Gold Master (金主: jīn zhǔ): financial backer; bankroller
[3] White Lotus: someone who is pure in appearance, but opposite inside, literary like a Goddesse

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