Entertainment Food Service
by Tianlai Xing Xuan
Chapter 32: Gourmet Food

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When Mo Shaoqing was very entangled, Mo Shaohong opened the door to come in and joked, "Is the business not good? Boss Mo is idle and in a daze. I see you earned a lot in the past few days!"

Mo Shaoqing was worried that no one had made any suggestions. Just as Mo Shaohong came, "Brother, why are you here? Shouldn't you be in the company at this time?"

Mo Shaohong's face became obscure, "I resigned, just in time to help you."

"What!" This is out of Mo Shaoqing's expectation, because his big brother's job could be said to have been done since he graduated from university. It had been almost eight years. Why he said he was resigned?

Seeing that his younger brother was puzzled, Mo Shaohong told him directly, "Ah, it's a long story. There's something wrong with the company..."

"Do you know Ling Group? Ling Group in B City. Strangely enough, there used to be only one Ling Group's subsidiary here. I don't know why the headquarters suddenly developed in Y City, and some new managers were assigned to it. Anyway, the important positions were filled with people all at once. I also retired and simply resigned."

Mo Shaoqing wasn't familiar with Ling Group, but there was Ling Group Media under Ling Group, which was well known by everyone. In addition, there were many students in the performance department in his school. Everyone wanted to sign up for a good company. It's inevitable that they would often discuss these issues. The most talked about was Ling Group Media.

Although Ling Group Media had been less than a new developing entertainment company in the past two years, there were still some old stars in it. Moreover, a starved camel was still bigger than a horse[1]. Such an old entertainment company was also a better home for the newcomers, so many students of the performance department around Mo Shaoqing were very much hoping to go there.

"Don't worry about me. You've paid me three months' salary." Looked at his brother more worried than he was, Mo Shaohong wanted to comfort him.

"But big brother, your ability so outstanding. How can they do this?" Mo Shaoqing had worked in such a company in his previous life. Among the young people who struggled in a company, who didn't want to be a manager? His big brother had qualifications and abilities, and unexpectedly allowed him to resign?

Mo Shaohong said, "All the people Ling Group send are from Ling Group's headquarters. It's Ling family, but I'm not, you understand? And they must have some purpose, never mind that."

"If you quit, just quit. Just come and help me. I'll pay you." Mo Shaoqing comforted.

"Yes, boss. What can I do for you?" Mo Shaohong also recovered and just follow Mo Shaoqing words.

Mo Shaoqing simply said his troubles, not to mention that Mo Shaohong had already had his own opinions on this matter.

"Do you think this is fine? First, you can launch some takeaway packages, and then find someone to customize some exquisite lunch boxes according to the package content. Every lunch box has to be charged, but you can refund the money if they return it. What do you think?"

"That's a good idea!" Like to anoint the head with the purest cream[2], Mo Shaoqing suddenly woke up. Just like ordering a pickled vegetable and fish, the pot was usually worth the money, but it's only rented.

The two men discussed the specific aspects carefully and found a batch of retro lunchboxes in the shop where they bought the tableware before.

The outer was colored in dark wood, the inner bottom was red ceramics, it's easy to clean, the traditional Chinese pattern printed on it, or regular script written five characters of Mo's Cuisine House, making the whole box full of Chinese flavor, each of which was rented according to the cost.

It would be several days before the box was ready to be produced. Mo Shaoqing has begun to design a takeaway package. Besides, the restaurants were also starting to introduce new dishes.

Pushing through the old and bringing forth the new was the foundation of a restaurant's survival. Winter was a good season for eating mutton. The previous lambs were used to make the mutton rolls, which could not fully taste the beauty of mutton.

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After discussing with the two chefs, Mo Shaoqing decided to make a hot pot for two meals. First, he boiled soup with sheep bones and stammered the meat from sheep bones, then cooked the vegetables into it.

But for hot pot, the sauce was indispensable, and the Southern had the habit of making a big sauce, so Wang Lifang volunteered to took the job.

Another dish was lamb chop. Lamb chop could be divided into roast lamb chop, fried lamb chop, stewed lamb chop and boiled lamb chop soup. There were many kinds of lamb chop soup. Mo Shaoqing still decided to make several kinds of lamb chops. After all, only in winter this season could he eat mutton.

Finally decided to do a combination of Chinese and Western. Cumin lamb chop, turnip lamb chop, Italian rosemary stewed lamb chops, curry lamb chop rice, fried French lamb chop, and mutton dumplings.

The two Chinese dishes were handed over to Master Yue, who was responsible for the two Western dishes, while his aunt was responsible for cooking curry and made dumplings.

Milk tea and cake were perfect for winter. Mo Shaoqing decided to launch a sweet honey cake for afternoon tea. There were many kinds of honey from the space. He chose Bulgarian rose honey and orange honey to make flower cake and fruit cake with a daily limit of 50.

The new product would be ready one week before school starts. Mo Shaoqing's main task at present was to deal with the remaining issues of the lunch box.

Five days later, a hundred lunch boxes were delivered because they were urgent.

Monica, a regular customer, actually bought one directly, and Mo Shaoqing had her name engraved on the lunch box.

These days, Monica almost ordered meals here, but also brought many of her colleagues, so that Mo Shaoqing's restaurant had many customers. However, after all, the distance was still a bit far away. It's impossible to come over often. This time, the lunch box was naturally welcomed by Monica and her colleagues.

Mo Shaoqing put two different kinds of lunchboxes in the cake cabinet for people to choose and order. The price was set at 20 and 30 Yuan, which was warmly welcomed by other white-collar workers in the business district. Because of the low price, many people started one after another. Especially for girls, the lunch boxes were inexpensive, unique, and had their name engraved on them. The point was that it's clean and not used by others.

Unexpectedly, the lunch box was actually sold out, and Mo Shaohong's plan was not used. After the box was purchased, Mo Shaoqing sent it back to the processing factory to carve the name and then gave it to the customer.

Because the original lunch boxes were sold out, Mo Shaoqing ordered 500 more and then put them in the store so that they could be packed directly into the boxes after ordering takeaway.

Another thing happened. Mo Shaoqing relaxed a lot and the business was started smoothly so far, which was still depended to the space. Now Mo Shaoqing felt that his ancestors left him such a tool for making a fortune.

No matter how the restaurant developed in the future, he couldn't enjoy it alone. After careful consideration, Mo Shaoqing decided that after paying off his brother's debts, he would donate 5% of his annual turnover to those in need. Of course, this was also temporary, depending on the business amount.


[1] Someone strong is still strong
[2] to enlighten people with perfect wisdom; flawless Buddhist teaching

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