Florist Little Boss
by Ink Drop in White Paper
Chapter 4: Earn Extra Money

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Since knowing that Gao Yang was pregnant, Huang Qianyi had forbidden him to touch the computer, saying that radiation was not good for the baby. Gao Yang himself was very conscious, even was rarely used the mobile phone. The shop was using the landline telephone, he could only go out to use the mobile phone.

So when Gao Yang heard his mobile phone rung, it was not quite suitable to answer it. It took a few seconds to pick it up.

"What have you been doing lately? Have you found a job yet?"

It was Chen Hui, Gaoyang classmate from University. Their relationship was not bad. They used to live in the same dormitory.

"I found the job, so far it's so good."

Chen Hui was a Northeast man. He was very outgoing, wouldn't speak in a roundabout way. After a little greeting, he went straight to the point.

"Well, I'm now working in a private enterprise. Our company has many projects cooperating with foreign countries. We recently received a document from France, pure French, and no one can translate it. Our supervisor asked me to find foreign aid. I first thought of you. Are you free to translate it for me now? The salary will not be low."

"What about the translators in your company?" Gao Yang was somewhat puzzled. Since they had business relations with foreign companies, it's impossible for the company couldn't hire professional translators.

"Some of the poor students in our company know English, German and Korean, but not French." Chen Hui was also very depressed. Why doesn't the company employed all the languages?

"Well, you can bring it after work." Gao Yang was idle anyway, and he agreed. Took the advantage to made more money while before the stomach showed up. There would be a lot of money to spend in the future.

Gao Yang could speak in eight languages, he was the school's famous foreign language department outstanding students, got first in every test, got a scholarship, he often does online translation work to earn a lot of money. Since he started college, Gao Yang had not asked for any more money from his family. Tuition and living expenses were earned by himself as a tutor and a translator. He still saved a lot of money at that time. Later, when his mother was ill, all the money was spent. It was simply a useless attempt.

In fact, Gao Yang was still very young when he went to university. He was only seventeen years old. He was the youngest in his class at that time, but he shouldered a lot of burdens. His mother was old, even the job as a cleaner was gone, she doesn't had income and no savings. Gao Yang very consciously carried the burden, and he was quite strong without being overwhelmed.

After work, Chen Hui drove to find Gao Yang's address. He stared at the entrance of the flower shop for a long time, wondering why Gao Yang was here.

"What are you doing at the door? Come in." Gao Yang came out to greet him.

Chen Hui answered, "Xiao Yang, why are you here?" As far as he knew, Gao Yang family conditions were not good. This shop would certainly not be opened by his family, so he should work here. It's just why he should work in such a place. Not to mention that it's completely out of place, he could go to a big company with his ability. If he does a good job and in a few years, he could get a promotion and increase his salary. What's the room for improvement in the flower shop, being a store manager was the best thing he could do.

"It's good here. It's pleasant to look at flowers and plants every day." Gao Yang casually explained that he didn't want to mention more about it, or it was more important to do business. "What about the matter? Give it to me."

"In the bag." Chen Hui was not in a hurry now. He felt it's necessary for him to care about his friend who had been in the same dormitory for three years. "You are looking for such a job, is it because of who?"

"Who is it?" Gao Yang pretended to be stupid.

"Don't pretend to me, just the one surnamed Liu! Did his family threaten you again?" Chen Hui was a short-tempered man. He began to curse people before Gao Yang answered, "TMD, you know that man is not a good thing! Relying on the family fortune, abuses the power, it's nothing to bully a person with no background." (TN: TMD (他妈的 (Trad. 他媽的): tā mā de): (taboo curse) damn it!; fucking)

Gao Yang saw him anxious and said, "No, I haven't seen him again. I volunteered to work here." Half of the reason he's staying here was because of his relationship with Huang Qianyi, and most of it was his own reason. He does not like to fight with people every day, so tired.

"What good prospects can there be here, don't waste yourself in vain." Chen Hui listened to his words and became angry. He could not help but persuade him, "If you don't mind, you can come to our company. Our company is short of talent. You have a strong ability, and your salary will not be low."

"How much publicity fee did your company give you to pull people so hard?" Gao Yang smiled and stretched out his hand. "Give me the document quickly. I'll see if I can translate it for you now. You can save time for another trip."

Chen Hui took the document out of his briefcase and handed it to him, "I have a headache when I look at these words. You can read them slowly. Don't worry. It's fine if you can't get them out today or tomorrow."

Gao Yang turned it over a little and said, "This is a letter of intent. It's very simple. I can tell you right away."

It took Gao Yang less than half an hour to translate the document. Looked at the time was already late, he let Chen Hui stay to had a meal together. Chen Hui said that he had not eaten Gao Yang's craft for a long time. Today, he just lingered here for a meal before leaving.

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Until he left, Chen Hui did not ask Gao Yang anymore. He believed that Gao Yang had his own matter. He asked his card number before leaving. He would pay him if he reported to the finance department tomorrow.

"Call me if you have any difficulty." Stood in front of the car, Chen Hui said to Gao Yang that he would do his best if he could help.

"I'm really good now. If you really want to help me, introduce this kind of work to me in the future." Gao Yang joked.

"I know, I know. I'll be the first to find you. Then I'm leaving." Chen Hui waved and got on the car and left.

Gao Yang adjusted the flowers outside. Was he now abandoning his youth? Maybe, but he really hadn't put himself in order. It's impossible to say that he had no ambition, just for the moment.... everything would wait until the baby was born.

"This is his eyes, you see his eyes are closed, this is the nose, this is the mouth, this is the ear..." Tao Zi gave Gao Yang B-ultrasound while telling him which part of the child was, Gao Yang was quite excited.

When a picture appeared on the computer, Tao Zi laughed and said, "It's a boy. He'll be very handsome in the future."

This was in Gao Yang's expectation, he and the other father of the child were both men, could give birth like a daughter was terrible. As for handsome or not handsome, just looked at his father's genes and knew it would not be bad unless there was a genetic mutation.

"The baby has no neck-twisting and enough amniotic fluid. All are very good." Tao Zi typed out the report. "If your feet begin to swell, remember to put a pillow under your feet at night."

Gao Yang nodded, "I see. Thank you!"

"I will excuse the verbal thanks. It's more practical to cook good food for me." To be honest, after eating the dishes cooked by Gao Yang on that day, he always felt that the food cooked by the worker at home tasted worse.

"Yes, when will you come? I'll do it for you." It's just cooking dishes. It's fairly remarkable.

"Today is better than another day." Took advantage of Gao Yang's body which was not heavy now, he would take the meal quickly, and he would not wait until the year of the monkey and the month of the horse. (TN: Long time off; time that will never come)

"Then I'll wait for you to leave work."

Tao Zi, as Vice President, did not do any work except for a few special patients who needed him to go out in person. He sat in the office, crossed his legs and drank tea. Nobody cared if he wanted to leave work early.

As soon as Tao Zi wanted to say that we should go now, the landline beside the computer rang.

It's an internal call.

"Hello, this is Tao Zi."

"Vice President Tao, Mrs. Hua came here and said that she would have a physical examination."

Tao Zi was stunned, "Oh, you let her come up, I'm in the office."

Tao Zi hung up the phone and raised his eyebrows to Gao Yang, "It seems that I can't skip work today."

Gao Yang waved his hand to show his understanding, "It's all right. I'll wait for you downstairs at the cafe."

"As a pregnant woman, you can't drink coffee." Tao Zi reminded him.

"I know."


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