He's Not A Non-Entertainment Circle
by Dropped A Pit
Chapter 9: Minor Characters

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So today when Lin Ke'er said to him, Lu Ran refused without thinking about it. The entertainment circle was very messy. He always knew it, but he didn't expect the other party to be so upright and boldly said that she wanted to sleep with him.

No kidding. Lu Ran doesn't want to sleep with her at all. Why did he feel so dirty? He had always thought that this kind of young stars was not clean, didn't play well, no acting skills and living a messy life. It's too dirty to ask for love for a play and go to bed with others.

Lu Ran knew someone was eavesdropping, so he waited for Lin Ke'er to leave and said, "If you have heard enough, come out."

Then he saw the xiao longtao[1] come out with a box of lunch. He looked at xiao longtao[1], and xiao longtao[1] looked at him innocently.

Lu Ran knew that this xiao longtao[1] was the one that kept looking at him. But Lu Ran had not carefully looked at his appearance and only paid attention to his eyes.

When Lu Ran looked at him seriously, Lu Ran found that he was very good-looking, a pair of beautiful peach blossom eyes with innocent eyes, his skin looked very white, beautiful lips, it must feel comfortable to kiss, he doesn't look very old. It may not be open, but he looked like androgynous felt very tender.

Lu Ran couldn't help but be a little dazed. This appearance should soon catch the fire[2] if he debuted. After all, it's still popular with the fresh and beautiful men nowadays.

"Do you want to be popular?"

Gu Qingyan did not know why Lu Ran said that. Shaking his head, he was not in a hurry to become popular. He wanted to increase his experience and acting skills for a period of time.

"I can make you popular..."

Gu Qingyan was stunned. What was this? Did Lu Ran want to support him? In fact, Gu Qingyan had always known that he was very popular with both men and women. Recently, some people said that they could make themselves popular as long as they were supported.

Gu Qingyan thought it was funny. He didn't care about his appearance. He just wanted to play well.

Only the one who made this request was Lu Ran, his big brother, the person he liked.

Gu Qingyan couldn't help thinking, "Do you want to support me?"

Lu Ran was stunned. He didn't know why Gu Qingyan said that. If it was someone else, he had scolded him and driven him away. But he looked into his beautiful eyes and silenced.

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Gu Qingyan heard Lu Ran's answer and suddenly smiled, "Okay!"

Lu Ran thought he was lost, but he was fascinated by Gu Qingyan's beautiful smiling face. When xiao longtao[1] smiled, he had two shallow dimples. His beautiful peach blossoms eyes were absolutely fascinating.

Those peach blossom eyes seemed to be able to talk and look at you as if there were small stars.

"I have to start work. Hello, Lu Shao[3], my name is Xia Qing. I'll see you later~" Then xiao longtao[1] turned and left.

Lu Ran had not yet recovered from xiao longtao's[1] smiling face, but felt that he had promised to take care of Gu Qingyan. He wanted to refuse Gu Qingyan, but as a result, he simply looked at his eyes and refused to step down. Lu Ran spat on his d@mn peach blossom eye obsession.

After that, Lu Ran officially took care of Gu Qingyan and let xiao longtao[1] live in his single apartment. Lu Ran didn't know why. He couldn't refuse to look into his eyes.

He thought that maybe there was some magic in xiao longtao's[1] eyes.

Xiao longtao[1] said his name was Xia Qing. He was very strange. Having said that the two people were just kept a relationship, Xia Qing doesn't want resources. Xia Qing said that he want to play a minor character first and don't want money, so he said he want to live with Lu Ran. Lu Ran had not been a custodian[4] and does not quite understand what a qualified financial backer mainly does.


[1] Xiao Longtao (小龙套: xiǎo lóng tào): minor characters; costume of minor characters in opera, featuring dragon designs; walk-on
[2] Popular
[3] Lu Shao: Young Master Lu
[4] The original was written to keep, something like a mistress

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